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Question: What do we know about the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) and the Islamic infiltration of our Government?

The following troubling and startling website reveals the eye-opening answer to this question –You Decide:

Holy Land Foundation For Relief And Development (HLF)!-Posted On DiscoverTheNetWorks.Com:

  • U.S-based Islamic charity shut down by authorities in 2001 for funding the terrorist group Hamas

Established in 1988 (under the name “Occupied Land Fund”) by Shukri Abu Baker, Mohammad El-Mezain and Ghassan Elashi, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) was a non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable trust headquartered in Richardson, Texas. It also maintained branch offices in New Jersey, California, and Illinois. Its name change took place in 1992.

Calling itself America’s largest Islamic charity, HLF purported to be a source of help for needy Palestinian Muslims in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Authority (PA). “Our mission,” stated its website, “is to find and implement practical solutions for human suffering through humanitarian programs that impact the lives of the disadvantaged, disinherited, and displaced peoples suffering from man-made and natural disasters.” In reality, however, the Foundation was a major financier of the terrorist organization Hamas.

In its earliest days, HLF received a $200,000 cash infusion from Ghassan Elashi’s brother-in-law Musa Abu Marzook, the Hamas senior political leader and Virginia resident who would be deported in 1997 for his involvement in six terror attacks in Israel that killed 47 people. By 1989, HLF had already sent nearly $1 million to Marzook and Hamas co-founder Ahmed Yassin (to the latter through an account called the Islamic Center of Gaza—another ostensibly charitable entity used by Yassin to finance Hamas activities).

HLF’s precursor, the Occupied Land Fund, was named in a May 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document—titled “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America”—as one of the Brotherhood’s 29 likeminded “organizations of our friends” that shared the common goal of destroying America and turning it into a Muslim nation. These “friends” were identified by the Brotherhood as groups that could help teach Muslims “that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.”

Also named in the Muslim Brotherhood document were:

Suspicious of its terrorist ties, U.S. federal authorities began monitoring the Holy Land Foundation in 1996. On September 5, 2001, federal anti-terrorism agents raided InfoCom Corporation, the company that ran the HLF website. According to defectors from the conspiracy, the HLF web server was used also by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Students’ Association of the U.S. and Canada, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Islamic Association for Palestine, and American Muslims for Jerusalem. As Islam scholar Stephen Schwartz writes, “All these organizations drew from the common financial and technical pool at HLF. All shared a single administrative and technical contact for the maintenance of the web server. They had been erected as political shells around the Hamas hydra-head represented by HLF.” (Support for Hamas had become illegal in 1995 as the result of an executive order by President Bill Clinton and subsequent congressional action.)

On December 4, 2001, the Bush administration seized all HLF assets and records because of its Hamas connections. Said President Bush at the time: “Hamas has obtained much of the money that it pays for murder abroad right here in the United States, money originally raised by the Holy Land Foundation. The Holy Land Foundation … raised $13 million from people in America last year. … Money raised by the Holy Land Foundation is used by Hamas to support schools and indoctrinate children to grow up into suicide bombers. [It] is also used by Hamas to recruit suicide bombers and to support their families.”

In July 2004, federal authorities arrested five former HLF leaders: Shukri Abu Baker (HLF’s co-founder and former President and Chief Executive); Ghassan Elashi (HLF’s co-founder and former Board Chairman and Treasurer); Mohammed El-Mezain (HLF’s co-founder and former Board Chairman); Mufid Abdulqader (the half-brother of Hamas’s supreme political leader, Khaled Mashal); and Abdulraham Odeh (HLF’s former New Jersey representative). In a 42-count indictment, these individuals were charged with providing material support for Hamas terrorists to the tune of $12.4 million over a six-year period, and more than $57 million since the late 1988. Two more ex-officials of HLF, Haitham Maghawri and Akram Mishal, managed to escape U.S. jurisdiction and are considered to be fugitives.

According to the indictment, HLF tried to hide its terrorist-financing activities from American law-enforcement by making a few small contributions to innocuous, non-Palestinian entities while reserving the vast majority of its funds for terrorists. As Shukri Abu Baker told his underlings: “We can give $100,000 to the Islamists and $5,000 to the others.” Another HLF program, masquerading as charitable support for needy families and orphans in Palestinian territories, is said to have channeled money to families whose relatives had been killed or captured while waging jihad; some of them were suicide bombers.

In December 2006, two openly pro-Castro organizations—the Humanitarian Law Project and the Center for Constitutional Rights—jointly petitioned a federal judge to dismiss many of the charges brought against HLF.

On July 23, 2007, HLF’s leaders went on trial. Seven principal individuals were charged with twelve counts of providing “material support and resources” to a foreign terrorist organization. Additionally, they faced thirteen counts of money laundering and thirteen counts of breaching the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), which prohibits transactions that threaten American national security. Along with the seven named defendants, the government released a list of approximately 300 “unindicted co-conspirators” and “joint venturers.”

Among the unindicted co-conspirators were groups such as Hamas, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, INFOCOM, the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Arab Youth Association, the Islamic Association for Palestine, the United Association for Studies and Research, and the North American Islamic Trust. The list also included many individuals affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and/or Hamas. Among these were Omar Ahmad, Abdallah Azzam, Yousef al-Qaradawi, Mohammad Jaghlit, Abdurahman Alamoudi, Jamal Badawi, Abdel Aziz Rantisi, Ahmed Yassin, and Mousa Abu Marzook. Thirty-nine directors, employees and representatives of HLF were also named.

On October 22, 2007, after a two-month trial and nineteen days of jury deliberation, Judge A. Joe Fish declared a mistrial because the jury had been unable to deliver unanimous verdicts and had failed to convict on a single count brought against the defendants.

When the government retried the case a year later, prosecutors made several key adjustments. Most notably, they dropped some counts against particular defendants; they called several new witnesses; and they displayed three exhibits which Israeli military officials had seized from the Palestinian Authority (PA). Those exhibits demonstrated that the PA, like the U.S. government, clearly considered HLF to be a Hamas funder; that an HLF-supported charity committee was fully controlled by Hamas; and that the defendants were well aware that whatever money they were raising in the U.S. was earmarked for Hamas.

On November 24, 2008, the jury convicted five former HLF officials—Shukri Abu-Baker, Ghassan Elashi, Mohamed El-Mezain, Mufid Abdulqader and Abdelrahman Odeh—of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists.”



Note:  What follows is a special report on the Illuminati Network that provides us with concrete evidence of a “New World Order & One World Government” agenda, to include the Islamic agendaYou Decide:

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Note:  The following recent videos reveal the outrageous and deplorable Islamic Infiltration Inside Our Government-You Decide:

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Note:  This eye-opening article and videos overwhelming support my recent blog post-You Decide:

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A Nation Adrift Theme and Disclaimer:


“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

Semper Fi!

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Question: Could it be true that the Obama administration is abandoning Israel?

The following video reveals that the Obama administration is abandoning the only real ally and friend that we have in the Middle East in order to court a thug, rogue, terrorist government like the Palestinians who are led by a person who helped clear the finances for the Munich bombing-You Decide:

Huckabee Says Obama Administration “Abandoning” Israel:


Note:  What follows is an eye-opening article and/or blog post that reveals President Obama and George Soros’s plan to create a “Palestine State”-You Decide:

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Question: What do we know about the FCC’s attempts to interfere with our internet?

The following article and/or blog post reveals the eye-opening answer to this question-You Decide:

Don’t Let The Government Slow Internet Progress-Posted on InternetFreedomCoalition.Org-On October 25, 2009:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:

“Robert McChesney (University of Illinois professor) and John Nichols (The Nation magazine) are Free Press founders and hard-left Marxists. McChesney recently told the Socialist magazine The Bullet:

“Instead of waiting for the revolution to happen, we learned that unless you make significant changes in the media, it will be vastly more difficult to have a revolution.”

This is a man who, two weeks after 9/11, said:

“Likewise, Americans have no idea of the United States’ own history in the world as a supporter of terrorism. The United States is, I think, by any honest account, the leading terrorist institution in the world today.”

In a February 2009 article titled “A New New Deal under Obama?” for the socialist Monthly Review McChesney and co-author John Bellamy Foster wrote:

“These gains will only be made through an enormous class struggle from below. If won, they will not, we underscore, eliminate the evils of capitalism, or the dangers it poses for the world and its people. In the end, there is no real answer but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles. This is something that the great majority of the population will undoubtedly learn in the course of their struggles for a more equal, more humane, more collective, and more sustainable world. In the meantime, it is time to begin to organize a revolt against the ruling class–imposed ceiling on civilian government spending and social welfare in U.S. society.”

Free Press, far from condemning disgraced radical green jobs czar Van Jones, a former Free Press board member, rallied to his defense following his resignation, posting a statement attacking Glenn Beck and FOX News titled (http://www.freepress.net/node/72459): “Free Press Calls on Obama Administration to Resist Extremism in the Media. Defends Former Free Press Board Member Van Jones.”

Free Press is directly tied to White House Internet Czar Susan Crawford, described Wired Magazine as, “the most powerful geek close to the president.”

Free Press and ACORN are both participating organizations of Crawford’s “OneWebDay” project. (http://onewebday.org/participating-organizations/) Crawford self-consciously modeled OneWebDay on Earth Day and the radical environmental agenda that it propelled forward.


She explains on the OneWebDay site:

“Earth Day was the model when I founded OneWebDay in 2006. In 1969, one man asked the people to do what their elected representatives would not: take the future of the environment into their own hands.” Today, a worldwide citizens’ movement has put the environment front and center politically. According to Crawford, “peoples’ lives now are as dependent on the Internet as they are on the basics like roads, energy supplies and running water. We can no longer take that for granted, and we must advocate for the Internet politically and support its vitality personally.”

As Crawford explained her mission in the White House to The Wall Street Journal in April: “We should do a better job as a nation of making sure fast, affordable broadband is as ubiquitous as electricity, water, snail mail, or any other public utility.”

Crawford was in charge of the FCC for the Obama transition team, working under transition team co-chair John Podesta of the Center for American Progress (former employer of Mark Lloyd and Van Jones). In that capacity, she counseled Obama to appoint Julius Genachowski to the FCC, along with former Free Press staffer Jen Howard and former author of a paper for Free Press, Mark Lloyd.

Free Press is now, not surprisingly, extremely influential with the Obama administration and its supposedly independent agency, the FCC. According to National Journal


“Free Press, Google and Public Knowledge worked with then-candidate Obama to help develop his tech policies. Public Knowledge President Gigi Sohn is a longtime friend of FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, who tapped Free Press spokeswoman Jen Howard to be his press secretary.  Free Press and the Media Access Project, a public interest law firm, regularly draw marquee names such as Susan Crawford, special assistant to the president for science, technology and innovation policy, as keynoters. She previously was a member of Public Knowledge’s advisory board.”

The push for Internet regulation ultimately goes all the way to the top. (Video on Free Press web site at: http://www.freepress.net/obama_net_neutrality)

Barack Obama: “I will take a back seat to no one in my commitment to Net Neutrality.”

Note: The following is the official web site for the Institute for Liberty and an email that I recently forwarded to the FCC expressing my concerns on this issue and suggest that you do the same, if you are concerned about the federal government interfering with our internet-You Decide:

“To: The Federal Communications Commission

I am submitting the following reply comment regarding the matter of preserving the open Internet. GN Docket No, 09-191, WC Docket No. 07-52:

I am an American, deeply concerned about continued government interference in our economy.  With the economy sputtering along, we need government policies that will free-up the time and the resources of America’s entrepreneurs.  One particular area in which the government ought not interfere is the internet—a highly successful and competitive marketplace.

The internet cannot be treated like a public utility.  Phone, cable, wireless, satellite and even power companies are engaged in fierce competition to win Internet customers, producing tremendous advances in technology, customer services, and driving prices down.  Were the government to attempt to control these businesses through regulation, as some are proposing here, the American people would lose a tremendous opportunity.

When it comes to the Internet, competitive forces, investments and innovation ought to not only to be preserved, but promoted and encouraged.  In the last 15 years, America has gone from weak dial-up, difficult-to-use internet applications to blindingly fast broadband speeds where services are only limited by the boundaries of their own creativity.

In their initial comments, Free Press made a number of claims, without substantiating those claims.  Before it seriously considers regulating, the Commission must place the burden of proof on those arguing for the regulations, and not on those arguing for restraint.  If a clear case cannot be made that a problem actually exists, and that the proposed regulations are necessary and beneficial to address that existing problem, the Commission should show restraint.

Free Press offers an interesting argument in the form of a litany of “Doomsday scenarios” offered by broadband providers, claiming that no such scenarios have occurred as a result of the Commission’s neutrality guidelines.

“Appendix A: The Doomsday Predictions Made by Internet Service Providers Concerning Net Neutrality Which Have Failed to Materialize In order to highlight the reality that many of the doomsday predictions that will likely be made by open Internet opponents in this proceeding are nothing more than unfounded scare tactics, we have compiled for the Commission a sampling of similar such doomsday predictions that failed to materialize. (p 159)”

If Free Press considers Doomsday predictions failing to materialize relevant, surely the Commission should take notice of the fact that none of Free Press’s “Doomsday predictions” absent regulations have come true either.

Free Press proudly points out that “public interest groups … have been advocating for net neutrality rules for more than a decade.” (p157) And Free Press’ss web site offers the following warning:

“The consequences of a world without Net Neutrality would be devastating. Innovation would be stifled, competition limited, and access to information restricted. Consumer choice and the free market would be sacrificed to the interests of a few corporations.”


The failure of Free Press’s own “doomsday predictions” to materialize over the entire decade it and other “public interest” groups have been making such predictions would also seem to be relevant to the Commission.  By Free Press’s own standards, their dire predictions as to the “devastating” consequences of a world without network neutrality regulations should be viewed as “nothing more than unfounded scare tactics.” Broadband Internet is not presently subject to any nondiscrimination rule, so it is Free Press that is arguing for a major change in policy and that therefore should have the burden of proving the purported harms in the presently unregulated market.

