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Question: What is the Cloward-Piven Strategy and is it covertly being employed by President Obama and his allies as a means of destroying this great country of ours?

The following article and/or blog post reveals that there is sufficient evidence to prove that President Obama is in fact employing this strategy to destroy the USA as we know it today-You Decide:

Is Obama Employing the Cloward-Piven Strategy?Posted By Anthony Horvath-On January 6, 2010:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:

“The Cloward-Piven Strategy is a deliberate series of tactics designed to bring a system down in collapse so that a preferred system can be erected in its place. Named after two Columbia University professors, it was actually employed in the early 1970s.  I want to repeat that:  it was actually employed.

This is not your ordinary conspiracy theory.  In this case, we know that the strategy was employed and had some effect.  Namely, by deliberately burdening New York city’s welfare system, they managed to bankrupt the city, which so declared in 1975.

Cloward and Piven, therefore, have made it impossible to take at face value measures which are put forward as being ‘for the poor,’ especially when those plans emerge from people associated with them or their organizations.

Cloward taught at Columbia University for almost five decades.  During his tenure, a certain Obama attended.  Did Obama and Cloward ever interact?  Did Obama ever take any of Cloward’s courses?  No one can prove he didn’t because Obama refuses to allow Columbia to release his transcripts.   In 1982, Piven returned to New York.  Did Obama interact with these two individuals?

In light of the current push for nationalized health care and the nationalization of numerous sectors of American society we have to consider the real possibility that the point of these measures is actually to bring about a national collapse.

I know there is a real horror among some to be associated with anything that smacks of a ‘conspiracy.’  Also, the American people tend to want to give people the benefit of the doubt and operate on the view that people have sincere intentions even when they are sincerely wrong.  What does one do, though, when you are talking about people who have embraced conspiracy, surprise, and manipulation as their actual method?

Obama’s refusal to release his ‘long form’ birth certificate has confused even liberal commentators.  One presumes that there is something on it that is embarrassing to Obama or else he’d just do it.  But what about his Columbia transcripts?  What could possibly be embarrassing about them?

“If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.”

Obama’s connections to organizations like Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation are well known.  The circles he has been running in for the last three decades ensure that he is at least conversant on the topic of the Cloward-Piven strategy (which was inspired by Alinsky, itself).  How do we know that Obama doesn’t have the same goals?  Piven, for example, was a board member of the Democratic Socialists of America.  The IAF, founded by atheist Saul Alinsky, spun off the Gamaliel Foundation (which Obama worked for), an organization that deliberately works through churches to achieve their agenda.  These are people who rely on sleight of hand and deception to operate.  How do we know that Obama isn’t the same?

There are hundreds of thousands of progressives, liberals, and Democrats who sincerely want to help people, and that is why they advocate for programs such as nationalized health care, welfare, etc.  I know some of them, and I know that they would be repulsed by the notion that these programs be used as a means for transforming the United States to reflect Piven’s socialistic vision for it.  I am calling upon these very people to rise up and demand that Obama release records that would help us understand what his values really are.  Obviously, no one will listen to conservatives.  They are too easy to dismiss as ‘birthers.’  But if liberals shout loud enough… well that might be something else.

Indeed, this essay has been written to just those people, for conservatives already know the truth about ACORN, the IAF, the Gamaliel Foundation, and Cloward and Piven and their National Welfare Rights Organization under George Wiley.  These connections are easily documented by basic searches online.  I think you are dead wrong-headed in your attempt to solve the nation’s ills through the government but in the main I think you are right-hearted.  I know you would be disgusted to discover that you’ve been played as dupes if the real goal of those actually implementing these programs is to bring the country down to its knees.  Even many liberals have noted that the practical effect of all of these government intrusion is national bankruptcy unless something dramatic happens.

Normally, one can look back on a politician’s career in order to ascertain what they really believe in contrast to that which they say they believe.  Actions speak louder than words.  In the case of Obama, there are a scant two years as a United States senator to look at and his time as a state rep generated very little insight into his true beliefs, as well.  If Obama actually intends to employ the Cloward and Piven strategy, however, ‘looking back’ might be too late.

Call upon Obama to release all requested records, immediately (especially the Columbia University records in this case).  If we wake up in ruins because you didn’t demand these records and they proved pertinent, it will be on your head.  If we see the records and they yield no new insight, then we will have harmed nothing, having only viewed what just about any president has eventually had exposed.

But we all have the right to know… but only you can bring it about.

Anthony Horvath is a staff writer for Laigle’s Forum, the Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, and the author of three books, two in the Birth Pangs series and a pro-life book called We Chose Life.”

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A Nation Adrift Theme and Disclaimer:


“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

Semper Fi!

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Question: What do we know about a disastrous and suicidal pact called the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership that went into effect in Europe on January 1, 2010 and why should Americans care about this?

The following article reveals that effective January 1, 2010, a disastrous and suicidal pact called the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Europe/Mediterranean) went into effect with little fanfare or examination, to include from the mainstream media, and warns that Americans should be extremely concerned about this pact because this global gobbledygook is coming to our shores, thanks to our globalist president-You Decide:

Pamela Geller-Atlas Schrugs (2)

Europe’s Looming Demise “Changes on the Continent Cloud Our Future”Posted On The Washington Times-By Pamela Geller-On December 30, 2009:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article:

“The Europe as you know it from visiting, from your parents or friends is on the verge of collapsing,” Geert Wilders said in a speech in the United States last year.

The leader of the Netherlands’ populist Party for Freedom added: “We are now witnessing profound changes that will forever alter Europe’s destiny and might send the Continent in what Ronald Reagan called ‘a thousand years of darkness.’ “ And not just Europe, but America as well.

Been to Europe lately? Thought it was bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet. The passage of the Lisbon Treaty, hailed by President Obama, nailed the coffin shut on national sovereignty in Europe. The people of Europe fought it, but were overwhelmed by their political elites and the lack of American leadership in this age of our rather Marxist, collectivist U.S. president.

Come Jan. 1, 2010, a disastrous and suicidal pact called the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Europe/Mediterranean) goes into effect with little fanfare or examination. It boggles the mind that such a consequential and seismic cultural shift could be mandated and put into play without so much as a murmur from the mainstream media.

Why should Americans care about this? Americans have to care because this global gobbledygook is coming to our shores, thanks to our globalist president.

The European human rights group called Stop the Islamization of Europe (SIOE) has been working tirelessly to expose the mass Muslim immigration plan of the Euro-Med Partnership.

A statement on the SIOE Web site criticizes the secrecy of the process: “It was shocking to hear about the plans and at the same time knowing that Danish politicians and a [cowardly] Danish press – who is otherwise proud to be critical – has told nothing to the Danish people about this project which begins in January.

This also showed clearly at the conference. Only very few politicians showed up and no media. Those politicians who showed up had obviously never heard about the Euro-Mediterranean project.

The goal of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation is to create a new Greater European Union encompassing both Europe and North Africa, with the Mediterranean Sea becoming a domestic Eurabian sea. The goal is to establish a “comprehensive political partnership,” including a “free trade area and economic integration”; “considerably more money for the partners” (that is, more European money flowing into North Africa); and “cultural partnership” – that is, importation of Islamic culture into post-Christian Europe.

According to the SIOE, in the Euro-Med plan “Europe is to be islamized. Democracy, Christianity, European culture and Europeans are to be driven out of Europe. Fifty million North Africans from Muslim countries are to be imported into the EU.”

Skeptical? It’s already happening. The British newspaper the Daily Express reported in October 2008 on “a controversial taxpayer-funded ‘job centre’ “ that opened in Mali at that time as “just the first step towards promoting ‘free movement of people in Africa and the EU.’ Brussels economists claim Britain and other EU states will ‘need’ 56 million immigrant workers between them by 2050 to make up for the ‘demographic decline’ due to falling birthrates and rising death rates across Europe.”

To offset this decline, a “blue card” system is to be created that will allow card holders to travel freely within the European Union and have full rights to work – as well as the full right to collect welfare benefits.

A Muslim population from Africa moving freely into Europe threatens America. On Christmas Day, a Nigerian Muslim flew from Amsterdam to Detroit and tried to explode a bomb on the plane – after he was allowed to board the plane without a passport. The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership will make jihad attacks like this one all the easier.

And once in Europe, Muslims have already begun demanding special privileges and accommodations. IslamOnline reported on Dec. 21 that “Muslims activists from 26 European countries have come together to launch the first rights council to enlighten European Muslims about their rights, monitor rising Islamophobia and defend Muslim rights in European courts of law.”

Ali Abu Shwaima, a Muslim leader in Italy, explained: “We think European human rights groups are not doing enough to defend the rights of Muslims. Therefore we thought that we need this new council, especially that all laws and constitutions in Europe respect freedom of religion and oppose all forms of discrimination and racism.”

“Islamophobia,” “discrimination” and “racism” are all terms Muslims in Europe and America use to confuse people into thinking that the perpetrators of Islamic terrorism are the real victims. And it is working: Mr. Wilders is going on trial in the Netherlands, instead of all the Islamic hate sponsors he is fighting against. It has to be this way, to increase harmony among the Muslim and non-Muslim member states of the Euro-Med Partnership.

This internationalism is already destroying what has made Europe free and great. And now Mr. Obama seems to want to do the same to America.

Pamela Geller is the editor and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs Web site. She is the author (with Robert Spencer) of the forthcoming book “The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America” (Simon and Schuster, July 2010).”

Note: This recent WND magazine article supports this article-You Decide:

SEE NO JIHAD, HEAR NO JIHAD, SPEAK NO JIHAD: “Why the government and media seem oblivious to America’s rapid infiltration by a violent totalitarian movement.”Posted on the WND’s WhistleBlower Magazine December 2009 Issue:


These are pertinent magazine review excerpts:

“Is the U.S. government still serious about protecting Americans from the extreme violence of Islamofascism – or isn’t it?

