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How the “Illegal Immigration” issue affects our everyday lives!

Introduction:  I am a proud American that happens to be Hispanic and honorably served my country selflessly for twenty years as a Marine Corps Mustang Officer.

Although I am a registered democrat, on election day I decided not to vote for President Obama because I had numerous concerns and/or unanswered questions regarding what I saw as his lack of executive experience and seemingly shady background, to include his association with radical individuals and/or organizations, which were revealed during the process of conducting my own extensive research and/or investigation into each Presidential candidate’s personal, professional and political background with the intent of determining who they were, where they came from and, most important, what they stood for, as a means of educating myself prior to casting my ballot.

After having some time to experience and/or evaluate his governing of our country, I am now convinced that since taking office this President, his Administration and allies, to include both Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the Courts, with the help of the Main Stream Media, have intensified their transformation of our country into a socialist nation, which I believe has been in play in our country for some time now. This transformation includes the destruction of our American sovereignty and capitalist system and the creation of a New World Order in which the U.S. plays a subservient role.

In order for them to be able to finalize their transformation of our country President Obama must be re-elected in 2012 because I believe that the next step in the transformation process includes bringing on the next collapse that will be accomplished by suffocating and smothering our economy, which is already built into all the recent legislative reforms and regulatory changes that will take effect in 2013 or shortly thereafter.

I also believe that part of their transformation strategy includes the use of Hispanics, African Americans, union thugs and our youth as pawns to push their unrelenting racial and/or class propaganda as a means of dividing our country to the point of causing civil unrest and an uprising because this would allow the President to declare “Marshal Law”, as a means of completely doing away with our “Constitution Of The United States Of America” and/or “Bill of Rights”, and take over as our country’s dictator, which would be the final step in their transformation process.

NoteThe following articles and/or blog posts and videos are shared with you as a means of supporting my Introduction statement aboveYou Decide:

Is Obama fomenting a race war? “Fanning the flames of racial tension in Arizona is deliberate”Posted on The Washington Times-By Jeffrey T. Kuhner-On April 30, 2010:


From One Hispanic to Others — Arizona, You’re Being Had By the MediaPosted on BigJounralism.com-By Alicia Colon-On April 29, 2010:


I also believe that, as an American, who happens to be Hispanic, I have a God given right and/or duty to stand up for and defend those rights given me under our Constitution and have chosen to do this under my “Freedom of Speech Rights” by laying out my numerous concerns as professionally as I can on my blog web site, which I will continue to share with you in the hopes of getting the word out on issues that I feel the Main Stream Media continues to deliberately and blatantly keep us in dark about.

I realize how extremely sensitive the “illegal immigration” issue is in our country simply because it deals with and affects human lives that have been oppressed by their own countries.  I know in my heart and soul that we must show some compassion for these individuals, which I do, as I do for many others around the world that live in oppressive regimes.  I am also extremely concerned and disgusted with how our government leaders in Washington have unjustly and unfairly dealt with the issue in our country.

I also know for a fact that not every “illegal immigrant”, regardless of what oppressed country they come from, has been treated equally and/or fairly and that our leader’s inaction has not only hurt and/or destroyed human lives to this date, but has created what I consider to be a grave “security”issue for our country.

My main concern is one of “national and homeland security”, which has been exacerbated by our country’s 9/11 terrorist attack and believe that our government leaders have not done enough to secure our country, as evidenced by the  failed Times Square terrorist plot and Christmas day attempted terrorist airplane attack in Detroit, while our country’s tax payers continue to flip the bill for our country’s failed security measures. 

What I find even more deplorable is that some of our city, state and national elected officials seem to deliberately ignore the illegal immigrant issue for fear of being labeled as “racists” and/or are more concerned about their political careers above and beyond taking care of their employees and/or constituents, with the exception of the Governor of Arizona that has recently signed the “Illegal Immigration Law” in her state. I truly admire her for listening to over 70% of her constituents and having the fortitude to deal with this issue in her state, which is more than I can say for some of our elected officials in my state and in Washington.

Note:   What follows is a letter that I forwarded to one of our City Councilors in 2006 regarding the deplorable issues that some of my co-workers and I experienced with un-documented workers (illegal immigrants), along with those employers that hired them, while being employed by a State government agency.

I am taking the liberty of sharing it with you as a means of giving you an insight into some of the issues that most of our U.S. Citizens shy away from sharing with anyone, to include their employers, for fear of being labeled as a “racist”, which I find extremely disturbing because we should not have to live and/or work in this environment as American Citizens that supposedly live in the “land of the free.”


“Dear Councilor:

First of all I’d like to commend and applaud you for your efforts in dealing with our illegal immigrant problem here in New Mexico, more specifically in our city.