Regulation should only be promulgated based on a clearly definable market failure or harm.  Free Press has demonstrated no such market failure or harm, and continues to posit mere hypotheticals.

We also offer the following comments in response:

1) Network neutrality regulations would harm investment and advancement of internet Services, and Free Press has offered no evidence to the contrary.

2) Willing investors and willing purchasers have funded the information revolution that has added to Americans’ freedom, knowledge, and economic well-being.

3) The Commission cannot regulate its way to more and better internet connections.

4) Network neutrality regulations cannot be used to favor one industry sector over another.

5) As an agency of the federal government, its decisions should be based on empirical evidence, not alarmism.

In their misleading calls to “preserve” network neutrality, Free Press and other proponents of Internet regulations are asking the Commission to regulate the Internet for the first time.

My concerns with that FCC’s initial proposal are as follows:

1) A burden of proof requiring network management practices is restrictive and unreasonable.  It will hamper the implementation of potentially successful business models.  Greater uncertainty will undoubtedly create increase legal liabilities, as well as reduce the potential gains made from network-capacity investments.  Why invest when you can’t realize any returns on your investment?

2) Hampering network management  would severely cripple the Internet, which would in turn lead to even greater government intervention.  Increasing government control would politicize the ‘net in such a way as to stymie those competitive and innovative forces on which it has relied for its impressive growth.  One need only look to the onerous taxation and regulation of electric power generation in America today as a primary example of what happens when the government interferes—yet this is exactly what leftist proponents of Network Neutrality regulations such as Robert McChesney and Susan Crawford have claimed as their ultimate goal.

3) It should not be the purview of an independent federal agency to regulate such a broad and vital sector of the American economy on its own.  Congress has the duly-designated constitutional authority to make such decisions, and as such, ought to be the initial body for such a debate.  They make the law, the FCC can only interpret and enforce it.  As far as I am concerned, this is a clear over-extension of the FCC’s delegated powers.

4) Finally, I am deeply concerned that the FCC is taking a step here that will result in content control restrictions on the Internet, as evidenced by paragraph 77 of the NPRM that the Commission may ultimately be the arbiter of which competing interests should be prioritized.  I do not want government bureaucrats in Washington DC telling me what information I can and cannot get from the internet.

Those trying to implement “net neutrality” have been attempting to raise the specter of a crisis for nearly a decade.  There is no crisis.  There is no rationale for regulating the Internet.  We need to be putting people to work, stimulating the economy, and helping small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Regulating the Internet will do just the opposite, stifling innovation and creativity, and severely damaging perhaps the most successful sector of the American economy.

Neither Free Press nor other organizations petitioning for Internet regulations have offered evidence of a market failure or a pattern of abuses.

Free Press has been arguing for nearly a decade that the Internet will face devastating harms unless the government regulates it.  And for nearly a decade, exactly the opposite has unfolded.  Free Press’s hypothetical crisis is merely that, and the Commission has neither the obligation nor the ability to promulgate regulations aimed at alleviating a problem for which it can find no evidence.

Free Press and other proponents of Internet regulations have offered ideology in the place of evidence, and fear in the place of facts.  I ask that the Commission to vote against regulating the Internet, and instead allow it to grow unfettered.

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Oregon Senator Wyden effectively kills Internet censorship billPosted on Raw Story-By Stephen C. Webster-On November 19, 2010:


“I’m From the Government, and I’m Here to Make the Internet Better” and Other Lies-Posted on GlennBeck.com-By Chuck Palm, CEO and Web Broadcaster for IPN-On November 9, 2010:


The FCC Goes for the Nuclear Option: FCC Chairman Genachowski announces his intention to reclassify the Internet as a telephone system-reversing 30 years of precedent”Posted on FOXNews.com-By Phil Kerpen-On May 6, 2010:


Obama ‘Internet czar’ linked to ‘Net neutrality’ effort: “Think tank advocates government intervention in Web”Posted on WND.com-On May 5, 2010:


Shutting Down Free SpeechPosted on The American Spectator-By Mark Hyman-On May 3, 2010:


FCC Pushes to Keep Authority Over InternetPosted on NewsMax.com-By Dan Well-On May 3, 2010:


Tech companies fear implications of trade pactPosted on Yahoo News-By JOELLE TESSLER, AP Technology Writer-On April 20, 2010:


Court Rules Against F.C.C. in ‘Net Neutrality’ CasePosted on The New York Times-By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS-On April 6, 2010:


F.C.C. Questioned on Its Far-Reaching Plan to Expand Broadband AccessPosted on The New York Time-By MATT RICHTEL and BRIAN STELTER-On March 16, 2010:


Enjoy the internet while you can: “Major threat to world internet freedom”Posted On Laigle’s Forum Blog Archive-On February 4, 2010:


How will President Obama deploy his Internet army?Posted on McClatchy-By Frank Greve, McClatchy Newspapers-On November 5, 2008:


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FCC reclassifying the Internet as a telephone system!


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Ongoing Concerns With This President and His Administration!


Where Is America Today?


Washington Times Calls for Obama’s Impeachment!


A Nation Adrift Theme and Disclaimer:


“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

Semper Fi!

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Question: Could it be true that the Saudis bought President Obama’s 2008 election and, if they did, what else have they paid for and why?

This eye-opening article, video and/or blog post reveal that the Saudis have paid for more than just the 2008 election-You Decide:

Saudi Government: Saudis Bought Obama 2008 Election, Obama Columbia Degree, Obama Harvard Degree, and A Large Share of Fox NetworkPosted On Citizen Wells-On January 8, 2010:


These are pertinent excerpts from this blog post:

“Many Americans were stunned and outraged when this news and photo of Obama bowing low to the Saudi king emerged.

Now do you understand why Obama bowed so low to the Saudi King?

Now do you understand why…..

Why Obama attended Jeremiah Wright’s TUCC church.

Why Louis Farrakhan attended TUCC church.

Why Wright and Farrakhan traveled to Libya and met with Moammar Kadafi (Ghadafi).

Why Obama did not take Federal matching funds.

How Obama stole the Democrat primaries and caucuses.

How Obama was able to utilize so many Internet and other resources to steal the 2008 election.

Why Obama traveled to Pakistan in1981.

Why nobody remembers Obama being a student at Columbia.

Why Khalid al-Mansour and the Saudis paid for Obama’s Harvard education.

Why Syrian born Tony Rezko made contact with Obama while at Harvard.

Why Obama wanted Gitmo closed and Muslim terrorists given US Constitutional Rights.

Why the Saudis paid for Obama’ grandmother, Sarah Obama to fly to Mecca.

Why the Fox network will not touch Obama’s eligibility issues.

Obama is a Muslim.

And the biggest why of all….

Why Obama has employed a legion of private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records.

Everything makes more sense now, doesn’t it.

God bless Pastor Dr. James Manning.”

Note: The following video with Pastor Dr. James Manning supports the above eye-opening blog post-You Decide:

Saudis bought Obama 2008 election, Columbia, Harvard degrees, Fox network, Pastor James Manning:


Note:  The following videos, articles and/or blogs seem to support the above eye-opening blog post and video-You Decide:

Congresswoman Michelle Lujan-Grisham

Letter to our NM U.S. Representative Michelle Lujan-Grisham (re: Return of Government to Our Constitutional Principles)!Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On July 13, 2014:


Obama-The Post & Email Interviews Lead Attorney and Author of New Obama Articles of Impeachment

The Post & Email Interviews Lead Attorney and Author of New Obama Articles of Impeachment!Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On July 28, 2014:


Obama-Part 2 of The Post & Email’s Interview with Obama Articles of Impeachment Lead Author

Part 2 of The Post & Email’s Interview with Obama Articles of Impeachment Lead Author!Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On July 29, 2014:


Obama-Conclusion of The Post & Email’s Interview with Atty. Stephen Pidgeon on Obama Articles of Impeachment

Conclusion of The Post & Email’s Interview with Atty. Stephen Pidgeon on Obama Articles of Impeachment!-Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On August 10, 2014:


Video: Did Arabs Fund Obama At Harvard? (Part 1)Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On September 27, 2012:


Video: Did Arabs Fund Obama At Harvard? (Part 2)Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On September 29, 2012:


1979 ARTICLE TIES ‘OBAMA’S REAL FATHER’ TO SAUDI FINANCIER? ‘Vernon Jarrett was close friend of communist Frank Marshall Davis’!-Posted on WND.com-By Jerome R. Corsi-On September 25, 2012:


NEW QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW OBAMA GOT INTO HARVARD!Posted on The Blaze-By Mytheos Holt-On September 25, 2012:


SAUDI BILLIONAIRE DID HELP OBAMA INTO HARVARD: ‘Exclusive: Jack Cashill shares shocking secret president tried to keep under wraps’!Posted on WND.com-By JACK CASHILL-On September 23, 2012:


SAUDI BILLIONAIRE DID HELP OBAMA INTO HARVARD!-Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On September 24, 2012:


Percy Sutton (Malcom X’s Lawyer) Says Barack Obama Knows And Was Financed By The Racist!-Posted on YouTube.com-By harvardlawgrad-On Oct 5, 2008:


For Arabs, Year of Obama One of DisappointmentPosted On WorldMeets.US- By Elias Harfoush-On December 20, 2009:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:

“The world, and our region of it, was expecting a lot around this time at the end of last year. We had been promised a new president in the White House, by all measures a historic leader in terms of skin color, the intelligence of his speech and his sincere manner of expression.

We had been promised a speech by Barack Obama addressed to the Muslim world that would turn the page on Bush’s warmongering and his provocative language of hate. And indeed Obama didn’t deprive us of that. He stood before students at Cairo University, reminded us of his Muslim background and called for “a new beginning.” It was supposed to be a gateway to a more just world in terms of relations between the strong and the weak, more generous in terms of obtaining the rights of victims from their oppressors, and less brutal in the way wars are managed, both domestic ones and those that states wage beyond their borders.

Wasn’t it the leader of the most powerful country who stretched his hand to his opponents and invited them to meet him halfway, showed a willingness to walk toward them even more if need be, on the condition that they, too, relax their “clenched fists”?

Where are we now with all of these hopes? It’s enough to glance at our region’s conflicts, from Palestine to Iraq to Iran and Afghanistan, not to mention Yemen, where another battle has appeared, to realize how promises have gone in vain, or nearly so, while talk of goodwill has remained just that, merely talk!

Is the reason for our disappointment the fact that we put more hope than we should have in Obama’s election? Was it the “surprise” of Obama’s election as the first Black U.S. president that drove us to think we had a gateway to every solution? Or was it that we thought America’s revolution against itself would drive it to revolt against its previous policies; that it would give up its support of Israel to please us; that it would declare Israel’s defeat at the hands of the forces of “defiance” within our ranks [the ranks of Arabs], who for a while considered Obama’s victory to be their own – and a defeat America’s imperialist plans?

The year now coming to an end began with Israel’s war on Gaza. At the time, Obama’s excuse for not commenting on Israel’s crimes was that he hadn’t yet assumed the presidency, and that only one president at a time governs the United States and speaks in its name. Yet after being put to the test, it seems that his silence was more like an expression of policy than a show of respect for constitutional principles. Indeed, if the pretexts used by Israel to justify the war on Gaza led the people of that land to elect Benjamin Netanyahu, then what happened after the voting between Obama and Netanyahu also reveals how powerless the American president is to impose his new policies on Israel’s right-wing leaders, if there is anything new about them.

And the year’s disappointments don’t only relate to Obama. One must also recognize the disappointment felt by our region’s people over the failure to find solutions to the problems and crises they confront. Whether it’s the explosive domestic struggle in Iran, the seemingly impossible-to-resolve rift that exists within the ranks of the Palestinians, or the continuing series of bombings and death in Iraq – despite the withdrawn of U.S. forces from cities and announcement of their date of withdrawal – we can say that we live in a region, in a way unparalleled in the world, that lacks even a shred of hope. These aren’t crises that need a new president in the White House or a redrawing of the maps by international forces to resolve. They are crises that require the tiniest sliver of national pride that would strengthen us in the face of foreign greed and interests.

So we enter a new year with a list of problems identical to last year’s. Around the world there is talk of a new era, a search for solutions to its many problems, and an accounting of what has been achieved in the past year and what might be accomplished in the next. In our case, our crises only breed further crises. We pay no heed to changes in the world nor do we make use of its lessons. It’s as if the inexorable march of time stops in our region, as with grief and passion, we watch time march on for others.

Nevertheless, we wish you a happy new year, with the hope that our list of crises remains as it is, without any additions in the year to come.”