  • The Department of Homeland Security, created to defend the nation after the Sept. 11 Islamic terror attacks, has dramatically shifted its focus, earlier this year advising police nationwide to watch out for “right-wing extremists” – especially returning war veterans – supporting the Second Amendment, opposing abortion and illegal immigration, and promoting U.S. sovereignty and the Constitution.
  • The U.S. Army ignored a mountain of absurdly obvious warning signs that Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan was a brainwashed, America-loathing jihadist sleeper agent just waiting to explode – yet it did absolutely nothing to avert the Fort Hood massacre of dozens of American soldiers.
  • Five Gitmo terrorists – the worst of the worst, including confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who proclaims the government’s terror charges are a “badge of honor” – will be tried in civilian court in New York City, offering these mega-terrorists the worldwide stage they crave from which to spread their ideology, and opening up America’s terror-war secrets to discovery by the terrorists through their lawyers – all paid for by taxpayers.
  • Dozens of Islamic terror training camps are operating right under the nose of law enforcement, not in some far-off land, but all across the USA!
  • What’s going on here? Does the government really care about national security anymore?

You’ll find out the answer to this and many other crucial questions in the explosive December issue of Whistleblower magazine, titled “SEE NO JIHAD, HEAR NO JIHAD, SPEAK NO JIHAD: Why the government and media seem oblivious to America’s rapid infiltration by a violent totalitarian movement.”

More questions:

  • Why do you suppose, whenever there’s a terror attack on American soil, the FBI always announces immediately – before it could possibly know – that the massacre is not terror-related?
  • Why do the media concoct the most moronic explanations for terrorism – such as Time magazine blaming post traumatic stress disorder for Hasan’s Fort Hood rampage (even though he was never deployed in a war zone) or the Associated Press’s revelation that the shooter was “lonely”? Or why did the press advance six different theories to explain the terror reign of Beltway sniper John Muhammad, but not one mentioned jihad as a possible motive?
  • Why does President Obama take every opportunity to criticize America and fawn over Islam – even calling America “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world” and bowing obsequiously before the Muslim king of Saudi Arabia? Meanwhile, Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, who demonizes pro-lifers and war veterans as Tim McVeigh wannabes, appoints to her advisory council Kareem Shora, national executive director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, whose officials have labeled deadly anti-U.S. jihadists as “heroes” and opposed referring to Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Regular Americans understand the Islamofascist war that’s been declared on America. The government and media either don’t – or won’t.

This stubborn inability to come to grips with an exceedingly dangerous and determined political-military movement wrapped within a religion is explored as you’ve never seen it before in “SEE NO JIHAD, HEAR NO JIHAD, SPEAK NO JIHAD.”

Issue highlights include:

  • “Looking for terror in all the wrong places” by Joseph Farah
  • “What’s behind America’s politically correct ‘love’ of Islam?” by David Kupelian
  • “‘Islamophobia’ was duly avoided at Fort Hood” by Robert Spencer
  • “Political correctness: The jihadist’s best friend” by Jamie Glazov
  • “You, Islam and the Stockholm syndrome” by David Kupelian, on how the “religion of peace” continues to spread, as it always has, “at the edge of a sword”
  • “The U.S. military’s deadly denial,” in which Col. Ralph Peters reveals the “dirty big secret in our Army”
  • “Terror training camps on American soil” by Robert Spencer, on the dozens of communes teaching jihad throughout the U.S. under the nose of law enforcement
  • “Military jihadists fill ‘every branch'” of the U.S. military – even Gitmo
  • “How Saudis radicalized U.S. soldiers,” the astonishing story of how thousands of American troops were converted to Islam by Saudis while protecting that kingdom from Saddam Hussein
  • “CAIR speaker to Muslims: OK to attack Fort Bragg” – on the popular Muslim cleric who exhorted the Islamic faithful to target planes carrying the “82nd Airborne”
  • “PC kills” – in which former Arab News broadcaster Brigitte Gabriel warns that American warriors can no longer be intimidated by fear of being accused of “discrimination.”
  • “Moderate, civil-rights group or sinister terror front?” And FBI agent says CAIR’s “offices have been a turnstile for terrorists and their supporters”
  • “Belly of the beast” by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry, who tell the hair-raising story of how 29-year-old Chris Gaubatz grew a beard, pretended to convert to Islam, and infiltrated the terror-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations.
  • “CAIR spent $160,000 to silence Michael Savage” by Art Moore
  • “It’s radical Islam, stupid” by Steven Emerson, in which the renowned terror investigator says government and press blindness to dangerous Islamic subversion are now at an advanced stage
  • “Meet White House adviser who supports Islamic law” by Art Moore, on Obama adviser Dalia Mogahed, who “shares the outlook of Islamists in Egypt, Pakistan”
  • “Trial in New York a triumph for al-Qaida” by Roger Hedgecock, who argues that the Obama-Holder’ strategy underlying the controversial move is to “criminalize everyone connected with the Bush war on terror”
  • “Separation of mosque and state” by William J. Federer
  • “Nothing demonstrates the national security myopia of the Obama administration better than its eagerness to see threats where none exist while being unwilling and unable to see those that are staring us in the face,” said WND Editor Joseph Farah.

Added WND Managing Editor David Kupelian: “The evil of ‘political correctness’ – the totalitarian manipulation of thought, foisted on us by twisted elitists who hate America and everything our soldiers have fought and died for over the last two centuries, and continue to fight and die for – has to end. This issue of Whistleblower explains not only why, but how.”

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‘We need to be a lot less tolerant towards Islamic extremists’: Cameron calls for immigrants to respect British core valuesPosted on Mail Online-By JASON GROVES-On February 5, 2011:


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A German’s Point of View on IslamPosted on ICJS Research-By Paul E. Marek-On January 2, 2008:


Three-quarters of non-Muslims believe Islam negative for Britain: “Muslim organisation calls for efforts to improve awareness as four-fifths of those polled admit to little knowledge of the faith”Posted on Guardian.co.uk-By Haroon Siddique-On August 2, 2010:


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Obama requested to take oath using his middle name “Hussain”:


Egyptian cleric calls Obama to convert to Islam:


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Obama gives foreign cops new police powers in U.S. ”Sovereignty apparently set aside as agency exempted from law”:


“We will continue to pursue Mr. al-Marri’s case before the Supreme Court to make sure that no American citizen or lawful resident will ever again be subjected to such treatment”:


Michigan Muslims complain to Attorney General about FBI asking them to spy:


New DoD adviser: LA Times columnist who casually dismisses the al-Qaeda threat:


Wilders planning follow-up to Fitna:


“To continue to use McVeigh as an example of the stereotypical ‘disgruntled military veteran’ is as unfair as using Osama bin Laden as the sole example of Islam”


Syrian Islamic scholar: “Democracy runs counter to Islam on several issues”:


CAIR seeking special rights for Muslim cabbies in Cleveland:


Obama secretly ends program allowing pilots to carry guns:


Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?


UK: Head teacher wins £400,000 after false accusations of “racism” and “Islamophobia”:


“God in the Holy Quran makes jihad a duty on the shoulders of every Muslim who is able to fight”


Controversial Boston mosque tied to Muslim Brotherhood’s “grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within”:


A Modern-day Islamist Inquisition?


Popular U.K. children’s dictionary now excludes Christian words and concepts:


The United Islamist Nations:


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Is it time to call for Obama’s resignation!


Washington Times Calls for Obama’s Impeachment!


A Nation Adrift Theme and Disclaimer:


“Food For Thought”

“May God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe For Years To Come”

Semper Fi!

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Question: What do we really know about the supposedly evolving “pandemic” of H1N1 influenza beginning with the original discovery of the infection in Mexico in March of this year and the H1N1 influenza vaccines that will likely cause Gullian Barre paralysis, seizures, behavioral problems and neuro-developmental disorders in children within months after being vaccinated?

The following eye-opening study conducted by Dr. Russell Blaylock, a board certified neurosurgeon (www.russellblaylockmd.com), who utilized high-quality, peer-reviewed journals, data from the CDC and accepted textbooks of virology as his sources to prove that we are witnessing one of the most massive cover-ups in American history-You Decide:

Swine Flu — One of the Most Massive Cover-ups in American History!Posted by: Dr. Mercola-On November 3, 2009:


These are pertinent excerpts from this study:

“What experience and history teach is this—that people and governments never have learned anything from history or acted on principles deduced from it.” G.W.F. Hegel

I have been following the evolving “pandemic” of H1N1 influenza beginning with the original discovery of the infection in Mexico in March of this year. In the course of this study I have tried to utilize as my sources high-quality, peer-reviewed journals, data from the CDC and accepted textbooks of virology.

As with all such studies one has to integrate and correlate previous experiences with epidemics and pandemics. As you will see, a great deal of my material comes from official sources, such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the New England Journal of Medicine. Thus my distracters cannot claim that I am using material that is not within the mainstream.

Pregnant Women NOT at Special Risk from Swine Flu:

In the beginning, even before it was declared a level 6 pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), a group of “scientists” were sounding the alarm that this might indeed be the terrifying, deadly pandemic they had been expecting for over half a century.

Naturally, the vaccine manufacturers were doing all they could to fuel this fear and they were quietly making deals with WHO to be among the companies selected to manufacture the “pandemic” vaccine for the world. Being anointed by WHO would guarantee tens of billions in profits.

As the infection began to spread into the United States and then the rest of the world, its peculiar nature became obvious. Those born before 1950 seem to have a high degree of resistance to the infection and the disease seems slightly more pathogenic (disease causing) among those aged 25 to 49. Early on the official sources declared that pregnant women were at a special risk as compared to the seasonal flu.1 As we shall see later, this was a grand lie.

Initial Studies Show H1N1 NOT Dangerous or Highly Contagious:

Once the pandemic had been declared, virologists tested the potency of this virus using a conventional method, that is, infecting ferrets with the virus.2 What they found was that the H1N1 virus was no more pathogenic than the ordinary seasonal flu, even though it did penetrate slightly deeper into the lungs. It in no way matched the pathogenecity of the 1917-1918 H1N1 virus. It also did not infect other tissues, and especially important, it did not infect the brain.

Next, they wanted to test the ability of the virus to spread among the population. The results of their tests were conflicting, but the best evidence indicated that the virus did not spread to others very well. In fact, an unpublished study by the CDC found that when one member of a family contracted the H1N1 virus, other members of the family were infected only 10% of the time—a very low communicability.

This was later confirmed in a study of the experience of New York State, in which only 6.9% of the population contracted the virus, far below the 50% predicted by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.3 It is instructive to note that during the 1917-18 Swine flu epidemic the world infection rate was only 20%.4

They also predicted that 1.8 million people would need hospitalization and 300,000 would end up in the intensive care units (ICU). Further, they predicted that hospitals would be overwhelmed and that ICU units would not have enough beds to care for the sick and dying. Incredibly, they predicted that 90,000 people would die.