For your information, I would also like to share the following with you, which basically lays out some facts and my concerns:

The following are some facts that were conveniently not included in a local newspaper article titled “Day-labor hub in dispute” that was published in 2005:

Missing Facts:

On or about 1999, the City Council passed a Resolution making the City a “Safe Haven” for undocumented workers (illegal immigrants), which was prior to the 9/11 disaster and, in my opinion, not abiding with our Federal Immigration Laws, especially at a time when this country is at war against terrorists.

Since that resolution’s inception, there have been numerous incidents that have transpired outside and, in some cases, inside our office building. The majority of these incidents involved undocumented workers (illegal immigrants) and not homeless individuals, as stated in the article.

Note:  Most of these incidents are documented in the City Police blotter, which is public information.

The following is only a snapshot of the numerous incidents:

  • Illicit drug activity, to include the dealing and administering of these drugs both outside and inside our office premises.

Note: In the fall of 2003 there was a drug bust conducted by our State Joint Drug Task Force, which consisted of City, County, and State law enforcement agencies, directly in front of our office. During this bust they confiscated a handgun and some illicit drugs from a dealer (illegal immigrant).

  • Alcohol abuse by one individual in particular (illegal immigrant) who would always use the public pay phone located outside the front door of our building to contact the City Police so they could pick him up when he was too drunk to walk home.

Note: This individual was recently found dead in the City River.  He passed away of unknown causes.

  • Fist fights between undocumented workers (illegal immigrants) and some employers who failed to pay them for their services.

Note:  In my opinion, these employers are breaking both the state and federal laws by employing undocumented workers (illegal immigrants) and paying them under the table without reporting and paying taxes on their wages while other law-abiding employers are required to comply with these laws.

  • Illegal parking (double parking) in the street directly in front of our office, by both undocumented workers and employers, which is a safety hazard and makes it extremely difficult for our employees to get into our parking lot.

Note:  There are some of our employees (mostly female employees) that have been verbally abused by both undocumented workers and employers, when these employees have asked them to move their vehicles so they could enter our parking lot.

Concerns of a Native New Mexican and a taxpaying citizen:

  • There is not a day that goes by when I don’t have to dodge either undocumented workers (illegal immigrants) and/or the employer’s vehicles that stop in the middle of the street to pick them up. I am deathly afraid that one of this days I am going to run over one of these workers because, they have the bad habit of darting out right in front my vehicle. This situation occurs with each and every vehicle that turns unto our street, which creates a constant hazard for these workers.
  • Because of the alcohol abuse and the marketing, dealing and administering of illicit drugs that have, in the past, transpired directly in front of our building and, at times, in our own bathrooms, I am concerned for the safety of not only our employees, but those individuals that we are charged to serve that visit our office on a daily basis and those unsuspecting tourists that walk and/or drive by our building on a daily basis.

Note:  I am especially concerned for those innocent kids and young adults that visit the skate board park located directly across the street from our building to ride their skate boards on a daily basis, who witness the alcohol and/or drug abuse and could very likely be introduced to alcohol or illicit drugs themselves.

In Summary:  It is a shame that our employees, our customers (clients), tourists, kids, young adults and undocumented workers have to deal with this situation on a daily basis while our city leaders procrastinate, hoping that this problem goes away on its own.

In my opinion, they seem to be more concerned about the economic impact that any action on their part may have on the city with little or no regard for those individuals whose lives are affected by this situation on a daily basis.

In my opinion, procrastination by our city leaders in dealing with this situation has created an extremely hostile environment for all, which I believe in time can only get worse if not immediately dealt with.

In closing, my heart goes out to these workers because the majority of them are honest and hard working men trying to put bread on the table for their families in the U.S. and/or back in Mexico, but they have entered this country illegally and it deeply concerns me that our city, state and national leaders don’t seem to be concerned about our boarders at a time when our country is at war with terrorists who could very easily slip into our country, if they haven’t already, the same way these workers do.

Please let me know if you have any questions concerning any of the above information.

Have A Great Day and Again Thank You for Your Dedication.


Note:  The following web site reveals several George SorosOpen Society Institute  funded organizations that litigate on behalf of illegal aliens against the U.S. government and lobby in Congress for open-borders legislation-You Decide:

American Immigration Council (AIC)Posted on DiscoverTheNetworks.org:


Note:  The following report reveals what seems to be the shocking results of George Soros’ meddling with the courts and the buying-off of Left wing judges to use them as pawns to implement some of his many agendas that are meant to destroy our country from within, to include “anti-incarceration” because he believes that criminals are the real victims and that international law should supersede national law-You Decide:

The Anti-Incarceration Movement:A Crisis Not Wasted!-Posted on The Capital Research Center-By Joseph Lawler-On May 2009:


Note: The following eye opening article and/or blog post reveals a George Soros funded unincorporated association by the name of “Peace and Security Funders Group (PSFG)”, which was established in 1999 and consists of more than 50 private and public foundations that give a portion of their $27 billion in combined assets to leftist organizations that undermine the war on terror in several interrelated ways, to include one which strives to eradicate America’s national borders and institute a system of mass, unregulated migration into and out of the United States — thereby rendering all distinctions between legal and illegal immigrants anachronistic, and making it much easier for aspiring terrorists to enter our country-You Decide: 

Funding the War Against the War on Terror!Posted on FrontPageMagazine.com-By: John Perazzo –On October 6, 2006:


Note: What follows is the U.S. Department of Justice-National Drug Intelligence Center
-National Drug Threat Assessment 2010
that overwhelming supports my letter above-You decide:

U.S. Southwest Border Smuggling and ViolencePosted on Justice.gov-On February 2010:


Note: What follows is just one example of how our government is not treating all illegal immigrants equally and/or fairly-You decide:

Obama’s illegal alien uncle demands constitutional rights in DUI case!Posted on Western Journalism-On November 17, 2011:


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US court grants asylum to Obama’s illegal alien aunt!Posted on CNN-By CNN’s Jeanne Meserve and Mike M. Ahlers-On May 17, 2010:


Note:   Hollywood recently released a movie that seems to glorify and/or encourage illegal aliens to take up arms against American citizens-You Decide:

While some will claim this movie is a spoof, you need to watch the trailer yourself.

The movie is about an illegal alien that gets double crossed after accepting a commission to murder an American politician that is driving illegal aliens out of our country.

The protagonists then lead an army of machete and AK-47 wielding illegal aliens in a violent uprising. In Central and South America, the machete is a symbol of violent revolt.

Many of us are greatly concerned that the introduction of this propaganda film, at this time, with the specific threat against the state of Arizona could greatly increase the chances of violent harm against Americans by illegal aliens.

Robert Rodriguez cuts ‘illegal’ trailer for ‘Machete’ to protest Arizona immigration lawPosted on NYDailyNews.com-By SORAYA ROBERTS, Daily News Staff Writer-On May 6, 2010:


A Patriot Reviews “Machete”Posted on Floyd Reports-By Guest Writer-On September 24, 2010:


Note:  What follows is another disturbing video that was recently posted on YouTube.com that relates to this issue-You Decide:

Reconquista Aztlan Separatist Speech by Ron GochezPosted on YouTube.com-By ALIPAC1-On April 17, 2008:

L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S.: Ron Gochez rallies a group of student protesters advocating illegal immigration into America as forming a “Northern Front” of revolution against ‘racist’ whites and capitalism.

This video is being added to our archive collection of evidence of a growing separatist movement in America, displayed at http://www.boycottabsolut.com

We are using the boycott of Absolut Vodka over their offensive ad in Mexico to warn more Americans of the rising security threat within our nation that is being fueled by illegal immigration.

This version of this video was released by American for Legal Immigration PAC aka ALIPAC April 17, 2008.”

Source:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iybaDyMr1rs

Note:  What follows are numerous articles and/or blog posts and videos that relate to this issue-You decide:

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HOW IMMIGRATION AND MULTICULURALISM DESTROYED DETROITPosted on News With Views-By Frosty Wooldridge-On October 5, 2009:


Note: The above letter, articles and/or blog posts and videos relate to and/or support my following blog posts on this issue-You decide:  

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Extensive Research Into Senator Obama’s Background Completed on November 3, 2008:


A Nation Adrift Theme and Disclaimer:


Note:  I found the following videos to be extremely appropriate to this issue-You Decide:



Ray Stevens’ Music Video Nails the US Illegal Immigration Problem! 


Ray Stevens – God Save Arizona!  


“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

Semper Fi!

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Question: Do we know how many Middle East terrorists have crossed the Mexican boarder into the U.S.?

This eye-opening World Net Dailey (WND) Exclusive published on October 19, 2001 reveals the disturbing answer to this question-You Decide:

‘Arab terrorists’
crossing border: “Middle Eastern illegals find easy entrance into U.S. from Mexico”Posted on WND.com-By J. Zane Walley-On October 19, 2001:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article:

COCHISE COUNTY, Ariz.—The U.S.-Mexican border here is the most heavily used corridor for illegal alien traffic on America’s southern boundary. With its difficult topography that is folded, creased and convoluted, it is a land that yields well to smuggling. The Huachuca, Chiricahua, Dragoon and Whetstone Mountains are riddled with hundreds of deep canyons, caves and arroyos that offer superb concealment for the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that annually cross here.