Note:  What follows is a special report on the Illuminati Network that provides us with concrete evidence of a “New World Order & One World Government” agenda, to include the Islamic agendaYou Decide:


Illuminati Network!Posted on Global Watch Special Report 2010:


NoteThe following eye-opening video exposes President Obama’s Muslim ties and his hidden agenda for America-You Decide:

Obama-Avi Exposes Middle East

Video: ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING! What Was Predicted 3 Years Ago is NOW HERE! BHO EXPOSED!Posted on YouTube.com-By ppsimmons-On April 1, 2011:


Note:  The following articles and/or blogs and video seem to relate to this issue-You Decide:


ISIS GOES ON HORRIFIC BEHEADING SPREE: ‘Remains of dozens of Syrian soldiers impaled on poles’!-Posted on WND.com-By MICHAEL CARL-On July 29, 2014:


Muslim Brotherhood-Shocking Obama:Syria News Emerges Out Of Egypt

Video: Obama’s Link To Kenyan Mall Massacre Revealed!Posted on Before It’s News-By The Liberator-On September 23, 2013:


Syria-Hacked Email Of US Intelligence Colonel Shows Pentagon’s Involvement In Chemical Attack In Syria

Hacked Email Of US Intelligence Colonel Shows Pentagon’s Involvement In Chemical Attack In Syria!Posted on Before It’s News-By Mort Amsel (Reporter)-On September 1, 2013:


Obama-Reports Saudi Prince Bandar Using US to Topple Syria's Assad

Reports: Saudi Prince Bandar Using US to Topple Syria’s Assad!Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Joshua Cook-On August 31, 2013:


Hillary-State Department reveals Hillary Clinton received $500K worth of jewelry from Saudi king

State Department reveals Hillary Clinton received $500K worth of jewelry from Saudi king!-Posted on New York Daily News-By Bill Hutchinson / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS-On August 30, 2013:


Libya-Was Saudi Money Behind Benghazi Coverup

Video: Was Saudi Money Behind Benghazi Coverup?-Posted on YouTube.com-By dickmorrisreports-On June 23, 2013:


Libya-Were Saudis Behind Benghazi Attack

Video: Were Saudis Behind Benghazi Attack?-Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On March 28, 2013:


Obama-BREAKING NEWS Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi Muslim Plant in the White House

BREAKING NEWS! – Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi / Muslim “Plant” in the White House?Posted on YouTube.com-By ppsimmons-On July 27, 2010:


Obama-Is Obama Stupid and Lazy

Is Obama Stupid and Lazy?Posted On Western Journalism-By Steve Baldwin, a Western Journalism Exclusive:


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The Greatest Fraud Perpetrated in American History!


CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up!


Why did a black preacher from Harlem receive a “hit” on his life?


The Real-Deal About Obama, Congressional And Court Silence!


Godfather of The Islamic Revolution!


Is Israel the next Arab Facebook Campaign?


The President Must Stop Voting “Present” on Iran!


Is President Obama in on the Uprising in Egypt?


Why is Obama Handing Out Millions of Dollars to Terrorist?


Sen. Obama’s Radical Islamic Past and Ties To Terrorist Groups:


Active complaint to the FEC over President Obama’s campaign finances!


The Islamic Infiltration: Inside Our Government, Armed With Our Secrets!


What do American Citizens Know About “Sharia Law” and is It Something That We Should Know More About?


Is Shariah Law A Danger To Our U.S. National Security?


Should Americans Fear Islam?


Muslim Brotherhood Declares War on America-Will America Notice!


What are CAIRs obstructionist goals?


Middle Eastern illegals find easy entrance into U.S. from Mexico!


Extensive Research Into Senator Obama’s Background Completed on November 3, 2008:


Where Is America Today?


Washington Times Calls for Obama’s Impeachment!


A Nation Adrift Theme and Disclaimer:


“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

Semper Fi!

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Question: What is the true intent of the UN Small Arms Treaty and is it true that the U.S. has recently committed to it and if so-why?

The following report, articles and/or blog posts and videos reveal the true intent of the UN Small Arms Treaty-You Decide:

UN Security Council: Small Arms Report of the Secretary-General of April 17, 2008:


NRA News: UN Doomsday Treaty With Ginny SimonePosted on YouTube.Com-On November 15, 2009:


Obama and Clinton Cede to UN Small Arms TreatyPosted On Examiner.Com-By Paul Valone-On October 16, 2009:


These are pertinent excerpts from this blog post:

“As noted in “British gun control: Coming soon to a country near you? ” seven countries, led by the United Kingdom, are attempting to revive U.N. efforts to restrict imports and exports of small arms. On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the United States would reverse Bush administration opposition to international small arms control, potentially paving the way for the British-led effort, which calls for a vote by the U.N. General Assembly by year’s end.

The U.S. would support the “Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty” as long as it was conducted under rules of “consensus decision-making,” interpreted by some to require unanimous consent, Clinton said. Non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International and Oxfam, which support international restrictions, objected to requirements for a consensus.

The Heritage Foundation, calling demands for consensus “irrelevant” and “dangerous,” expressed opposition to the conference. The NRA has long opposed treaty efforts on grounds they would be used to abridge American’s right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment.”

British gun laws: Coming soon to a country near you?


These are pertinent excerpts from this blog post:

British authorities are apparently so satisfied with the results of stringent gun laws that they intend to use the United Nations to bring gun control to the United States.

According to “The State,” seven countries have begun a campaign to “regulate the global arms trade” and “prevent the illegal transfer of guns.” And leading the charge is John Duncan, Britain’s ambassador for multilateral arms control and disarmament, who described a recent month-long meeting of the UN General Assembly’s disarmament committee as “pivotal” in launching a new global treaty.

Despite previous U.S.-led resistance to international gun control, when U.S. ambassador John Bolton repudiated such efforts, Duncan and other supporters hope to have the U.N. General Assembly vote on a draft treaty later this year.


Ironically, the same Britain now trying to export gun control has experienced an explosion in violent crime since virtually banning guns in 1997. In an article just three months old, the British MailOnline reports that England and Wales now have the highest violent crime in the European Union – a rate which, in fact exceeds that of the United States and even hyper-violent South Africa.

Says MailOnline:

“In the decade following [the election of the Labor Party] in 1997, the number of recorded violent attacks soared by 77 percent to 1.158 million – more than two every minute.”

Indeed, the U.K. – a laboratory for the near-complete prohibition of private gun ownership – has a violent crime victimization rate of 2,034 per 100,000 residents.

Meanwhile, the U.S., with its far less restrictive gun laws, has a violence rate of only 466 crimes per 100,000 residents.

Even South Africa’s rate is lower, at 1,677 violent crimes per 100,000.

Downplaying the report, British Police Minister David Hanson cited differences in crime reporting to call the figures “misleading.”


Also supporting the U.N. effort are Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Finland, Japan and Kenya. While violent crime rates are not readily available for Argentina, Costa Rica and Kenya, anecdotal evidence suggests violence exceeding our own.

  • Argentina: The Argentine Post, conducting a survey of households in 40 urban centers, reports fully 32.7% or respondents had a family member who had been victimized, and only one-third of such crimes had been reported.
  • Finland: With gun laws the BBC laments as “among the most liberal in the world,” Finland has a violent crime rate of only 738 per 100,000.
  • Japan: While violence is historically low in Japanese culture, suicide rates are invariably high, despite a near-complete ban on private gun ownership.  Additionally, Japanese residents live in a virtual police state.
  • Australia: Another laboratory for gun control since restricting gun ownership following the 1996 Port Arthur massacre, MailOnline reports a violent crime rate for Australia of 92 per 100,000 residents. This seems unlikely, however, since The Australia Institute of Criminology reports that assault alone occurs at a rate of 840 per 100,000 – a rate which increased dramatically since the Port Arthur ban. Other sources, including Austin Gun Rights Examiner Howard Nemerov, report either flat or increasing trend lines for violent crime since the ban.


And since the Australian government seems to want its restrictions brought to the U.S., perhaps we should glimpse what its subjects can expect in the future. “The Manly Daily,” of Australia, reported on October 9 that pursuant to the Australian Firearms Act of 1996:

  • Northern Beaches Police will be turning up on the doorstep of every licensed gun owner in the area over the next four years to check their firearms are stored correctly.
  • “Operation Aston follows the gun amnesty that ended on May 31 and will target guns stored incorrectly and the security of gun safes, Northern Beaches Commander Doreen Cruickshank said.
  • “Gun owners have a responsibility to ensure their weapon is safely stored at all times when not in use,’ Supt Cruickshank said.
  • “Licensing police will be attending the home of every licensed firearm owner in the northern beaches over the next four years to inspect every weapon and check the gun safe.
  • “Officers will be examining all gun safes to ensure they comply with the legislative requirements, particularly in relation to the standard and security of safes.’” [Emphasis added]


U.S. Support for the Arms Trade Treaty!-Posted On U.S. Department of State Web Site-On October 14, 2009:


These are pertinent excerpts from this web site:

“Conventional arms transfers are a crucial national security concern for the United States, and we have always supported effective action to control the international transfer of arms.

The United States is prepared to work hard for a strong international standard in this area by seizing the opportunity presented by the Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty at the United Nations. As long as that Conference operates under the rule of consensus decision-making needed to ensure that all countries can be held to standards that will actually improve the global situation by denying arms to those who would abuse them, the United States will actively support the negotiations. Consensus is needed to ensure the widest possible support for the Treaty and to avoid loopholes in the Treaty that can be exploited by those wishing to export arms irresponsibly.

On a national basis, the United States has in place an extensive and rigorous system of controls that most agree is the “gold standard” of export controls for arms transfers. On a bilateral basis, the United States regularly engages other states to raise their standards and to prohibit the transfer or transshipment of capabilities to rogue states, terrorist groups, and groups seeking to unsettle regions. Multilaterally, we have consistently supported high international standards, and the Arms Trade Treaty initiative presents us with the opportunity to promote the same high standards for the entire international community that the United States and other responsible arms exporters already have in place to ensure that weaponry is transferred for legitimate purposes.

The United States is committed to actively pursuing a strong and robust treaty that contains the highest possible, legally binding standards for the international transfer of conventional weapons. We look forward to this negotiation as the continuation of the process that began in the UN with the 2008 UN Group of Governmental Experts on the ATT and continued with the 2009 UN Open-Ended Working Group on ATT.”

The Obama Administration Makes the Wrong Call on the U.N.’s Arms Trade TreatyPosted On The Heritage Foundation-By Ted R. Bromund-On October 15, 2009:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:

“On October 14, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that the United States would seek a “strong international standard” in the control of the conventional arms trade by “seizing the opportunity presented by the Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty at the United Nations.” Her announcement contained an important caveat: The U.S. will actively support negotiations only if the conference “operates under the rule of consensus decision-making needed to ensure that all countries can be held to standards that will actually improve the global situation.”[1] This caveat has been attacked by NGOs supporting the treaty process.[2]

The Administration’s decision to participate on the basis of consensus is wrong. The U.S. cannot ensure that the conference will operate on such a basis, nor can consensus guarantee that the U.S.’s export controls–which the Administration rightly lauds as the world’s “gold standard”–will form the basis for an arms trade treaty. In practice, since most of the world’s states have low standards for the export of conventional arms, the U.S.’s demand for consensus will be used to pressure the U.S. to lower its own standards or expand the treaty in ways that would conflict with the U.S. Constitution. The behavior of the U.N.’s member states demonstrates that there is no basis for consensus in the negotiation of this treaty. The pursuit of consensus, as high-minded as it may sound, will therefore produce an ineffective treaty.

The Demand for Consensus Is Irrelevant:

The United States does not have the power to ensure that the negotiations on an arms trade treaty operate “under the rule of consensus decision-making.” The budget of the United Nations, for example, is traditionally adopted on the basis of consensus, yet in late 2007, the U.N.’s member states abandoned that tradition and approved a budget increase of 25 percent by a vote of 142-1.[3] The U.S. was the state that voted no. Nothing can prevent the arms trade treaty negotiations from similarly abandoning a consensus basis as soon as it suits the majority.

Nor can the U.S., as the Administration claims, use consensus-based negotiations to ensure that any arms trade treaty adopts the U.S.’s high standards for the control of the export of conventional arms. If the U.S. insists that such standards be verifiably adopted by all the world’s states, the negotiations will go nowhere, and the U.S. will find itself isolated and once again unfairly described as unilateralist. The NGOs that support the treaty will then urge the majority of states to conclude the negotiations without U.S. approval.

The Pursuit of Consensus Is Dangerous:

The Administration argues that consensus offers a guarantee that the negotiations will produce an effective treaty. In practice, since the U.S. has high standards, the U.S. is itself the state most likely to disrupt the consensus of the majority of states with low standards. Far from being a weapon for the U.S. to use against recalcitrant states with low standards, the demand for consensus will be turned against the U.S. and be used to exert pressure on America to lower its own standards so that a treaty can be concluded.

The U.S. will then be in the invidious position of either resisting the consensus that it demanded or accepting a treaty that breaks with settled U.S. policy, backed by Congress for many years, of strict export controls. This outcome is foreshadowed by the NGO attacks on the U.S. demand for consensus, which indicate that these organizations desire only that a treaty be completed, regardless of its quality. Toward that end, the NGOs will strenuously resist any U.S. efforts to follow the negotiating strategy laid out by Secretary Clinton.

The behavior of the U.N.’s member states demonstrates that the pursuit of consensus is a dangerous mirage. One justification frequently offered for the treaty is that it will end the transfer of arms to terrorists. Yet the U.N. has never been able to define terrorism, because states such as Pakistan argue–in their official submission on the treaty–that “the right of peoples … to [resist] the illegality of aggression [and] foreign occupation” means that what the U.S. describes as terrorism is justified.[4]

Achieving a genuine consensus in negotiations with states holding these views is close to impossible. Any consensus will come only by adopting a treaty that has low standards, weak enforcement provisions, or both. In practice, as the U.N. itself has acknowledged, the U.N.’s member states have achieved consensus on one demand: that any arms trade treaty must explicitly acknowledge their “right … to manufacture, import, export, transfer and retain conventional arms.”[5] No arms trade treaty can both acknowledge that all states–including those that support terrorism–have this right and simultaneously control the conventional arms trade.

The U.S. will also be pressured to adopt a treaty that will conflict with rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. In 2008, the Group of Governmental Experts correctly stated that an arms trade treaty would need to respect member states’ constitutional provisions, such as the Second Amendment. But the October 2008 U.N. resolution ignored this stipulation and instead stated that signatories of the treaty would have to have the “highest possible standards” to keep weapons away from all “criminal activity.” The “highest possible standards” requirement and the Second Amendment are incompatible, because there is ultimately no guarantee that any privately held gun in the U.S. will never be used in criminal activity.[6]

What the U.S. Should Do:

The U.S. should:

  • Support negotiations for an arms trade treaty that respect constitutional provisions,
  • Reject universal membership and multilateral enforcement on the grounds that not all states are serious in pursuing the treaty’s goals,
  • Refuse to concede an explicit “right to buy” to dictatorships and terrorist-supporting states, and
  • Adhere to President Reagan’s cautious approach to arms control agreements: “Trust, but verify.”[7]

Finally, no matter what entry into force provisions are adopted in the treaty negotiations, the treaty must not be binding on states that have not signed and ratified it. If not based on these principles, the arms trade treaty will fail to achieve its aims, damage the national interest of the United States, and subvert American sovereignty and the export control mechanisms established by Congress.