Much Fear Mongering:

Not satisfied, they up the ante on fear mongering by peddling the idea that pregnant women were especially in danger as were small children. We were told daily that young, healthy people were dying, not just those with underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other immune suppressive diseases. The Minister of Fear (the CDC) was working overtime peddling doom and gloom, knowing that frightened people do not make rational decisions—nothing sells vaccines like panic.

These same dire predictions were extended to Australia and New Zealand, which began to show an increase in their reported cases of H1N1 and associated hospitalizations as they entered their fall and winter. Recently, two major articles were released in the New England Journal of Medicine, which analyzed the American hospitalization experience5 and the Australian/New Zealand ICU experience6. I will analyze these very interesting studies.

There is a dramatic disconnect between what the science is discovering about this flu virus and what is being broadcast over the media outlets. As you will see, this is a very mild flu virus infection for 99.9% of the population.

Australian and New Zealand Experience Prove U.S. is Wrong:

As I stated, the countries in the southern hemisphere have already gone through their fall and winter, that is the seasons of peak flu infections. Epidemiologists and virologists have been surprised at how mild this flu pandemic has been in the Southern Hemisphere, with relatively few deaths and few hospitalizations in most areas.

The study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine on October 8, 2009, called the AZIC study, analyzed all ICU admissions in New Zealand and Australia, looking at a number of factors.6 Here is what they found.

ICU Hospitalizations:

Out of a population of 25 million people, 722 were admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) with a confirmed diagnosis of H1N1 influenza. Overall, 856 people were admitted with a flu virus, but 11.3% were a type A flu that was not subtyped and 4.3% were seasonal flu.

They also analyzed the number of people admitted with viral pneumonia and found the following:

Number of People Admitted to the Hospital each Year with Viral Pneumonia5

57 people in 2005

33 people in 2006

69 people in 2007

69 people in 2008

37 people in 2009

So we see that in 2009 they had 32 fewer people admitted with actual viral pneumonia. The CDC and other public health agents of fear like to imply that mass numbers of people are dying from “flu”, that is, actual influenza viral pneumonia, when in fact, most are dying from other complications secondary to underlying health problems—either diagnosed or undiagnosed.

They also found that the average person’s risk of ending up in the ICU was one in 35,714 or about three thousandths of one percent (0.00285%), an incredibly low risk. When they looked at actual admission to the ICU, they found that it was people aged 25 to 49 who made up the largest number admitted. Infants from birth to age 1 year had the higher admission per population, and had a high mortality rate.

Majority of Children Respond POORLY to Flu Vaccine:

It is interesting to note that babies this age respond poorly to either the seasonal flu vaccine or the H1N1 vaccine. One of the largest studies ever done, found that children below the age of 2 years received no protection at all from the seasonal flu vaccine.7

The recently completed study on the effectiveness of the new H1N1 vaccine reported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease found that 75% of small children below age 35 months received no protection from the H1N1 vaccine and that 65% of children between the ages of 3 years and 9 years received no protection from the vaccine.8

Flu Vaccine DOUBLES Risk of Getting H1N1:

It is also important to view this in the face of the new unpublished Canadian study of 12 million people that found getting the seasonal flu vaccine, as recommended by the CDC and NIH, doubles one’s risk of developing the H1N1 infection. It would also make the infection much more serious. So much for expert advice from the government.

Obese at Six Times Higher Risk from H1N1 Complications:

As stated, most authorities agree that the H1N1 variant virus is quite mild as far as flu viruses go. The vast majority of people (99.99%) are having very brief and mild illnesses from this virus.

Keep in mind that when I am discussing numbers and risk, this does not intend to understate the devastation experienced by the people who are experiencing serious illness or even death.

Any death is a tragedy.

What we are discussing here is—is the risk from this virus significant enough to justify draconian measures by the government and medical community? Should we implement mass vaccinations with a vaccine that is essentially an experimental vaccine, poorly tested and of questionable benefit?

The study also looked at the health risk of the people admitted to the ICU, but unfortunately did not look at the underlying health problems of those who died. We get a hint, since the American study did note that it was those over age 65 who were most likely to die, and that 100% of these individual had underlying health problems before they were infected.

One of the real surprises from this study, and the American study, was that one of the more powerful risk factors for being admitted to the ICU and of dying was obesity. Obese people are admitted 6x more often than those of normal weight. As we shall see, obesity played a significant role in the risk to children and pregnant women as well, something that has never been discussed by the media, the CDC or the public health officials.

This study found that 32.7% of those admitted to the ICU had asthma or other chronic pulmonary disease, far higher than the general population. The Australian and New Zealand study also had a large number of aboriginal patients and those from the Torres Strait. It is known that nutrient deficiencies are common in both populations, which means an impaired immune system.

Obesity is associated with a high incidence of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, both of which would increase one’s risk of having a serious infection, even to viruses that are mildly pathogenic. (mild viruses).

H1N1 Vaccine is NOT Made the Same as Regular Flu Vaccine!!

I am really upset at the insistence by the CDC, medical doctors and the media that all pregnant women should be vaccinated by this experimental vaccine. The media repeats the manufacturers’ mantra that this vaccine is produced exactly like the seasonal flu, when in fact it is not. Yes, they use chicken eggs, but the rest has been fast tracked and many shortcuts on safety procedures have been allowed.

There are 250,000 pregnant women in Australia and New Zealand combined. Only 66 pregnant women were admitted to the ICU, an incidence of 1 pregnant woman per 3,800 pregnant women or a risk of .03%.6 Put another way, a pregnant woman in these two countries can feel comfortable to know that there is a 99.97% chance that she will not get sick enough to end up in the ICU.

Pregnant Women NOT at Increased Risk, Obese Women Are!!

So, why did even 66 pregnant women end up in the ICU? As we shall see in the American study5, a significant number of these pregnant women were either obese or morbidly obese and most had underlying medical problems. The Australian/New Zealand study6 found that one of the major risk factors for pregnant women was indeed being obese and that obesity was associated with a high risk of underlying medical disorders.

They also found that death from H1N1 infection correlated best with increasing age, contrary to what the media says. They concluded the study with the following statement:

“ The proportion of patients who died in the hospital in our study is no higher than that previously reported among patients with seasonal influenza A who were admitted to the ICU.” 6

In fact, they report that of those infected with the H1N1 variant virus who were sick enough to be admitted to the ICU, 84.5 % went home and 14.3% died and that of those admitted with seasonal flu 72.9% were discharged and 16.2% died. That is, more died from the seasonal flu.

Recent NEJM Study of the American Experience:

In the same Oct, 8th issue of the New England Journal of Medicine they reported on the American experience with the H1N1 variant virus.5 The study looked at data from 24 states with widespread influenza infection from April through June 2009. Remember, unlike most flu epidemics in the United States, this epidemic began early and by the end of September it was beginning to peak, with late October being the date it may begin to decline.

The study examined 13,217 cases of infection involving 1082 people who were hospitalized. Here is what they found:

Underlying Medical Conditions:

Of the total hospitalized patients:

60% of children had underlying medical conditions

83% of adults had underlying medical conditions

They also found that 32% of patients had at least 2 medical conditions that would put them at risk. We are constantly told that it is the young adult aged 25 to 49 who is at the greatest risk. Note that 83% of these people had underlying medical conditions. This means that in truth only 292 “healthy” people out of 1082 in 24 states were sick enough to enter the hospital—that is 292 healthy people out of tens of millions of people, not much of a risk if you do not have an underlying chronic medical problem.

Underlying Medical Conditions Risk Factor for H1N1 Deaths:

When they looked at people over age 65 years of age, that is, the folks who are most likely to die in the hospital, 100% had underlying medical conditions—all of them. So, there was not one healthy person over age 65 who has died out of 24 states combined.

What about the children, a special target of the fear mongering media and government agencies? This study found that 60% had underlying medical conditions and that 30% were either obese or morbidly obese. 

A previous CDC study states that 2/3 of children who died had neurological disorders or respiratory diseases such as asthma.3 If we take the 60% figure, that means out of the 84 children reported to have died by October 24th, 2009, only 34 children considered healthy in a nation of 301 million people really died, not 84. It is also instructive to note that according to CDC figures, the seasonal flu last year killed 116 children.9

Remember, that is, 34 so-called healthy children out of a nation of 40 million children. In 2003 it was reported by the CDC that 90 children died from seasonal flu complications. Ironically, as shown by Neil Z. Miller in his excellent book—Vaccine Safety Manuel—once the flu vaccine was given to small children the death rate from flu increased 7-fold.10 Not surprising, since the mercury in the vaccine suppresses immunity.

Pediatric Flu Deaths by Year Made WORSE by Flu Vaccine:

1999 — – 29 deaths

2000 — – 19 deaths

2001 — – 13 deaths

2002 — – 12 deaths

2003 — – 90 deaths (Year of mass vaccinations of children under age 5 years)

2006 — 78 deaths

2007 — – 88 deaths

2008 – 116 deaths (40.9% vaccinated at age 6 months to 23 months)11

Parents should also keep in mind that this study, as well as the Australian/New Zealand Study found that childhood obesity played a major role in a child’s risk of being admitted to the ICU or dying. This is another dramatic demonstration as to the danger of obesity in children and that all parents should avoid MSG (all food-based excitotoxin additives), excess sugar and excess high glycemic carbohydrates in their children’s diets. This goes for pregnant moms as well.

Every Parent Needs to Know Other Vaccines INCREASE Risk of H1N1:

One major factor being left out of all discussion of these vaccines, especially those for small children and babies, is the effect of other vaccinations on presently circulating viral infections such as the H1N1 variant virus. It is known that several of the vaccines are powerfully immune suppressing. For example, the measles, mumps and rubella virus are all immune suppressing, as seen with the MMR vaccine, a live virus vaccine.12, 13

This means that when a child receives the MMR vaccine, for about two to five weeks afterwards their immune system is suppressed, making them highly susceptible to catching viruses and bacterial infections circulating through the population. Very few mothers are ever told this, even though it is well accepted in the medical literature.

In fact, it is known that the Hib vaccine for haemophilus influenzae is an immune suppressing vaccine and that vaccinated children are at a higher risk of developing haemophilus influenzae meningitis for at least one week after receiving the vaccine.10,14 These small children receive both of these vaccines.

According to the vaccine schedule recommended by the CDC and used by most states, a child will receive their MMR vaccine and Hib vaccine at one year of age and both are immune suppressing. 