The numbers of unauthorized immigrants smuggled across this porous border dumbfound the imagination. To date, the U.S. Border Patrol has apprehended 158,782 illegals in 2001. By the Border Patrol’s own admission, it catches one alien in five, and admits that around 800,000 have slipped across the U.S. line this year. The local ranchers, who have been watching the border for several generations, strongly disagree. They contend the agency only nets one in 10, and estimate that in 2001 over 1.5 million unlawful immigrants have crossed into America in what the Border Patrol calls the Tucson Sector.

Many border ranch-owners are validly apprehensive of speaking about their desperate situations because of likely retribution by narco-militarists (drug runners) and coyotes (smugglers of humans). Unsolved murders and arsons are alarmingly ordinary in Cochise County, so pure fear keeps locals from speaking on the record.

The foot traffic is so heavy that the backcountry has the ambience of a garbage dump and smells like an outdoor privy. In places, the land is littered a foot deep with bottles, cans, soiled disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, panties, clothes, backpacks, human feces, used toilet paper, pharmacy bottles and syringes (the drug runners inject stimulants to keep their energy up).

U.S. Border Patrol agents are doing the best they can, considering their sparse numbers and the impossible terrain they patrol in four-wheel-drive vehicles, quad-runners and on foot. Agents of the Border Patrol have their other fears besides being ambushed by rock-chucking illegals and confrontations with assault-rifle-armed narcos: They are not allowed to speak about what they cope with each day.

As one agent who spoke anonymously said, “Look, I can tell you a lot of stories, but I have to remain unnamed or I will be blackballed and might lose my job.” Then, worriedly, he added, “I have a family depending on me.”

Another agent, of supervisory rank, stated, “The smuggling traffic of Mexicans has really slowed. We are experiencing a tremendous increase in OTMs” – border lingo for “other than Mexicans.” When queried about the ethnic make up of the OTMs, he answered, “Central and South Americans, Orientals and Middle-Easterners.” Middle-Easterners? “Yeah, it varies, but about one in every 10 that we catch, is from a country like Yemen or Egypt.”

Border Patrol spokesperson Rene Noriega stated that the number of other-than-Mexican detentions has grown by 42 percent. Most of the non-Mexican migrants are from El Salvador and other parts of Central America, she said, but added that agents have picked up people from all over the world, including the former Soviet Union, Asia and the Middle East.

Arabs have been reported crossing the Arizona border for an unknown period. Border rancher George Morgan encounters thousands of illegals crossing his ranch on a well-used trail. He relates a holiday event: “It was Thanksgiving 1998, and I stepped outside my house and there were over a hundred ‘crossers’ in my yard. Damnedest bunch of illegals I ever saw. All of them were wearing black pants, white shirts and string ties. Maybe they were hoping to blend in,” he chuckled. “They took off, I called the Border Patrol, and a while later, an agent, Dan Green, let me know that they had caught them. He said that they were all Iranians.”

According to Border Patrol spokesperson Rob Daniels, “Ten Egyptians were arrested recently near Douglas, Arizona. Each had paid $7,000 to be brought from Guatemala into Mexico and then across the border.”

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, hours after the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, an anonymous caller led Mexican immigration agents to 41 undocumented Iraqis waiting to cross into the United States.

The Associated Press reported that Mexican immigration police detained 13 citizens of Yemen on Sept. 24, 2001, who were reportedly waiting to cross the border into Arizona. The Yemenis were arrested Sunday in Agua Prieta, across the border from Douglas. Luis Teran Balaguer, assistant head of immigration in the northern state of Sonora, said, “The evidence indicates that they have nothing to do with terrorist activities.”

The Agua Prieta, Mexico newspaper, El Ciarin, clearly did not agree with Balaguer’s assessment. The editor, Jose Noriega Durazo, claimed in a front-page El Ciarin headline, “ESTUVIERON AQUI TERRORISTAS ARABES!” (The Arab terrorists were here!) El Ciarin quoted Agua Prieta police officials as identifying the 13 Yemenis as terrorists. Reportedly, the Mexican immigration police returned the Yemenis to a federal detention center near Mexico City, but new information would indicate that they were “released” and returned to Agua Prieta.

Carlos X. Carrillo, assistant chief U. S. Border Patrol, Tucson Sector, told WorldNetDaily in a telephone interview Monday that nine Yemenis were reportedly holed up in a hotel in the border town of Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico, across the border from Douglas, Ariz.

“We have passed this tip to the FBI,” said Carrillo.

When pressed for more information, he said he could not confirm the number of OTMs or Middle-Easterners apprehended while crossing the American/Mexican border. “We are under OP/SEC and cannot divulge this,” the chief said. (OP/SEC is a counter-intelligence acronym for operations security.)

A Border Patrol field patrol agent, who spoke anonymously, confirmed the presence of the nine Yemenis. The agent said, “They can’t get a coyote to transport them and they are offering $30,000 per person with no takers.”