Ted R. Bromund, Ph.D., is Senior Research Fellow in the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, a division of the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies, at The Heritage Foundation.

[1]U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, “U.S. Support for the Arms Trade Treaty,” U.S. Department of State, October 14, 2009, at http://www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2009a/10/130573.htm (October 15, 2009).

[2]Arshad Mohammed, “U.S. Reverses Stance on Treaty to Regulate Arms Trade,” Reuters, October 14, 2009, at http://www.reuters.com/article/politicsNews/idUSTRE59E0Q920091015 (October 15, 2009).

[3]Brett D. Schaefer, “Congress Should Withhold Funding for Spendthrift U.N.,” Heritage Foundation WebMemo No. 1786, January 29, 2008, at http://www.heritage.org/Research/InternationalOrganizations/wm1786.cfm.

[4]Ted R. Bromund and Steven A. Groves, “The U.N.’s Arms Trade Treaty: A Dangerous Multilateral Mistake in the Making,” Heritage Foundation Backgrounder No. 2309, August 21, 2009, p. 8, at http://www.heritage.org/Research/InternationalOrganizations/bg2309.cfm.

[5]Ibid., p. 9.

[6]Ibid., p. 13.

[7]Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, “Remarks on Signing the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty,” Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, December 8, 1987, at: http://www.reagan.utexas.edu/archives/speeches/1987/120887c.htm (July 29, 2009).”

NoteWhat follows is an eye-opening article and/or blog post and video that reveal that the U.S. is no longer working under Constitutional Law, along with an alarming article and/or blog post and PDF book by Mark Levin that reveal the undoing of America by central planning “masterminds” and controlling micro-managers who eventually take away our natural, God-given rights and force us into slavery, killing our ideas, our potential and our dreams-You Decide:

My Top 10 Reasons the USA is NO LONGER under Constitutional Law!-Posted on The Gaspee Gazette-On March 13, 2012:


Video: Alarming new issues injected into presidential race!-Posted on FoxNews.com-On February 9, 2012:


EXCLUSIVE—Mark Levin on ‘Ameritopia:’ ‘We Now Live in a Post-Constitutional Country!’Posted on CNSNews.com-By Terence P. Jeffrey-On January 16, 2012:


Ameritopia!PDF Book-By Mark Levin-Posted on Sribd:


Note:  The following websites reveal that George Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI) and groups that promote a variety of leftwing causes are strong advocates of gun control and fund the Arms Control Association (ACA), which outlines the UN Process on Small Arms, along with the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) that is global movement against gun violence, which has lobbied the United Nations to pass a measure outlawing private gun ownership and effectively overturning the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, along with the-You Decide:

Arms Control Association (ACA):


Arms Control Association (ACA): UN Process on Small Arms:


International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA): Global Movement Against Gun Violence:


International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA): National Gun Laws:


International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) Members:


International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA): New US Government Plan to Tackle Arms Trafficking to Mexico!-Posted on July 15, 2011:


Note: The following articles and/or blog posts and videos reveal President Obama and the Democrat’s goal to outlaw guns, with the help of the Main Stream Media-You Decide:

Obama: ‘I Believe in the Second Amendment’!-Posted on CNSNews.com-ByFred Lucas-On March 4, 2011:


NWO-Truth- Obama Pushes Failed Australian Style Gun Ban Which Has Done Nothing to Prevent Crime

Truth: Obama Pushes Failed Australian Style Gun Ban Which Has Done Nothing to Prevent Crime!-Posted on The D.C. Clothesline-By Suzanne Hamner-On June 13, 2014:


NWO-Billionaire Leftists Attack Your Gun Rights

Billionaire Leftists Attack Your Gun Rights!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On May 28, 2014:


NWO-BARACK OBAMA-The Last American President

Is Barack Obama Our Last American President?Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On April 8, 2014:


NWO-UN Human Rights Report Attacks U.S. Gun Rights, Constitution

UN “Human Rights” Report Attacks U.S. Gun Rights, Constitution!-Posted on The New American-By Alex Newman-On April 7, 2014:


NWO-Watch Eric Holder Discuss The Future Of Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Video: Watch Eric Holder Discuss The Future Of Your 2nd Amendment Rights!-Posted on Western Journalism-By TOM HINCHEY-On April 8, 2014:


Erick Holder-1999 Gun Laws

The Vetting – Holder 1995: We Must ‘Brainwash’ People on Guns!Posted on Conservative Byte-On March 18, 2012:


Erick Holder-1999 Gun Laws

Holder in 1995: ‘Really brainwash people’ to be anti-gun!Posted on The Daily Caller-By Matthew Boyle, The Daily Caller-On March 18, 2012:


NWO-Erick Holder Wants Gun Owners to Wear Smart Bracelets

Eric Holder Wants Gun Owners to Wear ‘Smart Gun’ Bracelets!-Posted on Vision to America-By V2A-On April 8, 2014:


NWO-Smart Gun Technology- The New Way To Confiscate Firearms From The Law-Abiding

Smart Gun Technology: The New Way To Confiscate Firearms From The Law-Abiding!Posted on Western Journalism-By DOUG BOOK-On April 4, 2014: 


NWO-U.S.-EU Statement Calls for Enforcement of UN Arms Treaty

U.S.-EU Statement Calls for Enforcement of UN Arms Treaty!Posted on The New American-By Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.-On March 29, 2014:


Gun Control-Obama administration waging a war on guns with rogue ATF sting operations

Obama administration waging ‘a war on guns’ with ‘rogue’ ATF sting operations!Posted on The Daily Caller-By Brendan Bordelon-On January 12, 2014:



WARNING: GUN CONFISCATION COMING SOON: ‘Up to law-abiding owners to beat back next assault driven by emotion and fear’!-Posted on WND.com-By BOB UNRUH-On January 12, 2014:





UN-The UN Plan To Disarm Civilians

U.N. Disarmament of U.S.!-Posted on Before It’s News-By LynnTantrum-On October 18, 2013:


WND-Bob Unruh

FORENSIC PROFILER: OBAMA WANTS ‘TOTAL GUN CONTROL’: He ‘has never been constrained by the Constitution’!Posted on WND.com-By BOB UNRUH-On April 11, 2013:


Gun Control-WATCH Congressman Speak Out Against Signing Of The UN Arms Trade Treaty

Video: WATCH Congressman Speak Out Against Signing Of The UN Arms Trade Treaty!-Posted on Western Journalism-By NEWSEDITOR-On September 27, 2013:


Gun Control-Obama Signals He Will Support UN Treaty To Restrict Arms

Obama Signals He Will Support UN Treaty To Restrict Arms!Posted Weazel Zippers-On March 17, 2013:


Know Thy Enemy Part 1

Video: Know Thy Enemy! (Part 1)Posted on YouTube.com-By TheSenator357·-On January 7, 2013:


Know Thy Enemy Part 2

Video: Know Thy Enemy! (Part 2)Posted on YouTube.com-By TheSenator357·-On January 8, 2013:


Gun Control-The 2nd Amendment By Kira Davis

Video: The 2nd Amendment By Kira Davis!Posted on Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com-On March 5, 2013:


Gun Control-Chilling Video NRA Warns Of UN:Obama Gun Grab

NRA Warns Of UN/Obama Gun Grab!Posted on Before It’s News-On February 5, 2013:


Gun Control-Obama Backup Gun Grab-UN Treaty Confiscation Vote Soon

Obama Backup Gun Grab: UN Treaty Confiscation Vote Soon!-Posted on Before It’s News-On February 2, 2013:


Gun Control-Murdered Navy SEAL Was Obama Gun Control Foe

Murdered Navy SEAL Was Obama Gun Control Foe!Posted on Prison Planet News-By Paul Joseph Watson,
Infowars.com-On February 4, 2013:


Gun Control-Immigrant Warns Us About Obama

Immigrant Warns Us About Obama!Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On February 2, 2013:



DESPOTISM IN AMERICA!-Posted on WND.com-By RICK SANTORUM-On January 20, 2013:


Video: Black Friday Gun Sales Crash FBI System, Twice! Meanwhile UN Gun Ban Approved And Signed By Obama!Posted on Before It’s News-On November 27, 2012:


Obamas Gun Ban List Is Out: “Here It Is, Folks, And It Is Bad News”!Posted on Before It’s News-On November 20, 2012:


Video: OBAMA’S HIDDEN AGENDA: They Are Coming For Your Guns!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On November 15, 2012:


NRA CEO On The Results Of Election Day 2012!Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On November 10, 2012:


An Open Letter To Communist Valerie Jarrett!


Disarming Americans?-Posted on American Thinker-By Michael Geer-On August 4, 2012:


United Nations Small Arms Treaty Not Dead!Posted on InforWars.com-By Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones,
Infowars.com-On July 29, 2012:


UN Gun Control Treaty Will Kill Second Amendment!-Posted on Western Journalism-By FLOYD AND MARY BETH BROWN-On July 24, 2012:


Obama Could Nullify The 2nd Amendment!Posted on Western Journalism-By DOUG BOOK-On July 23, 2012:


UN Arms Treaty Vs. Our Second Amendment!Posted on Western Journalism-By RICHARD LARSEN-On July 19, 2012:


Video: Hillary’s End Run On Gun Control!Posted on DickMorris.com-By Dick Morris-On July 17, 2012:


U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations Underway!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On July 6, 2012:


Back Door Gun Control? Coming Soon!-Posted on Western Journalism-By MJNELLETT-On July 8, 2012:


Video: US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty On July 27!Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On July 5, 2012:


OBAMA TOLD TO BACK OFF U.N. GUN TREATY: ‘Lawmakers join general in declaring pact a threat to freedom!’Posted on WND.com-By JACK MINOR-On July 4, 2012:


Obama’s budget is a sneak attack on our Second Amendment freedoms!-Posted on The Daily Caller-By Chris Cox, Executive Director, National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action-On February 17, 2012:


LaPierre: Obama Out to Erase Second Amendment!-Posted on NewsMax.com-By Henry J. Reske and John Bachma-On February 11, 2012:


Diminishing the Constitution!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On February 10, 2012:


Video: NRA: Obama Wants To Outlaw Guns In Second Term!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On February 11, 2012:


Holder Finally Speaks Truth and Tells Congress Obama Goal to Ban Guns!Posted on Godfather Politics-By DA TAGLIARE-On February 10, 2012:


Holder tells Congress the Obama administration wants to ban guns!-Posted on The Daily Caller-By Chris Cox-Updated on February 9, 2012:


Obama to Congress: I’ll decide what’s constitutional!-Posted on The Daily Caller-By Chris Cox, Executive Director, National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action-On January 5, 2012:


Evidence: ATF Used ‘Fast And Furious’ To Demonize 2nd Amendment!-Posted on Prison Planet-By Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet.com-On December 7, 2011:


Documents: ATF used “Fast and Furious” to make the case for gun regulations!-Posted on CBSNews.com-By Sharyl Attkisson-On December 7, 2011:


Was Fast And Furious All About Gun Control?Posted on Power Line-By JOHN HINDERAKER-On December 7, 2011:


Holder Plays Dumb, Dems Push Gun Control!-Posted on PJMedia-By BOB OWENS-On November 9, 2011:


New Evidence Fast and Furious was a Gun Control Plot!Posted on Floyd Reports-By Guest Writer-On November 7, 2011:


Sen. Feinstein: Lax gun control is real ‘problem’ with Fast and Furious!-Posted on The Daily Caller-By Matthew Boyle, The Daily Caller-On November 1, 2011:


NRA’s LaPierre: ‘Fast and Furious’ Was Plot Against Second Amendment!-Posted on NewsMax.com-By Martin Gould and Ashley Martella-On October 14, 2011:


Michelle Obama’s warning to gun owners!-Posted on The Daily Caller-By Chris Cox-On October 11, 2011:


Video: Fierce Battle Over Gun Rights!Posted on FoxNews.com-On August 5, 2011:


The Future of Obama’s Stealth Gun Control!-Posted on Pajamas Media-By Mike McDaniel-On July 6, 2011:


New York Times Discovers Project Gunrunner — and Blames Gun Owners!-Posted on Floyd Reports-By Guest Writer-On June 24, 2011:


Democrat Says Obama Not Showing ‘Leadership’ on Gun Control!-Posted on CNSNews.com-By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press-On June 20, 2011:


Democrats try to channel scandal into gun control push!-Posted on The Daily Caller-By Jonathan Strong-Updated on June 16, 2011:


Video: How Obama and the UN Undermine Gun Rights!-Posted on ExposeObama.com-On June 12, 2011:


Gun Ban Groups Seize On Al-Qaeda Threat!Posted on NRA-ILA-On June 10, 2011:


Brady Campaign…New Champion Of The Tenth Amendment!Posted on NRA-ILA-On June 10, 2011:


Is The U.N. Trying To Strip Americans’ Second Amendment Rights?Posted on The Blaze-By Billy Hallowell-On June 7, 2011:


Rep. McCarthy introducing national gun control legislation following Sen. Schumer’s leadPosted Daily Caller-By Jeff Winkler-On May 5, 2011:


Obama: We’re working on gun control ‘under the radar!Posted on WND.com-By Jeff Knox-On April 26, 2011:


Obama’s 10 Point Plan To Change the 2nd Amendment – And Eliminate Our Right to Arms:


Note: The following House Bill was introduced in 2009:

H.R.45Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009:


Note:  The following North Carolina Law Review relates to this issue and makes a good case for U.S. Citizens to continue to have the “right to bear arms”-You Decide:

of March 1997-By Thomas B. McAffee & Michael J. Quinlan:


Note:  What follows are numerous articles and/or blog posts and videos that relate to and/or support the above articles and/or blog posts, report, and review-You Decide:

NWO-Billionaire Leftists Attack Your Gun Rights

Billionaire Leftists Attack Your Gun Rights!Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Matthew Vadum-On May 28, 2014:


NWO-The You Didn’t Do That Society

The ‘You Didn’t Do That’ Society!Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Daniel Greenfield-On May 28, 2014:


NWO-Ben Carson on 2nd Amendment- Needed In Case Gov’t Goes Off The Rail

Ben Carson on 2nd Amendment: Needed In Case Gov’t Goes ‘Off The Rail’!Posted on Restoring Liberty-By Michael W. Chapman-On May 28, 2014:


NWO-Courts Issue Two Bad Rulings Effecting Gun Owners

Courts Issue Two Bad Rulings Effecting Gun Owners!-Posted on AmmoLand.com-By Philip Van Cleave-On April 2, 2014:


NWO-Biden Calls for a New World Order

Vice President Biden Calls for a New World Order!-Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On April 7, 2013:


NWO-Americans – Like Nazi Germans – Don’t Notice that All of Our Rights Are Slipping Away

Americans – Like Nazi Germans – Don’t Notice that All of Our Rights Are Slipping Away!Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On April 4, 2013:


Gun Control-Coincidence Deaths or Sandy Hook Linked?