At age 2 to 4 months, they will receive a Hib vaccine. Therefore at age 2 to 4 months, and again at age one year, they are at an extreme risk of serious infectious complications caused by vaccine-induced immune suppression. The New Zealand/Australian study found that the highest death in the young was from birth to age 12 months, the very time they were getting these immune-suppressing vaccines.6

The so-called healthy children and babies that have ended up in the hospital and have died may in fact be the victims of immune suppression caused by their routine childhood vaccines. We may never know because the medical elite will never record such data or conduct the necessary studies. Recall also that the seasonal flu vaccine, which is recommended for all children over the age of 6 months, each year, is also immune suppressing because of the mercury-containing thimerosal in the vaccine.15 Infants under the age of 3 receive mercury-free seasonal flu vaccines, but any child over the age of 3 will receive the mercury-containing flu vaccine year after year. (Each dose of seasonal flu vaccine typically containing 25 mcg of mercury.)

If parents allow their children to be vaccinated according to the CDC recommendations, that is 2 seasonal flu vaccines and 2 swine flu vaccines as well as a pneumococcal vaccine, that will increase the number of vaccines a child will have by age 6 years to 41. This amounts to an enormous amount of aluminum and mercury as well as intense brain inflammation triggered by vaccine-induced microglial activation.16

Risk of Serious Illness from the H1N1 Mutant Virus:

Their survey of 24 states found that a total of 67 patients out of tens of millions of people ended up in the ICU. That is, only 6% of the people admitted to the hospital were so sick as to need intensive treatments. Of these 67 patients, 19 died (25%) and of these 67% had obvious underlying long-term medical illnesses. This means that only 6 patients out of tens of millions of people in 24 states that were considered “healthy” before their infection, had died. Is this justification for a mass vaccination campaign?

Of the 1082 hospitalized patients, 93% were eventually discharged recovered and only 7% died, a very low death rate. Their analysis of these cases concluded that those who died fell in three categories:

They were older patients

Antiviral medications were started 48 hours after the onset of the illness

There was no correlation to having had seasonal vaccines

The last item is especially interesting because they assume that having had seasonal flu vaccine would have offered some protection—it offered none.

What they did find was that none who died had been given antiviral medications (Tamiflu or Relenza) within 48 hours of getting sick. Those given the antiviral medications within the golden 48-hour period rarely died. Relenza is far safer than Tamiflu. This was the only factor found to correlate with survival of severely ill ICU patients.

What about the Danger to Pregnant Women? The American Experience:

Our media is inundating the public with scare stories of the danger this virus poses to pregnant women. Most of us visualize the pregnant woman as being healthy, young and without underlying medical diseases. The study is quite revealing, but omits some very important factors.

We are told that pregnant women are 6x more likely to end up in the hospital than the general population. This figure is derived from the fact that it was estimated that pregnant women had a 7% greater chance of requiring hospital admission than did the general public at 1% (Even this is a far higher number than their own studies indicate—actually it is a very small fraction of 1%).

Dr. Michael Bronze, a professor of internal medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, writing for emedicine medscape.com (WebMD), states that the risk of a pregnant women being hospitalized with the H1N1 infection is 0.32 per 100,000 pregnant women (which is 1 in 300,000 pregnant women).17 One can safely say, based on the Australian/New Zealand experience (at the peak of their flu season) and the American data somewhere in the middle of their flu season, that pregnant women have about a 99.97% chance they will not become so sick as to require hospital care at any level.

The death rate of pregnant women who were admitted to the ICU was 7.7%, a fairly low figure for infectious ICU patients. Remember, most patients admitted to the hospital are admitted for hydration and are not that ill in terms of the infection itself.

Smoking and Obesity Increase Risk of H1N!

Now, most of us assume that these pregnant women are perfectly healthy as mentioned above, but the data shows something quite different. They found that greater than 30% of the pregnant women were either obese or morbidly obese, as did the Australian/New Zealand study. Of these, 60% had underlying medical conditions that put them at greater risk of overwhelming infections—both viral and bacterial.

It is unfortunate that they did not enter any information on smoking, either by the mother or by anyone living in the household. It is known that smoking greatly increases ones risk of severe complications from any flu virus.18,19 This is for several reasons. One, smokers eat a much poorer diet than non-smokers.

Second, smoking destroys the cilia in the bronchial passageways that are essential for clearing mucus and debris—thus increasing the risk of developing pneumonia.20 Finally, nicotine is a very powerful immune suppressant.21 The combined effect of all three is enough to land anyone in the ICU during even a mild flu season. Likewise, chronic smokers have low magnesium levels, which increase their risk of developing bronchiospasm that is resistant to normal drug treatments.22-24

They also failed to record possible illegal drug use, how many were living at poverty levels and how many were on prescription drugs known to suppress immunity or deplete nutrients essential for immune function. And, one must keep in mind, at this age, (age range of 15 to 39 years) many would have had numerous childhood vaccines and booster vaccines. 

This was also not considered for obvious reasons. So, some critical information we all need to evaluate this “pandemic” is being excluded or purposely kept from us.

Bacterial Pneumonia and Swine Flu:

The American study found that of the people admitted to the hospital, 40% were found to have X-ray evidence of pneumonia. Of these, 66% had pre-existing medical conditions, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), immunosuppression for transplants or cancer or neurologic disorder.

We are not told how many were smokers or lived with smokers, again, something that puts people at great risk of having severe reactions to any infection. Smokers have much higher bacterial pneumonia rates every year. The CDC estimates that smokers have a 200% increased risk of flu virus complications as compared to nonsmokers.

The CDC released in the September 29 issue of the MMWR an analysis of the lung tissue from 77 fatal cases of H1N1 infection.25 Of these, 29% had a secondary bacterial infection—pneumonia. This is an important study because the media and the CDC are telling adults they need to get a pneumococcal vaccine and that parents need to have their children vaccinated with the pneumococcal vaccine as well.

This adult study found that only half of the pneumonias were due to Streptococcus pneumoniae, the organism used in the vaccine. Half of the cases were due to other strains of streptococcus, staphlococcus or H. Influenza. Some 18% of the people had multiple organism cultured from their lungs.

It is important to note that they found that all of these autopsied patients had previous, serious medical problems prior to becoming infected with H1N1 variant and that not all bacteria were examined, meaning that even those with Strep pneumoniae could have had multiple infections, for which the vaccines would have offered no protection.

Parents should also know that the vast majority of pneumonias found in these infected children were not due to Strep pneumoniae, but rather Staph aureus. Again, the pneumococcal vaccine would have offered these children no protection.

Pregnant Women Given Vaccine Have Babies with More Health Problems:

It has always been a principle of medicine that one should not vaccinate pregnant women, except in extreme cases, because the risk to the baby is too high. Recently, we have seen two examples of violation of this policy. When the HPV vaccine Gardasil was first released the CDC and the manufacturer (Merck Pharmaceutical Company) recommended that it be given to pregnant women.

Shortly after beginning this dangerous practice it was ordered halted because a number of women were losing their babies and babies were being born with major malformations.26

It is known that stimulating a woman’s immune system during midterm and later term pregnancy significantly increases the risk that her baby will develop autism during childhood and schizophrenia sometime during the teenage years and afterward.27

Compelling scientific evidence also shows an increased risk of seizures in the baby and later as an adult.28 In fact, a number of neurodevelopmental and behavioral problems can occur in babies born to women immunologically stimulated during pregnancy.29-32

It is true that serious flu infections or E. coli infections during pregnancy are a major risk for all these complications, but a woman’s risk of becoming infected, as we have seen, is a very small fraction of 1 %, yet they are calling for all pregnant women to be vaccinated with at least three vaccines, two of which contain mercury. There is also evidence to show that a large number of these women will gain no protection from the vaccine.

Dr. Bronze, quoted above, notes that animal studies have shown that vaccines harm unborn babies and that no safety studies have been done in humans. A recent study done by Dr. Laura Hewitson, a professor of obstetrics at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center, found that a single vaccine used in human babies, when used in newborn monkeys, caused significant abnormalities in brainstem development.33 This mass vaccination program for H1N1 variant virus will be the largest experiment on pregnant women in history and could end as a monumental disaster.

How Many Cases are Really Swine Flu?

CBS, to their credit, conducted a three-month long investigation that indicates that we have all been hoodwinked by the governmental “protection” agency called euphemistically, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.34

What they tried to learn from the CDC was just what percentage of the “flu cases” were in fact H1N1. The CDC did all they could to protect this information and only after filing a Freedom of Information request and waiting 2 months did they finally release the data. Now we know why they wanted it protected and why they stopped testing for the H1N1 virus in late July.

The data revealed that in fact very few cases reported as swine flu were in fact H1N1 variant virus. CBS examined the data in all 50 states. What they found, for example, was that in Georgia only 2% of reported cases were H1N1 (97% negative for H1N1); in Alaska only 1% of reported cases were H1N1 (93% negative for flu and 5% seasonal flu) and in California only 2% of reported cases were H1N1 with 12% being other flu viruses and 86% negative for flu.

A recent release from the CDC found that their survey reported that of 12,943 specimens tested from around the country, only 26.3% of cases tested positive for H1N1 variant virus, but that 99.8% of the specimens tested positive for some type of other flu virus, most of which were regular seasonal flu.

The CDC has now changed all data reporting on the flu effects. They did this by stopping viral typing and subtyping and rolled back all previous numbers based on prior data. The new system for collecting data now started on August 30th, 2009.

The only reason I can imagine they did this is that the prior data was clearly demonstrating that the H1N1 variant virus was causing a very mild illness in most people (99.99%) with fewer hospitalizations, fewer cases of pneumonia and fewer deaths for all ages and groups than the prior seasonal flu in past years. This was true for the United States and the Southern Hemisphere, which has gone though the worst of its flu season.

Now that they are no longer typing the virus, they can attribute all cases of pneumonia, hospitalizations and deaths to H1N1, even though the majority of cases appear to be from a long list of other causes. In fact, they can classify many cases of primary pneumonia as caused by H1N1.

Actually LESS Flu Deaths this Year:

One must always keep in mind that the CDC has told us that 36,000 people die every year from influenza and influenza-related complications. Thus far, we have seen (accepting their data) about 900 deaths and 21,829 cases of pneumonia.