On Oct. 12, a Mexican national, associated with the hotel in Agua Prieta, abandoned it and moved to Arizona—to hide out. Speaking on condition of anonymity, he told WND: “There were 13 Arabs there when I left. They were paying the coyotes 30 to 50,000 bucks, apiece, to transport them safely into the U.S. I became so frightened I left. They are genuinely bad hombres.” Since Carrillo had reported only nine Arabs at the hotel, it is unclear if the missing five Yemenis made it into the U.S. as reported.

Potential terrorists, stealing across the border, had been predicted well in advance of the World Trade Center disaster. In a May 1, 2000, Report to Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, the General Accounting Office reported, “Alien smuggling is a significant and growing problem. Some are smuggled as part of a criminal or terrorist enterprise that can pose a serious threat to U.S. national security.”

Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., in an Oct. 9 speech to the House of Representatives, stated, “It’s almost incredible to recognize, as part of the overall strategy this government is going to employ to deal with the issue of terrorism, that we would not concentrate heavily on securing our borders and try to do everything humanly possible to stop people, who have evil intent, from coming into the United States.”

Terrorists are well aware that the 4,000-mile border between the U.S. and Mexico is easy to cross, with its vast unmonitored stretches. Their crossing directly into Arizona is of special concern. Arizona appears to have been the home of a “sleeper cell” of Osama bin Laden’s worldwide terrorist organization, with a select group of operatives living quietly in bland apartment complexes and obtaining flight training, in preparation for the Sept. 11 attack. The organization’s known history in the state goes back nine years. Terror experts say the activities of at least three part-time Arizona residents fit the pattern of the al-Qaida terrorist network.

Sealing the border is a daunting task. Perhaps the most valuable asset that the Border Patrol has is the aid of rural Cochise County citizens. Many have attempted to help, in accordance with Arizona law. Through that legal process, landowners may execute a citizen’s arrest for individuals or groups trespassing on their property. However, even that has been nullified. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, backed by the American and Mexican media, have characterized citizens who have legally detained aliens as “racist xenophobic vigilantes.”

Rural citizens here have met with savage recriminations for exerting their legal rights. Immigration advocacy groups howl in protest, as does the Mexican government. Their lawyers have demanded that the ranchers be prosecuted for false arrest, kidnapping, intimidation, criminal assault and violation of civil rights – anything lawyers can come up with to advance their clients’ interests. Illegal immigrants have now sued some Cochise County citizens in American courts.

Ben Anderson, a retired U.S. Army colonel who lives in Sierra Vista, Ariz., has made a detailed study of the border danger since the flood of illegals began through Cochise County in 1997.

“There is only one way to handle this,” the colonel says firmly. “In a world now filled with biowarfare agents, backpack nuclear devices and chemical weapons like Sarin gas, we must militarize the border. There is no other way to stop the flow.”

Reporter’s personal note: “I do not see how the folks living along this border keep going. I am a former U.S. Marine sergeant, and yet the presence of so much apparent violence spooked me. In researching this story, I went backcountry on quad-runners with a goodly couple, Larry and Toni Vance. The first thing they asked me was if I brought a sidearm. When I said, ‘no,’ they promptly gave me a wheel-gun to strap on. To tell you the truth, that lump of metal was comforting. It’s not wise to travel unarmed in a war zone.”

Note: The following eye opening article and/or blog post reveals a George Soros funded unincorporated association by the name of “Peace and Security Funders Group (PSFG)”, which was established in 1999 and consists of more than 50 private and public foundations that give a portion of their $27 billion in combined assets to leftist organizations that undermine the war on terror in several interrelated ways, to include one that strives to eradicate America’s national borders and institute a system of mass, unregulated migration into and out of the United States — thereby rendering all distinctions between legal and illegal immigrants anachronistic, and making it much easier for aspiring terrorists to enter our country-You Decide: 

Funding the War Against the War on Terror!Posted on FrontPageMagazine.com-By: John Perazzo –On October 6, 2006:


Note:  According to the Border Patrol the public is being mislead as to WHO is coming into the US from Mexico as reported by WSBTV in Atlanta on these videos-You Decide:

Video 1:


Video 2:


Note:  These articles published by The Washington Times in 2005 relate to and/or support the above article-You Decide:

2 Iraqis held trying to cross Mexico borderPosted on The Washington Times-On June 30, 2005:


Army base plagued by illegals’ intrusionsPosted on The Washington Times-On May 24, 2005:


Note:  What follows are numerous articles and/or blog posts and videos that relate to and/or support the above articles and/or blog posts and videos-You Decide: 


Border Agent Issues Desperate Plea for Help, Says U.S. Completely Overrun By Criminal Aliens: “The ones we are losing are convicted felons, aliens from special interest countries, and other high risk individuals..”!Posted on InfoWars.com-By ADAN SALAZAR | INFOWARS-On June 10, 2014:


Napolitano: Terrorists Enter America ‘From Time to Time’!Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Arnold Ahlert-On Aug 6, 2012:


Video: Proof That Terrorists Are Entering U.S. From Mexican Border!Posted on Western Journalism-By JOEL VALENZUELA-On July 9, 2012:


Former CIA spy advocates overthrow of Iranian regime: ‘Reza Kahlili, living in the shadows with a fake name and disguise, worked from inside the Revolutionary Guard. He warns of terrorist sleeper cells in the U.S. and a plot to destroy Israel!’-Posted on LA Times-By David Zucchino-On July 6, 2012:


Mexican Jihad!-Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Raymond Ibrahim-On May 15, 2012:


Iranian Plot Sparks Measure to Bolster 
Counterterrorism Efforts in Western Hemisphere!Posted on Act for America!-By Jennifer Scholtes, CQ Staff-On October 17, 2011:


Hezbollah Gaining Strength in Latin America!-Posted on ShutKing.BlogPost.com-On July 17, 2011:


Video: Hezbollah Foothold Growing on Mexican Border!Posted on ExposeObama.com-On July 20, 2011:


Video: Hezbollah On the Border!


PBS In Tandem With The State Department Smears Shelbyville To Advance Al Hijra (Muslim Immigration)-Posted on Atlas Shrugs-On May 22, 2011:


Former Intelligence Agent: Terror Group Hezbollah Has Infiltrated Our Southern BorderPosted on The Blaze-By Jonathon M. Seidl-On May 6, 2011:


EXCLUSIVE: DHS Can’t Account for 10 Libyan Men It Caught and Released Inside U.S.-Posted on CNSNews.com-By Penny Starr-On April 22, 2011:


Pentagon to Senators: ‘All Your Constituencies Are Confronted by This Threat’ from Mexican Drug CartelsPosted on CNSNews.com-By Edwin Mora-On April 14, 2011:


DoD to Increase Counter-Narcotics Support for Mexico 17-Fold Despite Mexican Security Forces Committing Unlawful KillingsPosted onCNSNews.com-By Edwin Mora-On April 13, 2011:


FBI Chief Says U.S. “On Guard” For Terror Attacks From Libya, Looking For Those Who May Have Entered Country Illegally-Posted on FoxNews.com-By Mike Levine-On April 06, 2011:


ICE Arrests 163 Foreign Nationals, Many of Them Criminals, in Washington SuburbsPosted on CNSNews.com-By Edwin Mora-On March 25, 2011:


663 Illegal Aliens From Countries With Ties to Terrorism Arrested Along Southwest Border in 2010, Senator SaysPosted on CNSNews.com-By Edwin Mora-On March 18, 2011:


Border Patrol nabs 100s of terror-linked illegals: ‘Critics contend Obama sending signal to enemies ‘to do their worst’Posted on WND.com-By Bob Unruh-On March 10, 2011:


NPR Correspondent Dons Headscarf in Sting to Expose Border GuardPosted on The Media Research Center-By Alex Fitzsimmons-On March 10, 2011:


Lieberman: Canadian Border Vulnerable to TerroristsPosted on NewsMax.com-On February 1, 2011:


Radical Muslim Cleric Caught Trying to Sneak Into U.S. Via Southern BorderPosted on The BlazeBy Meredith Jessup-On January 28, 2011:


Govt Turns a Blind Eye to Drug, Alien Smuggling on Southern BorderPosted on NewsMax.com-By James Walsh-On January 19, 2011:


Sen. Bingaman is making a big mistake with his dangerous wilderness bill-Posted on The Washington Examiner-Op-Ed by Ron Arnold-On November 26, 2010:


Video: Obama Cover-Up: Terrorists Crossing Southern BorderPosted on ExposeObama.com-On November 10, 2010:


Video of the Day: Congressman, Put 10,000 Troops on the BorderPosted on ExposeObama.com-On October 5, 2010:


Congressman Introduces Bill to Force Obama to Deploy at Least 10,000 National Guardsmen at Mexican BorderPosted on CNSNews.com-By Terence P. Jeffrey-On October 04, 2010:


Napolitano to McCain: Yes, Mexican Cartels Pose Terror Threat to U.S.-Posted on CNSNews.com-By Edwin Mora-On September 24, 2010:


Hezbollah car bombs on our border: Why isn’t Obama’s Department of Homeland Security concerned?-Posted on The Washington Times-By Rep. Sue Myrick-On September 1, 2010:


Hizbullah Possible Culprit in Juarez Car Bomb-Posted on IsraelNationalNews.com-By Gil Ronen-On July 22, 2010:


Rep. Myrick: Hezbollah Major Threat on Mexican Border-Posted on NewsMax.com-By Jim Meyers-On July 15, 2010:


Terrorists crossing U.S.-Mexico border: Hezbollah is in Mexico-Posted on Americans for Legal Immigration-On July 14, 2010:


Report: Hezbollah on US-Mexico Border-Posted on NewsMax.com-On July 6, 2010:


Looming threat from illegals: terrorPosted on The New York Post-By BRIGITTE GABRIEL-On July 30, 2010:


GAO: Some Mexican Drug Traffickers ‘Specialize’ in Smuggling Aliens From Countries With Ties to Terrorism Into the U.S.-Posted on CNSNews.com-By Edwin Mora-On July 29, 2010:


PJTV REPORT – A New Frontier of Terror: The Southern BorderPosted on PJTV-On September 9, 2010:


Note:  The above articles and/or blog posts and videos relate to and/or support my following blog posts-You Decide:

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White House Quietly Courts Muslims in U.S.!


New World Order By Executive Order!


Nearly 80 percent don’t trust the government!


Where Is America Today?


Washington Times Calls for Obama’s Impeachment!


A Nation Adrift Theme and Disclaimer:


Note: This video is extremely appropriate –You Decide:

Ray Stevens – God Save Arizona!  


“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

Semper Fi!

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New investigation into Obama background spells trouble ahead!

Question: Could it be true that there is a recent investigation into President Obama’s background that spells trouble for him and our country?

This recent article and/or blog post reveals the eye-opening, but not surprising answer to this question-You Decide:

New investigation into Obama background spells trouble ahead!Posted on The Examiner.com-By Anthony G. Martin-On April 28, 2010:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:

A brand new, in-depth investigation into the background of Barack Obama may spell big trouble ahead regarding the issue of Presidential eligibility.

The investigation was conducted by Northeast Intelligence Network—a team of experienced, professional private investigators whose services have been utilized by Fortune-500 companies.  The director, Douglas J. Hagmann, is a 23-year veteran in high-level investigations and is a member of the International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association.

Hagmann’s investigation into the background and Constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as President of the United States is extensive and thorough.  His conclusions are stunning.

For example, neither of Obama’s parents were citizens of the United States at the time of his birth.  Therefore, Obama would have to have been born on U.S. soil in order to qualify as a ‘natural born citizen’ according to the qualifications specified in the Constitution.

But Hagmann’s investigation reveals that, contrary to the notion of those who point to a short-form birth certificate in Hawaii, and 2 birth announcements in Hawaiian newspapers, neither of these factors proves anything at all about Obama’s status or citizenship:

  • the Certification of Live Birth is consistently cited by individuals, the media and others to prove the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein OBAMA.  Nonetheless, even an authenticated and genuine Certification of Live Birth is legally insufficient for the purpose of proving eligibility, as it merely represents that OBAMA’s birth record is on file in the state of Hawaii. It falls short of providing the information necessary to determine constitutional eligibility in at least two areas: it does not offer any information regarding who supplied the information, nor does it confirm the authenticity of the information provided. Again, it merely indicates that the information is “on file.”

In other words, the ‘certification of live birth’ as touted by Obama apologists and the mainstream media as ‘proof’ Obama meets the eligibility requirements of the Constitution actually proves nothing.

In addition, Hagmann disputes the notion that birth announcements in local Hawaiian newspapers provide proof:

  • Many who argue that Barack Hussein OBAMA II was born in Hawaii not only point to the COLB as direct evidence of eligibility, but they also point to two separate birth announcements that appear in the Honolulu Sunday Advertiser and the Star-Bulletin in 1961. Those doing so either fail to understand the legal definition of a natural born citizen as it applies to the eligibility factor, or are guilty of intentionally misdirecting the core issue. A birth announcement is simply that – a public announcement that a baby was born. The birth announcements do not provide any information about the child’s citizenship, cannot be authenticated, and hold no weight of evidence to support either side of the eligibility argument.

However, the key information in Hagmann’s report that casts doubts upon Obama’s eligibility is the fact that the very organizations that published the short-form certificate of live birth and the 2 birth announcements in newspapers have direct connections with Barack Obama.

The DailyKos is the primary suspect and the first entity to publish ‘proof’ of a birth certificate.  The DailyKos is an ultra-Leftwing hate-group that not only is ‘in the tank’ for Obama but smears and seeks to destroy those who oppose extremist, Leftwing initiatives in politics.

‘Fight the Smears,’ which also pointed to these 2 erroneous pieces of ‘evidence,’ is owned by ‘Organizing for America,’ which was originally named ‘Obama for America.’ This speaks for itself.

And finally, there is the much-hallowed ‘Factcheck.org’—supposedly an independent, non-partisan clearinghouse that separates truth from fiction in the media and on the Internet.  Hagmann’s investigation reveals that Factcheck is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, which receives its primary funding from the Annenberg Foundation.