Coincidence Deaths or Sandy Hook Linked?-Posted on Before It’s News-On February 4, 2013:


Gun Control-Murdered Navy SEAL Was Obama Gun Control Foe

Murdered Navy SEAL Was Obama Gun Control Foe!Posted on Prison Planet News-By Paul Joseph Watson,
Infowars.com-On February 4, 2013:


Gun Control-While You Are Watching The Super Bowl

While You Are Watching The Super Bowl!Posted on Before It’s News-On February 4, 2013:


Before I's News Logo

CT Cop Goes Public: Exposes Sandy Hook’s Contradictions, Inconsistencies & Gun Grab Agenda!-Posted on Before It’s News-On February 4, 2013:


Gun Control-Sandy Hook Student’s Father- You’ll Have To Take My Gun From My Cold Dead Hands

Sandy Hook Student’s Father: You’ll Have To Take My Gun From My Cold Dead Hands!Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Tim Brown-On February 3, 2013:


Gun Control-4 State Sheriffs Associations And 231 County Sheriffs Now Saying NO To Obama Gun Control

4 State Sheriffs Associations And 231 County Sheriffs Now Saying NO To Obama Gun Control!Posted on Before It’s News-On February 2, 2013:


Gun Control-Oath keeping sheriffs pledge their lives to protect counties from gun control

Oath keeping sheriffs pledge their lives to protect counties from ‘gun control’!Posted on Examiner-By KURT HOFMANN-On January 23, 2013:


Gun Control-Father of 6-Year-Old Sandy Hook Victim In Tears-The Problem Is Not Gun Laws

Father of 6-Year-Old Sandy Hook Victim In Tears: ‘The Problem Is Not Gun Laws’!Posted on Conservative Videos-On January 28, 2013:



PEOPLE WILL FIGHT FOR GUNS!Posted on WND.com-By DREW ZAHN-On January 26, 2013:



DESPOTISM IN AMERICA!-Posted on WND.com-By RICK SANTORUM-On January 20, 2013:


Report: ‘Overwhelming Evidence’ That More Guns Equal Less Crime!-Posted on Restoring Liberty-By Jessica Stanton-On November 27, 2012:


Video: Black Friday Gun Sales Crash FBI System, Twice! Meanwhile UN Gun Ban Approved And Signed By Obama!Posted on Before It’s News-On November 27, 2012:


EXPOSED! CRIMINAL ACTS OF ANTI-GUN MAYORS: ‘’Many elitist politicians can no longer own firearms’!Posted on WND.com-By BOB UNRUH-On November 20, 2012:


Communist Party Leader: Obama Victory “Dawn of a New Era”!Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On November 9, 2012:


Video: Sales Of Guns In The Wake Of Obama’s Re-Election!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On November 8, 2012:


U.N Celebrates Obama Re-Election By Pushing Global Gun Control!Posted on Western Journalism-By BREAKING NEWS-On November 8, 2012:


Australia Warns America: Don’t Let Them Take Your Guns!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Lorri Anderson-On August 18, 2012:


An Open Letter To Communist Valerie Jarrett!Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On August 16, 2012:




Video: The Colorado Massacre: Lies The Media Told Me!-Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On August 5, 2012:


Video: What happens when a nation bans guns!-Posted on JoeMiller.us-By News Editor-On August 1, 2012:


Video: Rapper Defends Gun Rights: “The Last Form Of Defense Against Tyranny”!Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On July 24, 2012:


Video: Rush: Blaming Guns For Murder Like Blaming Forks For Obesity!Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On July 24, 2012:


Is There a Connection Between Colorado Shooting, U.N. Arms Treaty?-Posted on Godfather Politics-By Tad Cronn-On July 24, 2012:  


Time For Gun Control Advocates To Put Up Or Shut Up!-Posted on Western Journalism-By ALAN P. HALBERT-On July 23, 2012:


Colorado Shooting Provides Opportunity For Gun Grabbers!Posted on Western Journalism-By SHAWN PAUL-On July 22, 2012:


Was Colorado Shooting Staged By The Government?Posted on ExposeObama.com-On July 21, 2012:


Gun Control Calls Follow Shooting, But Few Expect Major Changes!-Posted on Western Journalism-By BREAKING NEWS-On July 21, 2012:


Carney uses Batman shooting to push gun control!Posted on The Washington Times-ByJoel Gehrke-On July 20, 2012:


ABC FALSELY LINKS ACTIVIST TO BATMAN SHOOTING!-Posted on The Washington Times-By Joel B. Pollak-On July 20, 2012:


Why Do They Want Us Disarmed?-Posted on Western Journalism-By ROBERT WALKER-On July 14, 2012:


Senate To Gut Second Amendment?-Posted on Western Journalism-By DOUG BOOK-On July 14, 2012:


NRA Finds Some GOP Lawmakers Resistant To Gun Laws!Posted on Western Journalism-By BREAKING NEWS-On July 13, 2012:


Senator Moran Leads Efforts Against U.N. Gun Ban Treaty—Restriction on Funding for U.N. Treaty Passes U.S. House Committee!Posted on NRA-ILA-On May 18, 2012:


Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signs open-carry gun bill into law!-Posted on NewsOK.com-By Michael McNutt-On May 15, 2012:


IRS Ban on Travel and Fire Arms Masks Fed’s Takeover of America!Posted on Occupy Corporatism-By Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism-On April 18, 2012:


The Democrats’ Racist Gun Control History!Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Ann Coulter-On April 19, 2012:


Video: Jesse Jackson: Trayvon “Perfect Storm” For Gun Control!Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On April 19, 2012:


Tales From Fast And Furious (Part 1): The Murder Of An American Citizen And Obama’s Radical Views On Guns!-Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On April 18, 2012:


Tales From Fast And Furious (Part 2): Victims Of A Rogue Government!-Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On April 19, 2012:


Another Congressman Calls For Eric Holder’s Resignation Over Fast And Furious!-Posted on Western Journalism-By BREAKING NEWS-On April 18, 2012:


NRA: 10 ways it has weakened gun-control laws in the US: ‘How the organisation behind Florida’s stand-your-ground law has been exploiting loopholes – and creating more – for years!’Posted on The Guardian-By Ed Pilkington in New York-On April 13, 2012:




Republican Congressman On Fast And Furious: “Obama Must Be Stopped”!-Posted on Western Jorunalism-By DANIEL NOE-On March 31, 2012:


Anti-Gun Advocates Using Trayvon Martin Shooting to Push for More Gun Control!-Posted on Godfather Politics-By Giacomo-On March 28, 2012:


The Vetting – Holder 1995: We Must ‘Brainwash’ People on Guns!Posted on Conservative Byte-On March 18, 2012:


Holder in 1995: ‘Really brainwash people’ to be anti-gun!Posted on The Daily Caller-By Matthew Boyle, The Daily Caller-On March 18, 2012:


Governor Martinez Signs NRA-Backed Interstate Long Gun Purchase Bill!-Posted On NRA-ILA-On March 7, 2012:


Gun Sales Rise as People Fear 4 More Years of Obama!-Posted on Godfather Politics-By THE GODFATHER-On March 5, 2012:


Federal Judge Says Gun Owners Need not Provide ‘Good Reason,’ Rules Maryland Law Unconstitutional!-Posted on The Blaze-By Tiffany Gabbay-On March 5, 2012:  


AG Holder Could Be Jailed for Ongoing Fast & Furious Cover-up!-Posted on NewAmerican-By ALEX NEWMAN-On February 27, 2012:


Canada: Four-year-old Allegedly Sketches Gun; Dad Arrested, Strip-Searched!-Posted on NewAmerican-By MICHAEL TENNANT-On February 27, 2012: 


“No More Weapons!” Sign Erected Along U.S.—Mexican Border!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On February 24, 2012:


The Annual Big Yawn: Brady Campaign State Gun Control Scorecard 2011!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On February 24, 2012:


Drive-By Body Scanners: Gun Control at a Distance!-Posted on The Tea Party Economist-By Gary North-On January 20, 2012:


AMERICAN GUN MARKET IS ‘BOOMING’: ‘Jeff Knox ponders sustained surge of firearm, survivalist sales!’Posted on WND.com-By Jeff Knox-On January 20, 2012:


NRA Will Appeal Texas Concealed Handgun Case!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On January 20, 2012:


Fight over gun laws heats up: ‘Nat’l Rifle Assoc. fires back over lawsuit!’Posted on KASA.com-By Celina Westervelt-On January 17, 2012:


Federal Court Upholds Obama/Holder Gun Registration Scheme; Congressional Action Needed!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On January 13, 2012:


Video: Turn in your neighbor for owning a gun….get $1000 REWARD!Posted on Conservative Byte-On January 12, 2012:


Obama to Congress: I’ll decide what’s constitutional!-Posted on The Daily Caller-By Chris Cox-Updated on January 6, 2012:


Rumor Alert: Veterans’ Health and “Sporting Purposes”!Posted on NRA ILA-On January 6, 2012:


New York City Denies Second Amendment Rights!Posted on Godfather Politics-By The Godfather-On January 4, 2012:


Tea Party Patriot’s Co-Founder Arrested On Gun Charges At NYC Airport!-Posted on The Blaze-By Billy Hallowell-On December 16, 2011:


What Did Mark Chait Know?Posted on National Review Online- By Robert VerBruggen-On December 7, 2011:


Video: Govt Says Hunters, Extreme Couponers are Potential Terrorists!Posted on Floyd Reports-By Ben Johnson, The White House Watch-On December 5, 2011:


Video: Stop Gun Control!


Are Rising Guns Sales Responsible for Declining Crime?-Posted on The Blaze-By Becket Adams-On December 1, 2011:


New Gun Company Advertisement Compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin!Posted on CBS Washington-On December 1, 2011:


Liberty University OKs Concealed Guns on Campus!Posted on Godfather Politics-By THE GODFATHER-On November 18, 2011:


Shooters Heard: Interior Will Not Ban Target Practice!-Posted on U.S. News-By Paul Bedard-On November 17, 2011:


Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Lands!Posted on U.S. News-By Paul Bedard-On November 16, 2011:


U.S. House Passes NRA-backed National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Legislation!-Posted on NRA ILA-On November 16, 2011:


Sheriff: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves!-Posted on Vision to America-By V2A-On October 31, 2011:


Democrats cling to their guns: ‘Obama scares women and liberals into the gun store’!-Posted by The Washington Times-On October 27, 2011:


CBS Highlights ‘Fast & Furious’; ABC, NBC Place Heads in the Sand!Posted on News Busters-By Matthew Balan-On October 4, 2011:


Breaking: new evidence shows Hillary a mastermind behind Gunwalker!-Posted on Examiner-By Anthony Martin, Conservative Examiner-On October 10, 2011:


Hillary’s enemies list now includes Gunwalker reporters!Posted on Examiner-By Anthony Martin, Conservative Examiner-On October 8, 2011:


Video: The UN Considers Gun Regulation Treaty!Posted on ExposeObama.com-On October 2, 2011:


Christian Blogger Ordered to Surrender His Guns!-Posted on WND.com-By Joe Kovacs-On September 29, 2011:


UK Mayhem Leaves Disarmed Citizens at the Mercy of Criminals!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On August 12, 2011:


Video: Fierce Battle Over Gun Rights!Posted on FoxNews.com-On August 5, 2011:


Video: NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina!


Proposed U.N. Treaty to Regulate Global Firearms Trade Raising Concerns for U.S. Gun Makers!Posted on FoxNews.com-By Maxim Lott-On August 5, 2011:


U.S. news agencies ‘looking to disarm American people’!-Posted on WND.com-By Joe Kovacs-On August 4, 2011:


NRA Chief LaPierre: Eric Holder Must Go!Posted on NewsMax.com-By Wayne LaPierre-On August 3, 2011:


Gun Groups to Sue Over New Obama Regulations!-Posted on FoxNews.com-By Mike Levine-On August 3, 2011:


Lawsuit Challenging the Obama 
Administration’s Multiple Sales Reporting Requirement!Posted on NRA-ILA-On August 4, 2011:


NRA To Sue Feds Over ATF Intimidation Of Gun Sellers!Posted on Prison Planet-By Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet.com-On August 3, 2011:


More Senators Take a Stand Against the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty!-Posted on NRA-ILA-On July 29, 2011:


Escalation In Arizona: Firearms Confiscated!-Posted on WND.com-By Joe Kovacs-On July 27, 2011:


Cop Threatens to Kill Concealed Carry Gun Owner During Traffic Stop!Posted on Conservative Byte-On July 22, 2011:


Video: Cop Threatens to Kill Concealed Carry Gun Owner During Traffic Stop!