This is far below the 36,000 figure. In fact, perhaps we should be breathing a sigh of relief that 35,000 fewer people have died this year from flu-related disorders. This would go down on record as the fewest flu-related deaths in recorded history. 

In fact, worldwide, according to CDC and WHO data, far fewer people have died form H1N1 than any seasonal flu in the past. This graph from the CDC showing the “Pneumonia and Influenza Mortality for 122 US Cities” also show that, so far, this year’s flu mortality is far below that of 2008.

In fact, worldwide, according to CDC and WHO data, far fewer people have died form H1N1 than any seasonal flu in the past. So, one must ask, why is the government and their handmaidens, the media, fueling this panic mentality? Why are we once again talking about mandatory vaccination for every man woman and child in the nation?

And I can assure you that soon we will hear an announcement that the adjuvant MF-59 or ASO3 (squalene) will be needed to save lives.

Now, if the CBS data forced from the files of the CDC is correct, why are so many people dying from this flu? The answer is that no greater number are dying now, for any age group, sex or state of pregnancy than have died in any previous flu outbreak.

By statistical slight of hand they have created this pandemic and continue to do so. One cannot foretell the future, but based on the data now available from the United States, Canada, Europe and the Southern hemisphere, there is no justification for the fear mongering by the media and government agencies.

It is accepted that the cognitive portions of the human brain work less well under two conditions—fear and anger. Those who have survived deadly situations or who make their living surviving such situations tell us that controlling our fear is the most important thing in survival. More people have died from making poor decisions while overwhelmed by fear than have died as a result of the situation itself.

I am reminded of the poor elderly person who died several years back waiting in a very long line for a flu vaccine in the sweltering heat. It seems she passed out and struck her head on the hard asphalt.

She was standing in that line for hours because the CDC announced that that year’s flu was going to be especially deadly for the elderly and there was a shortage of vaccine. As it turned out, that year they picked the wrong virus to make the vaccine—so it was not only a dangerous vaccine, it would have given her no protection. But then, the vaccine manufactures got their blood money.

What Do They Not Know About This Vaccine?

Insurance companies in Australia would not insure doctors who gave the vaccine because it was a fast tracked vaccine and therefore experimental. They felt that the danger of complications was far too high to risk insuring the doctors. Unlike doctors in America, they did not have a special law that Congress would pass to insulate them from liability should severe complications arise from the vaccine.

It is also of special interest to note that tens of millions of babies were vaccinated with the Hepatitis B vaccine (providing no protection to the babies) only to learn later that it is linked to a 310% increased risk of developing multiple sclerosis.36 One has to ask—What else do they not know about this vaccine?

Well, it turns out a lot.

Years after it was added to the recommended vaccine schedule, it was linked to a terrifying disorder called macrophagic myofascitis, which in children is associated with a severe dementia-like illness.

Then we have the case of the Gardasil vaccine. Millions of young girls were vaccinated and within several months pregnant women were losing their babies, babies were being born deformed, several of these very young girls died and a growing number have had serious reactions to the vaccine. Once again we have to ask—What else do they not know about this vaccine?

Vaccine Safety Testing Only Done for ONE Week:

Now we are being told that this new fast tracked, poorly tested vaccine is very safe and effective. The results of the testing on this vaccine were reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.39 It is instructive to learn that the tests for safety and to assess complications lasted only 7 days after the vaccine, an incredibly short period of follow-up. Gullian Barre paralysis can occur even months after a vaccine as can seizures, behavioral problems and neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

It is interesting to note that the authors of the safety study for our swine flu vaccine were all employees of the maker of the vaccine CSL Biotherapeutics and eight held equity interest in the company.39 This admission is part of the disclosure policy of the New England Journal of Medicine.

It is always important to keep in mind when you hear about this vaccine being safe and produced just like the seasonal flu vaccine—What else do they not know about this vaccine that they will discover months, years or even decades later. Once injected with the vaccine and you develop a complication there will be little that can be done to treat the life-long degenerative disorder it produces. You will just be a sad story on 60 minutes.

About Dr. Russell Blaylock:

Dr. Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. For the past 25 years he has practiced neurosurgery in addition to having a nutritional practice. He recently retired from both practices to devote full time to nutritional studies and research.

Dr. Blaylock has written and illustrated three books. The first book was on the subject of excitotoxins, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills,and how they are related to diseases of the nervous system.

His second book, Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life, covers the common basis of all diseases, nutritional protection against diseases of aging, protection against heavy metal toxicity, the fluoride debate, pesticide and herbicide toxicity, excitotoxin update, the vaccine controversy, protection against heart attacks and strokes.

His third book, Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients, was released in April, 2003 and discusses the ways to defeat cancer, enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatments and prevent complications associated with these treatments.

In addition, he has written and illustrated three chapters in medical textbooks, written a booklet on nutritional protection against biological terrorism and written and illustrated a booklet on multiple sclerosis. He has written over 30 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals on a number of subjects.

Since the publication of his first book he has been a guest on numerous national and international syndicated radio programs.”

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American Eagle-Mine

Question:  Is there a connection between the current Swine Flu pandemic and Project Cloverleaf, Project Woodpecker, Project Popeye, The Brucellosis Triangle, West Nile virus,  and the ongoing U.S. Weather & Atmosphere Modification Project or HAARP?

This article reveals some seemingly outlandish, but well documented evidence that seems to answer this question, which should raise some red flags and give us reason for great concern-You Decide:

Chemtrails-Could The U.S. Weather & Atmosphere Modification Project Be Connected To The Swine Flu Pandemic

CHEMTRAILS IN THE SKY AND THE NEW MICROBESPosted on Consumer Health-By Thomas, William-On July 2000:


These are excerpts from this article:

“William Thomas is an investigative journalist who comes to us from the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. He has won numerous awards for his feature films and articles. His 30-minute Gulf War documentary “Ecowar” was the U.S. Environmental film festival award for “best documentary short” in 1991.

William Thomas is the author of Scorched Earth: The Military’s War Against the Environment and Bringing the War Home: The True Story Behind the Gulf War Illness and Biological Warfare in the Gulf.

William has lectured extensively on the Gulf War and biological warfare in the ’90’s, and is a frequent guest on the “Art Bell Radio Show”. His latest book is Probing the Chemtrails Conundrum.


I have been an investigative journalist for the past 30 years and as a journalist I base my reports on documented information. During the Gulf War, I served as a member of a three-man volunteer environmental emergency response team in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait, and returned from that experience emotionally scarred, and with my immune system ravaged. After recovering through a program of supplementation,

I became very disturbed to find hundreds and hundreds of emails from U.S. and Canadian veterans complaining of something they called Gulf War Syndrome.

My investigation into biological weapons has been ongoing since I returned from the Gulf War, and I uncovered the untold story of the biological war in the Gulf in my book Bringing the War Home. In a previous book, Scorched Earth, I examined biological warfare experimentation, particularly in the United States.

In January, 1999, I was contacted by the managing editor of the Environment News Service, an international wire service which I had worked for in the Gulf. I was asked to check out a story by William Wallace about very unusual aerial activity over the state of Washington that was apparently changing the skies overhead.

Wallace and his wife lived in a remote mountainous area, and he claimed that large unmarked jet aircraft were flying back and forth over his property, spraying something in the air. Unlike normal contrails behind commercial jets which dissipate quickly, these lingered for hours, came together and obscured the sky. Mr. Wallace said that he and his wife were very ill, their dogs were dying, and their plants were dying.

I began to investigate this story and after looking at a videotape made by Mr. Wallace, realized as a former pilot and former member of the military myself, that this was very unusual aerial activity.

He gave me some of his contacts across the United States, and as I followed up on those contacts, I developed a huge story. As of today we have over 1,000 eyewitness reports on the so-called chemtrail phenomena.

We have documented evidence that chemtrail spraying is taking place over cities throughout Canada, the United States, England, Australia, Holland, Italy, Germany, and New Zealand. And I have uncovered direct ties between biological warfare experimentation and the spraying of pathogenic material and chemicals over our cities.

I have found in my research over the past 15 months that in every instance of heavy spraying over cities across Canada and the United States, there has been an epidemic of acute upper respiratory ailments and gastrointestinal ailments that have overfilled hospital emergency rooms across North America.

After researching biological warfare, I found two U.S. Congressional investigations documenting decades of biological warfare experimentation carried out over hundreds of cities in the United States and Canada, including Winnipeg. While these biowarfare simulants were said to be “harmless”, some of the new genetically-engineered pathogens – particularly mycoplasmaand other fungi– are now loose among the general population.

This has occurred through vaccinations of Texas prisoners, and inoculations of Gulf War soldiers – many of whom never left the United States.

Many autoimmune diseases have been seen in the wake of the chemtrail spraying – such as chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, lupus, once very rare transverse myelitis and meningitis.

My researchers and I are also finding that there appears to be a mental-emotional component to this spray that is a disorienting factor. It is a factor that makes people lethargic and mentally confused, with an inability to concentrate and short-term memory loss.



(a) THE HIGH-FLYING SPRAY PROGRAM: Chemtrails are not contrails from commercial airplane traffic. Contrails are condensation trails formed when moisture from hot engine exhaust momentarily condenses into ice crystals, usually above 35,000 feet.

Chemtrails occur around 22,000 feet, and they do not dissipate within 45 seconds as contrails usually do, according to Air Transport authorities. (However, genuine contrails over heavily trafficked areas do sometimes linger and nitrogen oxide and other jet engine pollutants can form extensive cloud cover over time.) Unlike normal contrails, chemtrail plumes are laid in parallel lines in grid patterns and telltale X’s over towns, cities and remote rural areas. They spread out, and over hours coagulate into a dense droopy overcast. This is not a normal overcast.

Often you will even see this being woven between regular cumulus clouds, and it drips and it weeps. Within 24 to 48 hours, people on the ground often flood emergency rooms with acute upper respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal problems, gushing nose bleeds, joint pain, and a dry, hacking cough that unlike flu, lasts for four or five weeks, and then often returns.

These symptoms are characteristic of the mycoplasma infections found in some blood-tested chemtrail observers. We have positively identified many of these aircraft as unmarked KC-135 and KC-10 Airforce tankers.

In early March, hundreds of KC-135 aircraft were grounded for a part to be replaced in the tail-section of the airplane, and spray activity decreased from 24, to just two locations across the United States. Spray activity climbed right back to previous levels as the planes returned to service the following week.