‘Bullet Tax’ Proposed By Mayoral Candidate!-Posted on WBAL Baltimore-By WBALTV.com.-On July 19, 2011:


Obama Expected to Boost ‘Gun Safety’ by Executive Order!-Posted on CNSNews.com-By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press-On July 8, 2011:


Briefs Filed in MSSA v. Holder AKA – Montana Firearms Freedom Act!Posted on AmmoLand.com-By Gary Marbut-On June 9, 2011:


New Study Ranks Freedom In The States!Posted on NRA-ILA-On June 10, 2011:


Anti-terror Treaty Seen as 2nd Amendment Threat!-Posted on NewsMax.com-By Henry J. Reske-On June 9, 2011:


Could Your Shotgun Soon Be Outlawed? Maybe, If The ATF Has Its WayPosted on The Blaze-By Jonathon M. Seidl-On April 18, 2011:


New DNC chief wants to screen all gun salesPosted on The Hill-By Mike Lillis, On April 18, 2011:


UN Ignores Its Own Data to Promote Gun Ban: ‘If the United Nations consulted their own research, they wouldn’t be promoting their global civilian disarmament agenda.’Posted on Pajamas Media-By Howard Nemero-On April 2, 2011:


Fast and Furious’ White House Gun ControlPosted on The Patriot Update-By Chuck Norris-On April 5, 2011:


Obama’s Gun Grab? ‘It’s a Matter of Time’Posted on Floyd Reports-By Guest Writer-On March 31, 2011:


Chris Cox: NRA Calls Out NY TimesPosted on NewsMax.com-By Chris W. Cox-On March 21, 2011:


Mexican Criminals, American Guns:  Did the ATF help create its own crisis?-Posted on National Review Online-By DAVID RITTGERS-On March 21, 2011:


Obama, Congressional Advocates of Gun Control Call for New Restrictions–While Expressing Strong Support for 2nd AmendmentPosted on CNSNews.com-By Susan Jones-On March 16, 2011:


‘Guns Kill’ vs. ‘Guns Save Lives’: Dueling Billboard Messages Coming to Los AngelesPosted on CNSNews.com-By Susan Jones-On March 15, 2011:


President Obama: We must seek agreement on gun reformsPosted on The Arizona Daily Star-On March 13, 2011:


Obama-Sponsored UN Treaty Threatens Second AmendmentPosted on Floyd Reports-By Guest Writer-On February 18, 2011:


Did Big Sis’s Anti-Gun Policies Kill an ATF Agent?Posted on Floyd Reports-By Guest Writer-On February 14, 2011:


Man Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Lawfully-owned GunsPosted on New American-By PATRICK KREY-On January 31, 2011:


George Soros Conspires with United Nations to Kill Second AmendmentPosted on InfoWars.com-Kurt Nimmo
Infowars.com-On March 15, 2010:


Assault Weapons and the Truth: ‘The Obama administration has nominated an anti-gun zealot as the U.S.’s top gun cop.’Posted on National Review Online-By JOHN R. LOTT JR.-On December 2, 2010:


Obama’s Pick for ATF Chief Is ‘Anti-Gun,’ Say Pro-Second Amendment Groups-Posted on CNSNews.com-By Chris Johnson-On November 24, 2010:


Sharpton, NYPD team up to get guns off streetsPosted on Townhall-By The Associated Press-On November 19, 2010:


Jews: Looking Down the Wrong End of the BarrelPosted on Specific Answers-By Gary North-On November 12, 2010:


In Unreal Session, U.N. Promises to Press Ahead with Arms Trade TreatyPosted on The Heritage Foundation-On October 29, 2010:


State accused of stripping 2nd Amendment rights: Case is ‘great example of why gun owners cannot trust government bureaucrats’Posted on WND.com-By Bob Unruh-On October 14, 2010:


Senators: Backdoor Gun Ban Violates ConstitutionPosted on Floyd Reports-By Guest Writer-On October 11, 2010:


Petition Opposing “Small Arms Treaty”Posted on National Association for Gun Rights-On September 27, 2010:


Obama’s secret order bans nearly 1 million riflesPosted on National Association for Gun Rights-On September 19, 2010:


Violent Crime Declined As Gun Sales Climbed in 2009Posted on CNSNews.com-By Matt Cover-On September 16, 2010:


Democrats Want to Ban Lead Bullets, Shot, and Sinkers:Will the EPA infuriate gun owners—and seal the fate of Democrats on November 2?Posted on The Weekly Standard-By JOHN MCCORMACK-On August 27, 2010:


DICK ACT of 1902… CAN’T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) – Protection Against Tyrannical Government-Posted on BlogTopSites.com-On July 29, 2010:


The Ugly Racial History Of Gun Control-Posted on Republican Review of America-On July 18, 2010:


Second Amendment Supporters to Challenge Chicago’s New Restrictions on Gun Ownership-Posted on CNSNews.com-By Nick Dean-On July 07, 2010:


Obama’s Second Amendment Attack At UN RejectedPosted on EllisCountyO.com-By Joey-On July 2, 2010:


Gun-Rights Groups Ready for Battle Against ‘Restrictive’ Regulations-Posted on CNSNews.com-By Nick Dean-On June 30, 2010:


Justices Extend Gun Owner Rights NationwidePosted on NewsMax.com-On June 28, 2010:


Gun Rights Group Challenges N.C. Law Allowing Gun Bans During States of EmergencyPosted on CNSNews.com-By Susan Jones, Senior Editor-On June 29, 2010:


How Obama Reduced Crime Rates Last YearPosted on BigGovernment.com-By John Lott-On June 8, 2010:


Mayor Bloomberg Moves To Relax Gun Rules, But Advocates Still UnhappyPosted on Personal Liberty Digest-By Personal Liberty News Desk-On May 24, 2010:


NAGR Action Alert: Protect Private Firearm SalesPosted on YouTube.com-By NAGRstaff-On May 5, 2010:


New Poll: Most Americans Say Banning Handguns Is UnconstitutionalPosted on CNSNews.com-By Karen Schuberg-On March 5, 2010:


Justices may extend gun owner rights nationwidePosted on Yahoo News-By MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press Writer-On March 2, 2010:


U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms tradePosted Reuters-By Arshad Mohammed-On October 14, 2009:


Report From Liberal Cable Outlet Shows That More Guns Equals Fewer Firearms DeathsPosted on NewsMax.com-By Joe Schoffstall-On March 29, 2010:


Note:  My following blog posts relate to this issueYou Decide:  

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Did ATF provide weapons to Mexican drug cartels that were subsequently used to kill one of our own?


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Washington Times Calls for Obama’s Impeachment!


Where Is America Today?


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Question: How much longer will we be “allowed” to keep our guns?

This disturbing article and/or blog post reveals that there were covert plans by our government to confiscate our guns by September of 2009-You Decide:

Kissinger Tells President Medvedev… “By September We’ll Have CONFISCATED ALL PRIVATELY OWNED GUNS…”Posted on FourWinds10.com-On March 22, 2009:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:

“Kremlin reports on the extraordinary meeting held today between President Medvedev and former United States Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger (under Nixon), James Baker (under Bush Sr.), Charles Shultz (under Regan), former United States Defense Secretary William Perry (under Clinton), and former US Senator and top defense expert Sam Nunn, are stating that the Americans are acknowledging for the first time their acceptance of a New Global Order…

in which they seek to partner with natural resource rich Russia and the oil rich Nations of the Middle East in order to ensure their survival into the 21st Century.

Leading the United States to the shocking conclusion that their very survival is at risk has been the evaporation of 45 percent of the World’s wealth which has caused a rapid plunge in Global manufacturing leading to a 49 percent collapse in US trade exports which the International Monetary Fund is reported has caused the World’s economy to shrink for the first time in 60 years and has lead Canada’s Central Bank chief David Dodge to state the World is “facing a long and deep recession that will fundamentally alter the nature of capitalism”.

Though Prime Minister Putin has warned that “resorting to a printing press would be unwise and extremely dangerous”, the already bankrupt United States, whose staggering debt is four times higher than their entire National income, has allowed its Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben “Throw Money Out of Helicopters” Bernanke to ‘create out of thin air’ a further $1.2 Trillion to stabilize the American economy, but which in turn has led to the collapse of the US Dollar leading the United Nations to recommend next week that the World “ditch the dollar as its reserve currency in favor of a shared basket of currencies”.

Russian economists further state in these reports that the United States has been left with ‘no other option’ than to force the massive devaluation of the US Dollar in order to ‘shake lose’ from banks and private investors the hundreds of billions they are currently hoarding and is being blamed for collapsing a United States where consumer spending accounts for two-thirds of its economy and which without money to borrow, or borrowers to loan to, is fast approaching the abyss.

With the devaluation of the US dollar, however, massive inflation will ensue causing the value of these currently hoarded hundreds of billions of US Dollars to plummet and forcing them to be spent before they become totally worthless, a policy which China, the largest Global holder of US debt, has voiced increasing concerns about and have cut back on their purchases of American debt even as desperation hits their own factories as orders plunge.

These top American Officials have also assured President Medvedev that new laws being written by the Obama administration will ‘completely’ reform the American financial system by fully integrating it into a single Global Economy due to be enacted during the coming G-20 summit in London.

When President Medvedev voiced his concerns to the Americans over his belief that the US Congress would not allow such a radical new set of laws to pass, these reports continue, Kissinger stated that the American people were being ‘primed’ to overwhelm their lawmakers into swiftly enacting ‘in its entirety’ the Obama administrations new banking and financial laws by the outrageous behavior of those collapsed financial giants that includes: 1.) The insurance giant AIG which after receiving over $300 billion in US taxpayer money paid out nearly $200 million in bonuses; 2.) The collapsed stock selling giant Merrill Lynch which after receiving $20 billion in US taxpayer money paid out $3.6 billion in bonuses; and 3.) The collapsed US banking giant Citigroup who after receiving $45 billion in US taxpayer money announced a $10 million redecoration of their executive office suites.

News from the United States today further confirm Kissinger’s assertions to President Medvedev as US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has now admitted that he had ordered US Senator Christopher Dodd to include the executive pay provision into the stimulus bill which was, in fact, a loophole allowing these controversial bonuses to be paid out.

To such machinations being utilized by their supposed ‘leaders’ against them in order to pave the road from a once sovereign United States to this New World Order these Americans remain nearly clueless, but when pressed by President Medvedev on the plans to ensure that civil society on the North American continent doesn’t break down Kissinger reportedly replied, “By September we’ll have confiscated all privately owned guns so it really doesn’t matter what we do, we’ll still be in charge”.

Russian Intelligence reports state that gun ownership statistics in the United States vary widely, but is estimated to be that nearly 50 percent of US households have nearly 270 million guns, none of which these Americans seem now ready to part with without a fight.

But, new reports coming from the United States show that they are fast adopting the tactics used by the German Nazis to disarm their society prior to the installation of fascist rule and martial law by first rendering all private guns useless by eliminating and restricting the ammunition they use. And from new reports coming from the United States we can see that this ‘plan’ is already being instituted with ammunition shortages being reported in Idaho, Georgia, and Louisiana, and a new law just introduced in California which would:

1. Stop the private transfer between individuals of more than 50 rounds of ammunition

2. License and tax anyone selling handgun ammunition commercially and force these stores to get background checks on anyone selling ammunition.

3. Get a thumbprint from anyone buying handgun ammunition.

4. Ban all ammunition sales that don’t take place face-to- face, in other words, ban mail-order sales.

Even more chilling for American gun owners was the Obama administrations order to the US Military on March 12 which stated: “Effective immediately DOD Surplus, LLC, will be implementing new requirements for mutilation of fired shell casings. The new DRMS requirement calls for DOD Surplus personnel to witness the mutilation of the property and sign the Certificate of Destruction.” which would have crippled the US ammunition industry, who are the largest purchasers of used military ammunition brass, but after found out about by US Senators was quickly withdrawn.

To the reasons feared by the leadership class in the United States of their citizens retaining the right to firearms we can read:

“As the growing world-wide economic crisis deepens, military forces from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are preparing to meet angry citizens on the street. The economic crisis – and the public outrage it is causing – is at the forefront of intelligence agencies and military forces in the western world. Prominent trends forecaster Gerald Celente has been sounding the alarm for years, warning that riots and tax revolts are coming to America. The Pentagon, U. K. Ministry of Defense, and Canadian military apparently agree. In November of 2008 the United States Army War College released the report Known Unknowns: Unconventional “Strategic Shocks” in Defense Strategy Development. The report identifies economic collapse as a reason for the defense establishment to conduct domestic operations. The report states,”Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security. Deliberate employment of weapons of mass destruction or other catastrophic capabilities, unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency…”The CIA and MI5 are both watching the economic situation for signs of unrest and political instability. As the Washington Post reports, the CIA has added an economic situation report to its threat assessment for the White House. A further sign that the United States government is anticipating widespread unrest comes with the domestic stationing of the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry Division. The Army Times reports,”They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack.”Canadian military forces have been given a nearly identical domestic mission in a synchronized move with the United States. Canada’s National Post reports that,”The Canadian military has embarked on a wide-ranging plan to turn its reserve soldiers into focused units trained and equipped to respond to a nightmarish array of domestic threats, including terrorist “dirty bomb” attacks, biological agent containment, Arctic catastrophes and natural disasters.”

Reports from the United States are also revealing that for the first time since their Civil War, active duty US Army Troops were put into the streets of Alabama after the killing spree of a crazed gunman, but which the US Army is now reporting it is ‘investigating’ because it doesn’t know who deployed them.

To whom the leadership elite in America are actually planning on protecting themselves from we can further read: “A new document meant to help Missouri law enforcement agencies identify militia members or domestic terrorists has drawn criticism for some of the warning signs mentioned.The Feb. 20 report called “The Modern Militia Movement” mentions such red flags as political bumper stickers for third-party candidates, such as U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, who ran for president last year; talk of conspiracy theories, such as the plan for a superhighway linking Canada to Mexico; and possession of subversive literature.”

As to what these dangerous American terrorists can expect once they are in the custody of their US intelligence services?

“The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) concluded in 2007 that US methods to extract information from prisoners at secret CIA jails as part of the “war on terror” amounted to torture.”

Even worse for these dissident Americans are the chilling revelations from top investigative news journalist Seymour Hersh: “After 9/11, I haven’t written about this yet, but the Central Intelligence Agency was very deeply involved in domestic activities against people they thought to be enemies of the state. Without any legal authority for it. They haven’t been called on it yet. That does happen.”

So today, as  the United States ‘watch list’ for domestic and International terrorists has hit 1 million names, in a country that already has more prisoners than any other Nation in the World, or our entire Earths’ history for that matter, and as sales of weapons and ammunition are still hitting record highs in America since President Obama’s election, it would appear more than likely that the assertions of US officials to Russia that they remain in control of their country is highly doubtful…and needing just one single ‘spark’ to plunge it into full scale civil war.

And whose to say that hasn’t been their ‘plan’ all along?”

Note: This article and/or blog post relates to the deplorable meeting referenced above-You Decide:

Veterans of U.S. Diplomacy Try to Revive Nuclear Arms Talks With Russia!-Posted on The New York Times-By ANDREW E. KRAMEROn March 19, 2009:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:

“MOSCOW — Three former American secretaries of state and a former secretary of defense were in Moscow on Thursday for informal meetings with top Russian officials in an attempt to pull relations between the United States and Russia out of a tailspin before the countries’ presidents meet for the first time next month.

The flurry of so-called track two diplomacy by figures outside government was another gesture of outreach to Russia. A month ago, the Obama administration sent a letter proposing a dialogue on curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions that could diminish American needs for a missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

Henry A. Kissinger, who is now 85, the architect of the original détente policy with the Soviet Union in the 1970s, led one group of three former American officials on a visit to the Russian capital. They are advocating a new round of international arms-reductions talks intended to eliminate all nuclear weapons.

Separately, James A. Baker III, who was secretary of state when the Berlin Wall fell, was in Moscow for a conference on the politics of Caspian Sea oil and natural gas riches that both Russia and the West are maneuvering to obtain access to.

Mr. Baker called the goal of eliminating nuclear weapons laudable but said Russian-American relations could be more immediately revived with the measure of resuming talks on prolonging the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or Start I, which expires in December.

The visits by the former warhorses of American diplomacy toward Russia were seen as testing the waters for President Obama’s intention to, as Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. put it, “press the reset button” on bilateral relations.

The Obama administration’s policies are still seen as works in progress; administration officials recently solicited ideas, for example, from the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

The former secretaries of state, all from Republican administrations, have strong contacts in Russia from a turbulent period during the breakup of the Soviet Union. Today, issues are again piling up.

Russia has declared a sphere of privileged interest over Ukraine and Georgia, former Soviet states America would like to see admitted to NATO. Russia is considering opening long-range bomber bases in Venezuela. That, in turn, is seen as a response to American plans to position antimissile systems in Poland and the Czech Republic.

No replacement has been negotiated for Start I, and Russia’s support for Iran’s civilian nuclear industry is thwarting Western efforts to dissuade that country from enriching uranium that could also be used in a bomb.

Along with Mr. Kissinger, former Secretary of State George P. Shultz, former Secretary of Defense William Perry and Sam Nunn, a retired Democratic senator from Georgia, were scheduled to meet the Russian president, Dmitri A. Medvedev, on Friday.

Mr. Baker said the United States should show a new humility in international relations.

“We ought to be big enough on both sides to admit that blame can be directed at both countries for this deterioration in Russian-U.S. relations,” he said. “There’s nothing wrong with doing whatever we can to get this relationship back on the track it was on up until the last few years.”

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Communists and Muslims: The Hidden Hand of the KGB!-Posted on TeaParty.org-By Jake Martinez-On July 29, 2012:


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A Nation Adrift Theme and Disclaimer:


“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

Semper Fi!

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Question: Could it be true that President Obama is the only sitting President in U.S. history whose eligibility has been questioned by a member of congress?

The following article and/or blog post reveals the eye-opening answer to this question-You Decide:

Deal Challenges Obama’s Eligibility “First Time In U.S. History That A Sitting President’s Eligibility Questioned By Member of Congress” -Posted On The Post & Email-By P. Patriot-On January 5, 2010:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:

“(Jan. 5, 2010) — The Post & Email can publicly confirm that on the first of December, last, U.S. Congressman Nathan Deal (GA-R) challenged the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of the U.S. presidency.

Todd Smith, Chief of Staff for Representative Nathan Deal of the United States House of Representatives serving Georgia’s 9th district, has confirmed today that Deal has sent a letter to Barack Hussein Obama requesting him to prove his eligibility for the office of President of the United States of America. The letter was sent electronically the first of December 2009 in pdf format, and Mr. Smith said that Representative Deal has confirmation from Obama’s staff that it has been received. The letter did not have additional signatories. It originated solely from Representative Deal.

Now, what does this mean? This is probably the first time in 233 years of American history that a sitting member of the House of Representatives has officially challenged the legitimacy of a sitting president….one full year into his term.

This forever changes the public discourse.

Even if the putative president ignores the challenge, he cannot hide from it, because by doing so he admits his guilt through silence. The question has to be asked near and far, why would a president who has promised greater transparency than any previous administration pay upwards of $2,000,000 of taxpayer money to hide documents that could resolve the matter once and for all time for the cost of $20.00. He has publicly admitted on more than one occasion that his father was NOT an American citizen. This alone disqualifies him from eligibility based on Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of the Constitution, and consequently makes him a usurper. (cf. the 4 Supreme Court cases which define what a “natural born citizen” is.)

Representative Deal, understanding full well the magnitude and gravity of the situation and recognizing that it places our country in a national security crisis, has rightfully confronted the issue head-on. The ramifications are so serious that all laws signed by a putative president are null and void, and soldiers sent into war under his command can be tried as war criminals.

Representative Deal is not a “Birther”; rather, he is a “Truther”; one of the millions of others who have been seeking irrefutable proof for over a year and a half!

Not a single lawsuit to date has been decided on the merits of the case, with numerous cases yet to be resolved or dismissed.

To show support for Representative Deal, you may contact him here:

The Honorable Nathan Deal

2133 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515-1009

DC Phone: 202-225-5211

DC Fax: 202-225-8272

Email Address: http://www.house.gov/deal/contact.shtml

WWW Homepage: http://www.house.gov/deal/

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Just 51% of Americans believe Obama eligible: “Nearly 1/2 of U.S. citizens say he’s not ‘legitimate president’”Posted On WND-By Bob Unruh-On January 19, 2010:


3 Dozen Lawmakers Want Proof of Obama Eligibility: “Proposal would demand state officials independently verify information”Posted On WND-By Bob Unruh-On January 18, 2010:


Glenn Beck and How Americans Got the Way We ArePosted By Don Hank-On January 10, 2010:


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Exclusive: A Letter to Rupert Murdoch on the Obama Birth Certificate Question!


Extensive Research Into Senator Obama’s Background Completed on November 10, 2008:


“Food For Thought”

“Good Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

Semper Fi!

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Question:  Could it be true that Senator Reid truly believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama, a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one?

The following article and/or blog post reveals the disgusting and/or disgraceful answer to this question-You Decide:

‘Game Change’: New Book Reveals 2008 Campaigns’ Messy Moments-“From Obama to Palin, a New Book Raises Candidates’ Moments to Forget”-Posted on ABCNews.Com-By DAVID KERLEY and KRISTINA WONG-On January 10, 2010:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article:

“While “Game Change” has yet to hit store shelves, the book about the 2008 presidential campaign is already creating a stir over its revelations of nasty moments between political opponents, and even between friends.

Start with, for instance, Sen. Harry Reid’s remarks on Barack Obama’s race.

“[Reid] was wowed by Obama’s oratorical gifts and believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama, a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,’ as he said privately,” according to the book, which is authored by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, and due out this week.

Republicans seized on Reid’s comments, arguing that if a Republican had made similar statements, he or she would be asked to resign.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, called on Reid, the Senate majority leader from Nevada, to step down, issuing a statement saying: “In 2002, Democrats expressed outrage at Sen. [Trent] Lott and called on him to step down as leader. That same standard should be applied to Sen. Reid and his embarrassing and racially insensitive statements.”

Lott resigned as Senate Republican leader in 2002 after he expressed admiration for former Sen. Strom Thurmond, who had run for the presidency in 1948 on a largely racial segregationist platform. Reid called the president this week to apologize for his comments.

In response, Obama said in a statement, “I accepted Harry’s apology without question because I’ve known him for years, I’ve seen the passionate leadership he’s shown on issues of social justice and I know what’s in his heart. As far as I am concerned, the book is closed.”

While that ‘book’ may be closed, “Game Change” contains other revelations sure to spark discussion in the coming days.

For instance, the book reveals that then-Sen. Obama was furious at comments his running mate, Joe Biden, made at a campaign fundraiser.

“’How many times is Biden going to say something stupid?” Obama reportedly said after Biden said that it would not be “six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy.” Staffers said Obama’s response was as angry as they had ever seen, according to the book.

Former president Bill Clinton received flak from his comment that Obama’s campaign was “the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.”

But he made an even more dismissive comment about Obama in private with the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, according to the book.

“A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee,” Clinton reportedly said.

Then-Sen. Hillary Clinton reportedly created a war room within her campaign war room, with staffers poised to deal with “a serious extramarital affair” by the former president, according to the book.

When Clinton was offered the job of secretary of state, she reportedly balked, worried about her husband.

“You know I can’t control him, and at some point he’ll be a problem,” Clinton reportedly told the president-elect.

And the day after John Edwards’ affair was alleged in the National Enquirer, wife Elizabeth Edwards—described by staff as condescending and intrusive—became so angry that she ripped her blouse in an airport, exposing herself and telling her husband, “Look at me…,” according to the book.

Another juicy nugget: The book claims that Sarah Palin famously asked Biden during their first debate, “Can I call you Joe?” because during debate preparations, she repeatedly called her opponent “O’Biden,” instead of Biden.

The book also claims that after her second network interview, with Kate Couric, Palin expressed regret for taking the vice presidential nomination.

“If I’d known everything I know now, I would not have done this,” Palin is quoted as saying.

So far, only a Palin spokesperson has offered a comment, calling the descriptions inaccurate. Halperin and Heilemann tell ABC News their book is based on interviews with over 300 people. They add that many of the revelations aren’t based on quotes, but paraphrased statements.

According to publisher HarperCollins’ Web site, other questions the book purports to answer include: “How did Obama convince himself that, despite the thinness of his resume, he could somehow beat the odds to become the nation’s first African-American president? How did the tumultuous relationship between the Clintons shape—and warp—Hillary Clinton’s supposedly unstoppable bid? What was behind her husband’s furious outbursts and devastating political miscalculations? Why did Sen. John McCain make the novice governor of Alaska his running mate? And was Palin merely painfully out of her depth, or troubled in more serious ways?”

While the former candidates may want to keep the cover shut on the answers, the book will be open to Americans across the country beginning this Monday.”

Note: The following articles and/or blog posts reveal what prominent blacks are saying about Reid’s racial remarks-You Decide:

I. Black Activists Respond to Reid’s Racial Remarks-Posted National Center for Public Policy Research-On January 10, 2010:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:

“Washington, DC: Black conservatives with the Project 21 leadership network are speaking out about the recently-revealed racial comments about Barack Obama that were made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) in 2008:

Mychal Massie (chairman of Project 21): “Harry Reid is a loathsome individual whose apology was based on exposure not repentance. Reid’s comments are proof positive that the racial animus of the past is alive and prevalent among liberals today, notwithstanding the fact that their standard-bearer is a black man.”

Robert A. George: “How nice to see that, when it comes to race in America, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has such, ahem, ‘enlightenment’ (pun intended). Thank goodness no jive-talkin’ darky ever thought about running for president! No way Reid could have supported him!!” (This quote comes from Robert’s “Ragged Thots” blog. The entire post can be seen at http://raggedthots.blogspot.com.)

Bob Parks: “The hazard of being an apologist is having your own words thrown back in your face. Obama demanded the Republicans drum Senator Trent Lott out of their party in 2002 when Lott gave inappropriate praise to centenarian and reformed segregationist senator Strom Thurmond on his birthday. The underlying problem here is that boneheaded racist statements by politicians are all too common, and only conservatives seem to get called on them and punished. Republicans did strip Lott of his leadership post. Obama is absolving the Democrats of acting against Reid. This is a dangerous trend.” (More can be found on Bob’s “Black and Right” web site at http://www.black-and-right.com.)

Lisa Fritsch: “Why would Harry Reid apologize now when it seems clear he felt it and meant it at the time? It was less likely ‘a poor choice of words’ than an honest reflection of Reid’s character.”

R. Dozier Gray: “Black people historically have a lot of forgiveness in their hearts for people who make statements like the one Reid made. I might have forgiven him long ago had he sought to be accountable when he realized that what he said was stupid instead of when he realized that a book featuring it was coming out. But the black ‘leadership’ will likely let this slide. Power is usually more important to them than this sort of soft racism from a political ally. Truth be told, some of the policies advocated by Reid and his allies are more damaging than a few of his random racial comments.”