(b) THE LOW FLYING SPRAY PROGRAM: These contrails are sprayed by low flying C-130 Turboprop aircraft. I witnessed this myself in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, last summer. I was stunned to see a C-130 gliding low over this little resort town in the mountains, engines throttled back, dead quiet, spray coming out of the wings of the aircraft as it pulled away. I was standing in the middle of the intersection with my mouth hanging open! I went into the stores in that town, and everybody was coughing like crazy.

We also took samples from aluminum-sided buildings in Michigan and Pennsylvania that were not contaminated by background bacteria. We found Pseudomonas fluorescens, streptomyces and a bacillus.

In a similar sample taken a year previously on the other side of the United States, we found the same things, as well as other very pathogenic moulds. Rainwater samples taken after heavy spraying over Espanola, Ontario, were found to contain aluminum seven times higher than permissible safe levels.

Chemtrail fallout also included carbon black – this is used by the United States Air Force for weather modification. It absorbs sunlight and heats the atmosphere. Carbon black can be hit with HAARP or similar ionispheric heaters and artificially heated to change the weather.

They also found chaff (a fine cobwebby filament used to jam radars) in the fallout, and this very fine filament stays aloft for up to a day. So if you put it in your spray mix, you can track the distribution of your spray on radar for a full day. We have very clean lab samples of the material being sprayed and it all contains very pathogenic moulds and fungi.

I discovered an article in the Portland Free Press, written by John Titus, in March 1997, describing how dozens of these spray-equipped aircraft, C-130s, were taken away from the U.S. Forest Service, from forest fire-fighting duties, and taken over by the CIA for “missions undisclosed.”

CHEMTRAILS IN CANADA:  In March 1999, people in Espanola, Ontario began to see large unmarked multi-engine aircraft, white in colour, laying X’s in the sky over Espanola. When they called friends in Sudbury about 50 miles away, those same X’s were being laid at the very same time. These were grid patterns like tic-tac-toe laid in the skies overhead, parallel patterns like jets furrowing a farm field with plumes that at first-sight looked like condensation trails. But instead of evaporating and dissipating quickly, they lingered, spread out and dripped a kind of a mist onto the good residents of Espanola. A reddish powder was also dropped on patios and a nearby lake from AC-130s flying at rooftop level.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, became very ill with severe muscle and joint pain, headaches, upper respiratory ailments and more recently, gastrointestinal ailments.

One of my researchers, Erminia Cassanicame up from the States, and went to Espanola to see what was going on. She saw a C-130 Turboprop spray that community at very low level, rooftop level, with a red powder. She collected the sample, and took it to the same government lab that had been doing sample tests for us earlier in the year. They found a cocktail of pathogenic moulds and fungi.

The Ontario Ministry of Environment became involved and tested the rainwater in Espanola, and they found carbon black and chaff in this fallout. Near North labs found aluminum in the rainwater at .53 ppm (parts per million), seven times the safe threshold in Canada, enough they said, to kill fish. The U.S. Airforce claimed that it wasn’t their planes. The Canadian Air Force said, “We do not know what is going on in our own skies.”

Finally, last summer, the residents of Espanola signed a petition and took it to Parliament in Ottawa and demanded an investigation. They said, “We want some answers and we want this stopped.” The Ministry of Defense promised to get back to them. They haven’t heard yet.

In Kitchener, Ontario, recently, there was a sudden outbreak of people complaining of earaches, blocked sinuses, sore throats and acute attacks of asthma. Everyone was sick at the same time. This is not how flu operates. There has been heavy spraying over Kitchener. In the wake of the spraying, we have seen 1-800 numbers posted which ask you to call in to become part of medical studies, and the qualification is that you have contracting specific symptoms within a certain area within a specific time frame. That sounds like biological warfare tracking to me.

CHEMTRAILS IN USA:Erminia Cassani also found some samples of this gel-like material that had splattered a house in the central United States. According to neighbours who witnessed it, it had been dropped from an airplane. We have photographs of the substance. She interviewed the owner, but the owner had been stricken by endocarditis within a month, had a heart attack and was admitted to hospital.

We took this to a government-licensed lab. Many samples from this fallout have landed on the ground, or porches, and could have been contaminated by bacteria and the surrounding environment. These samples came from aluminum-sided buildings, taken immediately; they were clean, good samples.

Erminia Cassani is a health researcher and knows how to collect samples. The lab said, “Where did you get this biohazard material? We have never seen anything grow out so quickly and overflow our culture dishes within 48 hours.”  They found three things: Pseudomonas fluorescens, streptomyces, and a very toxic bacillus, as well as a chemical dye marker taken from a coral reef and a restrictor enzyme used to restrict or cut DNA used in research laboratories.

Why is this substance being dropped from an airplane!

Then we became aware of a similar incident in Pennsylvania last year. Neighbours had witnessed the X-patterns, the weird sky designs as they called it, and an airplane overflying the house so low they thought it would hit the roof. The sample was sent to Erminia, and she took it to the same lab. We did not expect much in terms of this sample because it was a year old and dried out.

However the same thing happened. It overgrew the dish; it amazed the head lab technician. They found streptomyces, the same bacillus, and a cocktail of other toxic moulds. Within a few months, Erminia was admitted to hospital with a black yeast mould found in that sample on her left lung, and she became one of the first documented human links between the aerial spray and human illness.

PROJECT CLOVERLEAF:  In addition to military aircraft, some insiders allege that commercial airlines are being equipped to release “special undisclosed chemicals” under the government’s “Project Cloverleaf” (begun around 1998). Using airliners to spray aluminum powder in an effort to avert global warming is also called for in the Welsbach patent. This information has not been released to the public.

CREDIBILITY FOR THE CHEMTRAIL PHENOMENA:  Just this year my original story for the Environment News Service was chosen by Project Censored as one of the censored stories of 1999, by a panel of peer-reviewed highly professional journalists who looked at this story and concluded that it is real. So the chemtrails story has real journalistic credibility.


For the past two winters over towns and cities throughout England and North American, strange X’s were appearing in the skies. In these same cities, there have been outbreaks of “flu” epidemics that have filled hospital emergency rooms across the country. We have also had a dramatic onslaught of degenerative autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, all apparently originating from viral, bacterial, or fungal infections.

During this time most of us have been ill with something that doesn’t quite act like the flu because it holds on for weeks and months at a time, seems to get better, and then returns. It is very hard to shake. In fact, during the height of this year’s 33-week epidemic of fatalities from pneumonia and “flu-like” illness, the Centers for Disease Control blood-tested acutely ill patients – and found that between 67% and 85% did not have the flu. (The CDC now says, “An unknown pathogen” may be responsible for these illnesses and deaths.) This epidemic is particularly hard on children and the elderly.

We have found Streptococcus in our samples of low-level air-dropped material. Streptococcus A and fatalities were up about 200 to 300% across North America.

Meningitis, another rare inflammation of the brain and spinal cord has occurred in epidemic proportions in certain areas across North America. In certain areas of the country, there are epidemic levels of multiple sclerosis, which used to be a fairly rare ailment.

Transverse myelitis, perhaps the rarest of all, used to be almost unheard of, but we are getting increased reports of this disease across North America this year.

Prof. Colman Salloway, an epidemiologist at the University of New Hampshire, was investigating the Sydney A variant of influenza that was shutting down universities across the United States, but he found out that no cultures were being taken, and in fact, this is usually the case with flu.

Doctors prescribe on symptomology, and rarely do blood work. Whereas flu usually gives you a bad cough and other symptoms for five to seven days, this ailment gives people a very dry hacking cough for four to five weeks and often returns. Prof. Salloway concluded that the only thing that does that is mycoplasma.

Another disturbing thing is that these illnesses are driving people toward experimental vaccination programs. There is a push for vaccines for flu, pneumonia and migraines, and migraines are also a common symptom of spraying. We know that vaccines are loaded with formaldehyde, formalin, little parts of recombinant genes, cancer causing material and monkey viruses. There is not only a campaign to push us toward vaccines, but to vaccinate infants soon after birth.


The probable origin of these unknown pathogens is a biological warfare program (see The Brucellosis Triangle, and the Consumer Health Newsletter, Jun.00 by Don Scott). Don Scott explains how the bioweaponeers extracted the active agent of brucellosis from the brucellosis bacteria. Although the active agent, the mycoplasma is still there, the bacteria has been discarded, and your blood tests will be negative even though you are infected with the brucellosis mycoplasma.

Don Scott’s conclusions are further corroborated by the work of Dr. Len Horowitz in Emerging Viruses: Aids and Ebola. This mycoplasma is behind the sudden epidemic of autoimmune diseases, a mycoplasma developed by the bioweaponeers as a stealth weapon that provokes no anti-inflammatory or antibody response.

Mycoplasma is the infectious agent of Gulf War illness, and has long been a favourite of the bioweaponeers because of its stealth characteristics. (Stealth means that these organisms do not trigger an anti-inflammatory response or an antibody response that can be detected through normal testing. You need specialized equipment and processes to find mycoplasma or genetically-engineered brucellosis.)

Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are caused by brucellosis without doubt. In my book Bringing the War Home, order numbers and dates of shipment of pathogens originating in the United States and shipped to Sadam Hussein’s forces in Iraq are documented, including, brucellosis.

Dr. Garth Nicolson, a world-renowned microbiologist, and his wife Nancy became ill when their daughter returned from service in Iraq during the Gulf War. After their pets died of the same illness, they managed to isolate the microbe that was making them ill. The Nicolsons discovered that the germ underlying Gulf War illness is sexually transmittable, and is in fact, Mycoplasma fermentans. They cured themselves with repeated courses of Doxycycline.

Dr. Garth Nicolson now believes that brucellosis and mycoplasma together underlie much of the systemic illness we find in North America, and in fact, throughout the world. He has found more than 60% of patients with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis test positive for the mycoplasma.

Dr. Nicolson and his wife continued their research and isolated the carrier for Gulf War illness in a squalene adjuvant that has been used since the 1970’s to induce rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis in experiments. This adjuvant was put into the anthrax vaccine given to Canadian, American, British and Australian soldiers in hopes that it would boost the immune reaction far quicker than the normal course of anthrax vaccine because the U.S. military command was terrified of the biological weapons in the hands of Sadam Hussein.

They had sold these same weapons to him for the war in Iran. They were afraid that they had no effective antidote, so they put the adjuvant in the anthrax vaccine to increase the speed of its effectiveness and they wrapped this mycoplasma in a 40% HIV protein coat, not to give people AIDS, but to evade the normal immune system response and get it into the blood stream and into the immune system.

But they needed a carrier for this. And what did they choose?

Mycoplasma fermentans, because, again, it could outwit the immune system; it could carry this adjuvant into the immune system and it was supposed to be an attenuated, or killed form of mycoplasma. But obviously, it wasn’t sufficiently attenuated (we find the same problem in other live vaccines today). Approximately 200,000 American soldiers became very ill. The mycoplasma, of course, spread to their spouses and their children.


The United States is not the only country interested in mycoplasma. The mycoplasma research project of the University of Baghdad was directed by a Dr. Jawad al-Aubaidi, who did his graduate research at Cornell University (which should be renamed Biological Warfare University because of its ties to the Pentagon and its experimentation).

He also worked at Plum Island research laboratory engineering animal pathogens to become more infectious and contagious and to jump the species barrier to humans. In 1975, you will recall that Plum Island, a secret biowarfare laboratory 12 miles off the U.S. coast, was working on a project to infect ticks from the active brucella toxin. Perhaps it’s coincidence that the first Lyme disease occurred in Lyme, Connecticut at that time, just 12 miles away.

Last year, I suggested to the Environment News Service that somebody ought to look into Plum Island’s experiments because the so-called West Nile feverthat caused deaths on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. last year and has now re-emerged there and in upstate N.Y., was in fact, a form of Japanese encephalitis.

My story about this wasn’t published and got me in a lot of trouble. My research team and I had discovered that Japanese encephalitis was being researched at Plum Island where dead birds were discovered outside their research lab. Birds spread West Nile virus. Plum Island lies less than 22 miles from New York.

What is going on?

These appear to be a new breed of stealth viruses, and they certainly do not appear to be of natural origin.

Dr. Martin from the Center of Complex Infectious Diseases examined a chronic fatigue patient and discovered a new life form that is now recognized by American medical authorities called a viteria.  A viteria is part virus, part bacteria and part fungus in terms of its gene sequences, something that looks very much genetically engineered and actually morphs or transforms itself from one to the other.

We noted earlier that these autoimmune diseases that are afflicting more and more North Americans seem to have a viral bacterial and/or fungal origin.

Dr. Martin stated that the cytomegaloviruswhich results in severe headaches and joint pain among other symptoms is found in monkey cell cultures used to culture live polio vaccine. We are well aware of the illness and fatalities resulting from that vaccine.

Where else have we seen live monkey viruses contaminating vaccines?

The Hepatitis B vaccine introduced into the gay population in seven U.S. cities by the CDC, including New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco,preceded the outbreak of AIDS in those seven cities and only those seven cities.

And I thought, “Well, let’s follow the monkey business further to Litton Bionetics. Litton Bionetics supplies the monkeys, the monkey cultures, the monkey viruses, and administers all of Fort Detrick’s bioweapons programs. Its president, Roy Ash was National Security Advisor to President Nixon along with Henry Kissinger, who wrote the infamous Memorandum 200 calling for a population reduction across the planet.

Litton Bionetics has also been exploring kuru’s use as a weapon for a number of years. Kuru was the disease among the cannibals of New Guinea investigated by the Japanese biowarfare researchers during World War II.

We now know kuru is mad cow disease caused by prions which appear to be crystal capacitators that store energy and – perhaps on receiving certain frequencies – emit strobe-like bursts of actual physical light (it can be measured) leaving a spongiform or perforated brain that has baffled medical researchers because there is no disease element to find, only these spongiform brains from these abnormal proteins called prions. These are now loose among us. Litton Bionetics has been researching these prions and trying to make these into weapons for a number of years.

Finally, I think we are all familiar with the 1969 closed-door Defense Appropriation Hearings in the U.S. Senate. Dr. MacArthur stood up at that time and said “We can take 24 years of biological warfare research, use our 76 biowarfare labs in operation, add ten million dollars on top of the 31 million dollars going into this nefarious warfare research this year, and come up with the ultimate stealth weapon, a synthetic bioagent for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.”

And in fact, Appropriation 1509 did develop these incapacitating agents: air delivered aerosols meant to infect people by breathing them. They were intended not to be contagious and were tested on students at the Tahoe-Truckee High School in California. Seven out of eight of those victims developed chronic fatigue.

So in this quick overview, we can see that these epidemics of flu and flu-related ailments have quite a bit of history behind them. As a journalist of some 30 years standing, it is my contention that this biowarfare experimentation has gotten out of control and is now loose among the population. And really the only outstanding question (and we can include the spread of HIV) is whether this has been intentional or accidental. A very compelling case could be made for the first supposition.

In September, 1993 a patent was issued to Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, who worked for the biological warfare division of the Defense Department in the United States, for his invention of a pathogenic or disease-causing mycoplasma responsible for pneumonia, chronic fatigue, lupus, and respiratory distress, precisely the symptoms we were seeing among Gulf War veterans, precisely the symptoms we are seeing among people in heavily sprayed areas, subjected to what I have come to call the “chemtrail spraying”.


Researchers, investigators and a task force recently formed in the United States have uncovered documentation from Lawrence Livermore and other labs for U.S. government studies to spray chemicals in the upper atmosphere to repair the ozone layer and/or cool the atmosphere by one degree and head off the worst of global warming.


There has been a massive effort of intense spraying across this continent at least for the past two years.

What in the world is going on?

Let’s look at some clues.

In a United States Air Force research paper, Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, they state that “Weather Force Specialists” are going to own the weather. Jet tankers flown by Weather Force Specialists are now in the process of creating aerial obscuration by spraying chemicals to create an overcast (or cirrus shield) in a clear blue sky to hide aerial activity from observers on the ground.

HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) is a joint US Air Force and Navy project which has for the past several years been using antennas situated near Gakona, Alaska to steer powerful beams of radio waves to heat selected parts of the upper atmosphere (ionosphere) to cause weather change.

Weather is all about heat distribution and differentials, and if you can heat a part of the atmosphere, you can change the weather. According to Bernard Eastlund, the inventor of this technology, they are trying to disrupt regions of the ionosphere at a range of 1200 miles or more.

These rays can interrupt brain function and cause emotional difficulties, because this will entrain with (modify) your brain patterns. “But don’t worry”, he said, “because we are using very low power levels.”

A U.S. Air Force document, Technical Memorandum #195, issued October 1991, page 185, Phillips Laboratory states: “Our intention is to have HAARP transmitting at 100 billion watts effective energy. We have never seen anything like this on earth, and God help us all if they ever come near this power level.

HAARP works on the ionosphere, way up there. HAARP does not work on the lower atmosphere where weather forms unless you put a matrix like carbon black in the air that you can heat with these intensely focused radio beams. We also found iron oxide particles in some of our spray samples.

A high ranking Air Force officer involved in these weather projects told me that they were using atmospheric folding, and by spraying in front of the moving demarcations between the upper and the lower atmosphere where weather forms, they could cause fronts and shear patterns.

One effect is to bring the jet stream down to ground level on a day of otherwise normal weather. We are seeing trailer parks and small communities devastated by sudden blasts of extremely powerful winds that dissipate almost immediately after doing this damage. It is the effect of atmospheric folding, an unnatural effect.

I am seeing violent weather changes, not always, but often in conjunction with heavy spraying, particularly at the front of approaching fronts. We have videotapes of chemtrail spraying which occurred in Tennessee last winter, and the next day 90 tornadoes formed over a three-state area around the sprayed area in wintertime (winter of 98/99) when tornadoes do not form. Disruptive tornadoes have also occurred across the United States this winter (99/00). This is in the wake of heavy spraying. There have been record rains, record droughts, violent weather, very warm temperatures, particularly in Chicago and Milwaukee.

As we know global warming is real. The Arctic ice cap to the north of us is melting so rapidly that that flood of cold water is changing the temperature of the Atlantic conveyor that brings warm nutrient rich water up from the tropics along the coast of England and Europe. It is slowing that conveyor down; the warning now is that we are going to see increasingly violent weather in Europe as occurred in France and nearby countries this winter. The Antarctic ice shelf is also caving off it is melting so rapidly.


Very recently I became aware, through Mike Castle, an environmental consultant in the United States who does work for the U.S. government and other corporations, that there could be something more going on, perhaps atmospheric modification. Global warming is an extreme emergency but even more so is the rapid depletion of the radiation shield in the atmosphere.

There is a high incidence of cataracts and skin cancers in Australia and in North America.

What to do about this?

In 1979 the physicist Freeman Dyson suggested, Let’s insert sunlight-reflecting particles in the upper atmosphere to deflect the sunlight back into space. We will use jets to do this and we will spray it.”

In August, 1998, at the International Seminar for Planetary Emergencies, Dr. Edward Teller proposed a sunscreen for planet earth. He said, “Let’s commence a program of aerial spraying and try to lower the temperature one degree. This would take a lot of airplanes, but the U.S. Airforce has about 700 aerial tankers in its active inventory. They estimated the cost at Lawrence Livermore – $1 billion a year, a bargain price, because, they said, “if we reduce fossil fuel usage and reduce emissions of carbon to 1990 levels it will cost us $100 billion a year. So it’s a bargain!

In March, 1991, Hughes Aircraft was granted Patent #1990000513145 for a process to reduce global warming by reflecting infrared energy back into space.

An actual patent, presumably tested to work. The Hughes patent calls for adding tiny particles into jet fuel so that it can be sprayed throughout the world at high altitudes. They just put these particles in the jet fuel and it comes out the exhaust. It remains suspended for up to one year. We can cool the planet.

The ingredients used in this Welsbach process are oxides of metal: aluminum oxide and thorium oxide. Thorium oxide is carcinogenic. Thorium oxide destroys the ozone layer. Hughes Aircraft proposed to spray it in the greenhouse gas layer, 7 to 13 km above the surface (22,000 ft). In the 10-100 micron range it’s as fine as talcum powder and will not harm jet engines, according to a former engineer for Alcoa Aluminum.

There has been a lot of controversy about a lab test by Aquatech Environmental Labs which found very tiny, almost unmeasurable levels of ethylene dibromide in a sample of jet fuel, taken from a commercial aircraft in California. It is not from a chemtrail; it is from the jet fuel.