Darryn “Dutch” Martin: “In the grand scheme of things, what Reid said, his apology and Obama’s acceptance of it is irrelevant. What is striking is that Reid said it in 2008, a Time magazine reporter knew it and didn’t make it public until 2010! Why wasn’t it reported as soon as it became known? Would the mainstream media exercise such restraint and bury a newsworthy quote if a conservative public figure made a similar linguistic faux pas? I think not.”

In the book Game Change, set to be released Monday, authors Mark Halpern and John Heilemann write that Reid privately analyzed the electoral appeal of then-Senator Barack Obama, referring to Obama as “light-skinned” with “no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

When the comments were posted on Marc Ambinder’s Atlantic magazine website, Reid expressed “deep regret [for] using such a poor choice of words.” President Obama issued a rare immediate public statement saying he “accepted Harry’s apology without question.”

Reid is no stranger to using the race card for political gain. In December 2009, for example, Reid compared those who opposed a government takeover of health care to lawmakers who opposed abolishing slavery and civil rights legislation.

Project 21, established in 1992, is sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research (http://www.nationalcenter.org).”

II. Op-Ed: Allen West “The Liberal Roots of Harry Reid’s “Negro Talk” Comment”Posted on HHR-By Lt. Col. Allen West-On January 10, 2010:


These are pertinent excerpts from this Op-Ed:

“The revelation of Senator Harry Reid’s comments referencing “negro talk” is just indicative of the true sentiment elitist liberals, and indeed the Democratic party, have toward black Americans. The history of the Democrat party is one of slavery, secession, segregation, and now socialism. It is this new aged socialism born from the Johnson Great Society programs that have castigated blacks as victims needing government dependency. One need only to look upon the city of Detroit to ascertain what liberal social welfare policies have produced for the inner city…..the new plantation for black Americans.

The Ku Klux Klan was birthed by the Democrats as a terrorist wing to intimidate blacks, and whites, who sought to promote economic and education independence and social justice for blacks. What was once overt has just morphed and become covert, yet still exists…

One can only imagine the insanity and media outrage if Reid’s quote had come from a member of the Republican party. I look forward to hearing from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on Reid’s comments………or has liberal hush money paid for the silence of these proprietors of poverty and victimization theory..

Actually, if President Obama had any courage he would demand Reid step down as Senate Majority Leader, and discontinue any support for his Senate reelection…….notice I said “if”. I am quite sure the Soros money which elevated Obama to the position of President has bought his servitude.

Why am I running for US Congress as a Republican, simple, I would rather stand proudly and be called “Uncle Tom and Sellout” than lose my self-esteem and be considered an inferior by liberals. I understand the legacy of the GOP and the black community….not that revisionist history espoused by liberal educators. I am not, shall never be, and will not raise my daughters to be a part of the liberal 21st century plantation. I am not just some articulate, clean, good speaking negro. I am an American warrior, Congressional candidate, and shall never submit to the collective progressive ideal of inferiority.

Senator Harry Reid’s comments are disgusting, despicable, and unacceptable. They are representative of how intellectual elite liberals do indeed speak of black Americans in their closed private spaces.

Next week I have been invited to NYC to address the Hudson Institute, a conservative organization, conference on “Reclaiming American Liberty”. That invite came to me because I took advantage of the opportunities this great Republic offered. I followed the guidance of my parents and set my standards above all others around me. I speak well and have impeccable communicative skills because my Father and Mother prioritized that quality.

I shiver to think what my future could have been if I listened to the insidious rhetoric of charlatans such as Harry Reid, and the ambassadors of affirmative action who reside in the Congressional Black Caucus.

Sure, the “stuck on stupid” blacks are going to address me in derogatory names, but I possess something which they lack; Honor, Integrity, and Character. To them I say, continue to be slaves to the liberals for your vote……..and in a year you will be calling me Congressman West.

LTC® Allen B West – is a  candidate for the United States Congress in Florida’s 22nd district.


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Monday, December 24, 2007:


NoteThe following articles and/or blog posts reveal that House Democrats are saying that anyone that disagrees with the disgusting direction that this country is headed under this President, his administration and Democrats in Congress is a racist-You Decide:

Democrats Sense Racism Is Driving Obama Critics-Posted On Politics Dailey-On September 14, 2009:


Are Tea Parties Racist? “Sifting through the anti-Obama-hysteria”Posted On Reason.Com-By Matt Welch-On December 2009 Issue:


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A Nation Adrift Theme and Disclaimer:


“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

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Question: Are intelligence personnel empowered to employ their ingenuity and resourcefulness to connect the dots?

The following article and/or blog post reveals the eye-opening answer to this question-You Decide:

Morning Bell: The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:

“It may have taken President Barack Obama two weeks to deliver a speech on the failed Flight 253 bomb attack without blaming President Bush, but he should still be commended for finally owning up for the massive intelligence failure. President Obama told the American people yesterday: “The U.S. government had the information . . . to potentially uncover this plot and disrupt the attack. Rather than a failure to collect or share intelligence, this was a failure to connect and understand the intelligence that we already had. … Ultimately, the buck stops with me . . . and when the system fails, it is my responsibility.”

But while the President is right to admit the system failed and that it is his fault that it did, he is still clueless about why. The President promised he would direct “our intelligence community immediately begin assigning specific responsibility for investigating all leads on high-priority threats so that these leads are pursued and acted upon aggressively — not just most of the time, but all of the time.” And he added: “In addition to the corrective efforts that I’ve ordered, I’ve directed agency heads to establish internal accountability reviews, and directed my national security staff to monitor their efforts.”

But this failure of our intelligence system was not just about lack of accountability. It was about empowerment – or more specifically the lack thereof. The system simply moved too slowly because there was a lack of urgency about the war on terror. Intelligence personnel were not empowered to employ their ingenuity and resourcefulness to connect the dots. Adding layers of “internal accountability reviews” will only make the bureaucratic stupor worse. It is people’s resourcefulness and initiative that will stop the next terrorist attack, not a bureaucratic process.

And from the day he stepped into office, President Obama’s actions have done nothing but kill the initiative and morale of our intelligence employees. From day one, he made it clear that he believes the war on terror is a civilian criminal justice problem to be managed, and not a war to be won. That is why he took the responsibility for interrogating detainees from the CIA and gave it to the FBI. That is why he has failed to seek the renewal of key investigatory authorities authorized under the USA Patriot Act, instead settling for a six-month extension tacked on to the Defense appropriations bill. It is why instead of promising victory in Afghanistan, he sent fewer troops than were required and gave al Qaeda a set date for our withdrawal. It is why he has failed to approach Congress with legislation establishing a legal framework for handling terrorism detainees. It is why he is pushing for Khalid Sheik Mohammed to be prosecuted in civilian court despite his previous guilty plea in a military tribunal. And most demoralizing of all, President Obama has allowed Attorney General Eric Holder to re-investigate nearly a dozen CIA interrogators and contractors for their past efforts in the war on terror.

This is an issue of leadership. The President of the United States sets the tone and then the message filters down. Our intelligence personnel failed to follow-up on the leads that could have prevented Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab from even boarding the plane because their leader had sent the message that fighting the war on terror was not a high priority. Finally, it now seems that the President is ready to start acting like protecting the American people is not just a duty: it is his first duty.”

NoteWhat follows are numerous articles and/or blog posts and videos that relate to and/or support this article and/or blog post-You Decide:

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Failures by FBI, Pentagon contributed to Ft. Hood massacre, report saysPosted on LA Times-By Richard A. Serrano, Washington Bureau-On February 3, 2011:


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US officials: New focus on striking US, the WestPosted on Yahoo News-By KIMBERLY DOZIER and LOLITA C. BALDOR, Associated Press Writers-On May 8, 2010:


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Boycott Comedy Central … But Not South Park!-Posted on PJTV-On May 7, 2010:


Roger L. Simon Says Sensitivity Censorship Shackles Our SecurityPosted on PJTV-On May 6, 2010:


Not A “One-Off” Event: “We were lucky Shahzad’s bomb fizzled. Next time we might not be as lucky”Posted on The Weekly Standard-By STEPHEN F. HAYES AND THOMAS JOSCELYN-On May 4, 2010:


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Pentagon Report on Fort Hood Shooting Details FailuresPosted on The New York Times-By SCOTT SHANE and JOHN H. CUSHMAN Jr.-On January 15, 2010:


Terrorists ‘plan attack on Britain with bombs INSIDE their bodies’ to foil new airport scannersPosted On Mail Online News-By Christopher Leake, Mail On Sunday Home Affairs Editor-On January 30, 2010:


Obama’s War on Defense and Intelligence:


Obama Administration Underestimated the Immediate Threat Posed by ‘Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’:


Obama: ‘We Are at War’:


Note:These articles and/or blog posts overwhelmingly support my recent blog posts-You Decide:

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“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

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Question: What is Universal Voter Registration and could it be true that there is new legislation being introduced that would take this responsibility from our states-why?

The following article and/or blog post reveals that in January, Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank will propose universal voter registration, which means that state laws on elections will be overridden by a federal mandate and states will be mandated to: ‘take everyone on every list of welfare that you have, take everyone on every list of unemployed you have, take everyone on every list of property owners, take everyone on every list of driver’s license holders and register them to vote regardless of whether they want to be …’-You Decide:

What the Dems Know: “Universal Voter Registration”Posted On The American Thinker-By James Simpson-On January 6, 2009:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article:

“Many are puzzled that Democrats persist in ramming unpopular and destructive legislation down our collective throats with no apparent concern for their plummeting poll numbers. A widespread belief is that the Democrats are committing political suicide and will be swept from one or both houses of Congress with unprecedented electoral losses next November. But since Democrat politicians rarely do things that will not ultimately benefit themselves, this column asked two weeks ago, “What do they know that we don’t?”

We may have found out. It’s called universal voter registration. The Wall Street Journal‘s John Fund described the Democrat plan recently at a David Horowitz Freedom Center forum. Watch the video here.

Fund describes the proposal as follows:

In January, Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank will propose universal voter registration. What is universal voter registration? It means all of the state laws on elections will be overridden by a federal mandate. The feds will tell the states: ‘take everyone on every list of welfare that you have, take everyone on every list of unemployed you have, take everyone on every list of property owners, take everyone on every list of driver’s license holders and register them to vote regardless of whether they want to be …’

Fund anticipates that Congress will attempt to ram this legislation through, as with the health care bill. What a surprise! Fund covers the vote issue at greater length in his book, How the Obama Administration Threatens to Undermine Our Elections.

Leftist groups are already arguing that universal voter registration will solve all the problems with our voting system. But the left created most of these problems. The radical leftist Nation Magazine, for example, absolutely loves the idea of universal voter registration. This is the same magazine, however, that advanced Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven’s Manufactured Crisis strategy. The Cloward/Piven strategy was designed to undermine government institutions by overwhelming them with impossible demands for services. Cloward and Piven focused on welfare, housing, and voting as the main targets of this strategy, and the radical group ACORN was specifically created for the purpose of executing it.

The Nation article enthusiastically lists Cloward/Piven-inspired organizations like Project Vote, the ACORN group where President Obama cut his teeth. It also discusses the left’s efforts to push enforcement of the Motor Voter law and explains how universal voter registration could assist in these efforts. Cloward and Piven were the ones who crafted Motor Voter legislation in the early 1980s and pushed for its enactment until 1993, when President Clinton signed it into law.

Cloward and Piven considered Motor Voter to be their crowning, lifetime achievement.

The left has predictably launched vicious smear attacks against John Fund for bringing universal voter registration to our attention. A Google search of the issue brings up any number of nasty ad hominem attacks. Most notable is Media Matters, the leftist group whose sole purpose seems to be to smear Republicans and defend the left’s indefensible policies. They put up this gem: “Right-Wing Ass Weasel John Fund Doesn’t Like Universal Voter Registration because of ACORN.”

The problems with universal voter registration are numerous and obvious. Many states’ lists include vast numbers of illegals, including some states which allow illegals to obtain drivers licenses; because many homeowners have more than one home, there will be duplicates; because so many people are on so many separate federal and state government agency lists, there will be duplicates; and because so many lists exist with little or no cross-checking capability, all of these duplicates are likely to go uncorrected. Add to this the fact that Dems hope to extend voting rights to felons, and the whole thing begins to look like a nationwide Democrat voter registration drive facilitated by taxpayers.

Universal voter registration will create massive vulnerabilities to systemic voter fraud nationwide, and if Democrats have proven anything in recent years, it is that they can win elections that way. The George-Soros-funded Secretary of State project (SOS) was designed to take advantage of such vulnerabilities and may have been developed in anticipation of the universal voter registration plan. Al Franken’s stolen election in Minnesota was a trial run for the SOS project. Longtime ACORN friend Mark Ritchie was elected Minnesota Secretary of State in 2006 with Soros’s SOS and ACORN money, and what followed in Norm Coleman’s Senate runoff election was a frightening demonstration of just how far Democrats will go to win. Franken won the runoff, and the Democrats got their filibuster-proof sixty-vote Senate majority.

The Motor Voter law was correctly identified as a facilitator of vote fraud. One of the few legal issues Barack Obama actually participated in as a lawyer was a 1995 suit against the State of Illinois, which he brought on behalf of ACORN. Then-Republican Governor Jim Edgars saw the newly passed Motor Voter act as creating the potential for massive vote fraud and refused to implement it. With the assistance of the Clinton Justice Department, Obama’s legal team won that suit. Obama himself actually participated very little, a strategy that seems to have served him well in life. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, after identifying himself in court proceedings, Obama sat back and let “the heavy-hitters at the Justice Department make the arguments.”

It is not surprising that the Democrats are now choosing to push this new initiative, for universal voter registration will be Motor Voter on turbochargers. And who better to sign it into law than the president from ACORN?

James Simpson authored the landmark article Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis.”

Note: The following articles and/or blog posts support this article-You Decide:

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Beware: Stealth Universal Voter Registration Legislation is Coming Soon:


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Universal voter registration?


Note: These articles and/or blog posts support my recent blog posts-You Decide:

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“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

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