EDB is a banned carcinogen, banned under emergency order by the EPA back in the 1980’s because it is so carcinogenic. But it was put into the new JP8 jet formulation in the early ’90’s. When ultraviolet light hits EDB it forms bromides. At those altitudes and in our latitudes it can be 10 to 100 times more destructive of ozone than chlorine. So we have jet aircraft perhaps attempting to shield the planet from solar radiation, destroying the ozone layer in the process.

DEMAND AN ANSWER:  For whatever reason, people refuse to look up at what’s happening in the skies directly over their heads, but when they do, they know instinctively that the trails criss-crossing overhead are not normal aircraft activity, and they’re very concerned.

This has been going on now very intensively for over two years. More and more people are becoming aware of it and we’re very close now to a concerted public outcry that is going to motivate, first of all mainstream media who have interviewed me extensively and never gone to air with the story.

They’re going to be pushed into breaking the story. We’re going to take it to the next step. Specifically for people of Ontario, the residents of Espanola, who have been heavily sprayed since last March of 1999, and who have contracted all of these ailments, I am urging people in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada to go to your MPPs and demand an answer to the people of Espanola.

You may order William Thomas’ books, Probing the Chemtrail Conundrum and Bringing the War Homefrom Consumer Health Organization or by contacting Will Thomas directly. His 27-minute broadcast-quality documentary video, Chemtrails: Mystery Lines in the Sky is also now available.

Email Will at: wilco@islandnet.com SEE WILLIAM THOMAS’ WEBSITE: www.islandnet.com/wilco




The Brucellosis Triangle by Donald Scott. Gives information on tests for mycoplasma in your system
Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola by Leonard Horowitz”

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BREAKING… Fukushima Crisis Escalates Tons of Radioactive Waste Released into the Pacific Causes Ocean to Boil!Posted on National Report-By Nigel J. Covington III, Editor-in-Chief-On August 30, 2013:

HAARP-Chemtrails – Geoengineering The Greatest Crime of All Time

Chemtrails – Geoengineering: The Greatest “Crime of All Time”!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri-On August 23, 2013:



Geoengineering Dangers: NWO Depopulation!Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On September 25, 2013:





HAARP-Geoengineering Assault

Geoengineering Assault!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-By Dane Wigington
geoengineeringwatch.org-On March 16, 2013:


HAARP-Geoengineering Dangers

Audio: Geoengineering Dangers!-Posted on Coast to Coast-By MRC2CAM2-On March 14, 2013:


HAARP-Climatologist Files Suit Against Secret and Illegal Military Weather Modification Using Chemical Aerosols

Climatologist Files Suit Against Secret and Illegal Military Weather Modification Using Chemical Aerosols!Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On March 9, 2013:


HAARP-Geoengineering Watch Update

Geoengineering Watch Update!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On February 24, 2013:


HAARP-Is the New Madrid Mega Quake Being Engineered

Is the New Madrid Mega Quake Being Engineered?Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On February 26, 2013:


HAARP-Former Air Force Industrial Hygienist Confirms Geoengineering : Chemtrail Reality

Former Air Force Industrial Hygienist Confirms Geoengineering / Chemtrail Reality!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On January 10, 2013:


HAARP-Why In The World Are They Spraying

Video: “Why in the World are They Spraying?” Documentary Film!Posted on YouTube.com-By Truthmediaproduction-On August 18, 2012:


HAARP-What in the World Are They Spraying

Video: What in the World Are They Spraying?Posted on YouTube.com-By Justin Wallis-On December 20, 2010:


HAARP-Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe

Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On January 10, 2012:


HAARP-HAARP Weapon- How to make Earthquake

Video: H.A.A.R.P Weapon: How to make Earthquake!-Posted on YouTube.com-By autonify-On April 10, 2011:


HAARP-HAARP and the Depopulation Program

Video: HAARP and the Depopulation Program!Posted on YouTube.com-By raandiya-On August 28, 2010:


HAARP-The overpopulation myth MYTH

The overpopulation myth MYTH!Posted on Natural News-By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com -On March 15, 2013:


HAARP-Japan Prime minister speech in Davos before the Earthquake

Video: Japan Prime minister speech in Davos before the Earthquake!-Posted on YouTube.com-By autonify-On April 21, 2011:



Video: THE U.S. Government CREATED KATRINA, JAPAN/HAITI QUAKES WITH HAARP & Chemtrails!-Posted on YouTube.com-By TruthTVIran-On April  17, 2011:


HAARP-Japan 8.9 earthquake caused by the U.S. Government with H.A.A.R.P.

Video: JAPAN EARTHQUAKE CAUSED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT WITH THIS!-Posted on YouTube.com-By TruthTVMassachusetts-On March 18, 2011:


HAARP-Japan 8.9 earthquake caused by the U.S. Government with H.A.A.R.P.

Video: Japan 8.9 earthquake caused by the U.S. Government with H.A.A.R.P.!-Posted on YouTube.com-By TruthTVIran-On March 19, 2011:


HAARP-WHO Lies Refuted- Physicians’ Group Predicts 100,000+ Fukushima Cancer Incidences:Deaths

WHO Lies Refuted: Physicians’ Group Predicts 100,000+ Fukushima Cancer Incidences/Deaths!-Posted on Before It’s News-By Richard Wilcox Ph.D.-On March 13, 2013:


HARP-Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk!

Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk!-Posted on Forbes-By Jeff McMahon, Contributor-On April 9, 2011:


HAARP-Did HAARP weapon cause Haiti Earthquake killing thousands

Video: Did HAARP weapon cause Haiti Earthquake killing thousands?-Posted on YouTube.com-By ycresistance-Pn January 15, 2010:


HAARP-Proof of HAARP triggered Earth Quake in Japan & China

Video: Proof of HAARP triggered Earth Quake in Japan & China!Posted on YouTube.com-By Hugo Cotro-On June 14, 2009:


HAARP-Did HAARP Project Cause Hurrican Sandy

Video: HAARP Engineering ‘FRANKENSTORM’ Hurricane Sandy!-Posted on YouTube.com-By KiLLUMiNATiZ1-On October 30, 2012:


911-Hagmann & Hagmann-Dr. Judy Wood & Pete Santilli-A forensic study of the evidence found at Ground Zero

Video: Directed Energy Technology: Where Did The Towers Go?Posted on YouTube.com-By LightEmergence-On November 15, 2011:


HAARP-Geoengineering Robbing Rain, Creating Droughts And Fueling Fires

Geoengineering Robbing Rain, Creating Droughts And Fueling Fires!Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On July 5, 2012:


HAARP-Chemtrail Wireless and You

Chemtrails, Wireless and You!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On February 26, 2013:


HAARP-Chemtrail Flu- Have You Had It Yet

Chemtrail Flu: Have You Had It Yet?Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On February 26, 2013:


HAARP-Chemtrail Spray Day in Phoenix, AZ

Video: Chemtrail Spray Day in Phoenix, AZ!Posted on YouTube.com-By jabberskywatcher-On September 24, 2012:


HAARP-Dry Rain on a Blue Sky Day in Phoenix, Arizona

Video: “Dry Rain” on a Blue Sky Day in Phoenix, Arizona!Posted on YouTube.com-By jabberskywatcher-On March 30, 2011:


NASA-NASA Presentation, Geoengineering And Climate Change

Video: NASA Presentation, Geoengineering And Climate Change!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On February 15, 2013:


HAARP-New NASA Disinformation-Cloud Chart for Schoolchildren

VIDEO: New NASA Disinformation: Cloud Chart for Schoolchildren! Posted on Geoengineering Watch-By Global Skywatch-On February 20, 2013:


HAARP-Weather Channel Helping To Hide The Geoengineering Assault

Weather Channel Helping To Hide The Geoengineering Assault!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On December 5, 2012:


HAARP-Disinformation Through Our Spiritual Leaders

Disinformation Through Our Spiritual Leaders!Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On February 24, 2013:


HARRP-Chemtrails to De-Populate

Chemtrails to De-Populate!Posted on YouTube.com-By iwijkasif-On December 22, 2011:


HARRP-Michelle Obama & Chemtrails

Michelle Obama & Chemtrails!-Posted on YouTube.com-By greenback001-On June 5, 2010:


HAARP-A Rothschild Speaks

Video: A Rothschild Speaks About Weather Modificfation Program!-Posted on YouTube.com-By TheFlexEffect-On December 10., 2011: 


HARRP-Lynn Rothchild

Rothschild’s (Illuminati), And The Geoengineering Empire!Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On November 13, 2012:


HAARP-HAAPP- The illuminati Mind Control Exposed

Video: The illuminati Exposed (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) (Part 1)Posted on YouTube.com-By WeStayEternal-On February 6, 2012:


HAARP-Rockefeller Brother Fund- We’re Buying Off Evangelicals, Mayors, Governors… For The Earth

Rockefeller Brother Fund: We’re Buying Off Evangelicals, Mayors, Governors… For The Earth!Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On February 24, 2013:


HARRP-The Connection Of Bill Gates & Monsanto

Video: The Connection Of Bill Gates & Monsanto!-Posted on Geoengineering Watch-On March 7, 2013:


HAARP-Monsanto Protection Act

New ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Gives Monsanto Power Over US Government!Posted on Prison Planet.com-By Anthony Gucciardi-On March 14, 2013:


HAARP-WHY in the World Are They Spraying? Lifts Veil on Geo-engineering

WHY in the World Are They Spraying? Lifts Veil on Geo-engineering!Posted on Farm Wars-On Barbara H. Peterson:


HARP-Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk!

PLANS MADE TO HIDE ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER IN MILK: ‘Integrity of food supply poised for another blow’!-Posted on WND.com-By BOB UNRUH-On March 14, 2013:


NASA-The True History and Purpose of NASA

Video: The True History and Purpose of NASA!Posted on YouTube.com-By gmoore49-On November 24, 2011:



Video: What Is HAARP?Posted on YouTube.com-By Hugo Cotro-On June 14, 2009:


Prison Planet Logo

Secret “Geo-Engineering” Projects Threaten Unknown Environmental Dangers!-Posted on Prison Planet-By Paul Joseph Watson,
Prison Planet-On September 5, 2008:


The Real Agenda News Logo

Even Climate Alarmists Reject Planetary Geo-engineering!Posted on The Real Agenda News-By LUIS MIRANDA | THE REAL AGENDA-On November 4, 2012:


HAARP-Dangers of Geoengineering, Chemtrails and Climate Technofixes

Dangers of Geoengineering, Chemtrails and Climate Technofixes!-Posted on Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon-On January 18, 2013:


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