Barack Obama was a founding member, chairman, and past President of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was also funded by the Annenberg Foundation.  Thus, the supposed ‘neutrality’ of Factcheck.org can safely be called into question.

The bottom line is that so far absolutely no positive proof has been provided that establishes that Barack Obama was born on American soil.

Why is this important? An individual who would spend millions of dollars hiding his background and pertinent documents from the public, and who would make false statements about his history, cannot be trusted to tell the American people the truth about what his policy initiatives are intended to do regarding the ‘fundamental change’ of America.”

Note: The following are eligibility introductory primers that relate to and/or support the above article and/or blog post-You Decide:

Obama Presidential Eligibility – An Introductory Primer!-Posted on PeoplesMag.net-By Stephen Tonchen-Revised on December 1, 2011:


Obama Eligibility PrimerPosted on WND.com-On September 7, 2010:



Note: What follows is a letter that was drafted by Mr. Lucas Daniel Smith and mailed to United States Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi on July 4, 2010, which provided her with a Certified True Copy of President Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate that he personally obtained in February 2009 from his birth hospital in Mombasa, Kenya-You Decide:

Letter addressed to United States Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi on July 4, 2010:


Note:  This is an article and/or blog post recently published by a Russian news outlet that relates to and/or supports the above articles and/or blog posts and letter-Suggest you take some time to read the revealing comments contained therein-You Decide:

No evidence of Hawaiian birth for AKA Obama. What about Kenya?Posted on PRAVADA-On September 19, 2010:


Pravda Does it Again; No evidence of Hawaiian birth for AKA Obama. What about Kenya?Posted on BirtherReport.com-On September 19, 2010:


NoteThese articles and/or blog posts and videos relate to and/or support the above articles and/or blog posts and letter-You Decide:

Judges: Court could review eligibility after Congress: State ruling suggests intervention, if any, after ‘processes have run their course’Posted on WND.com-By Bob Unruh-On October 26, 2010:


THE BIG LIST of eligibility ‘proofers’: ‘See those who have raised questions about legitimacy of Obama presidency’Posted on WND.com-On October 15, 2010:


Judge grants request to file Amicus Curiae Brief claiming health care bill null and void due to Obama’s ineligibilityPosted on Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On October 8, 2010:


Is Being a Born Citizen of the United States Sufficient to be President? The Founders and Framers Emphatically Decided It Was Not!-Posted on A Place to Ask Questions-By CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., (Retired), Lead Plaintiff, Kerchner v Obama & Congress-On September 17, 2010:


Enough’s enough: Obama has conceded ineligibilityPosted on WND.com-By Joseph Farah-On September 13, 2010:


The reckoning: This single report
could sink Obama’s presidency: ‘Free, landmark summary explains eligibility issue clearly,
suggests what you should do’Posted on WND.com-On September 7, 2010:


Newsweek Insults Barack Obama As an ‘Anchor Baby’-Posted on News Busters-By Brent Baker (Bio | Archive)-On September 3, 2010:


State Dept. confirms Obama dual citizen: ‘Counter-misinformation’ website aims to debunk birth controversyPosted on WND.com-By Jerome R. Corsi-On August 24, 2010:


The Presidential PoserPosted on Personal Liberty Digest-By Bob Livingston-On August 23, 2010:


Obama shows his passport!-Posted on WND.com-By Joseph Farah-On August 18, 2010:


“Certified Copy of Registration of Birth, # 8732, No. 47,044, District of Mombasa”: Barack Obama-Posted on The Coach is Right-By Kevin “Coach” Collins-Pn August 15, 2010:


Chris Matthews – a birther?-Posted on WND.com-By Joseph Farah-On August 11, 2010:


Retired general says Congress should give Obama ultimatum: “Message to president should be he needs to clear up cloud of doubt about eligibility”Posted on WND.com-By Bob Unruh-On August 10, 2010:


Obama has lost eligibility issue-Posted on WND.com-By Joseph Farah-On August 10, 2010:


Video: Obama’s Social Security Numbers-Posted on ImpeachObamaCampaign.com-By Ben-On August 10, 2010:


No birth certificate among passport documents: “Conspicuously missing from file stating Obama born in Hawaii”Posted on WND.com-By Jerome R. Corsi-On August 8, 2010:


CNN’s bad news for Obama: 6 of 10 doubt U.S. birth story-Poll numbers for those questioning eligibility status continue to risePosted on WND.com-By Bob Unruh-On August 4, 2010:


Video: Senate Candidate Hector Maldonado Shows that Obama’s Eligibility is unprovenPosted on ImpeachObamaCampaign.com-On July 24, 2010:


Senator: Resolve eligibility in court: ‘I support organizations’ that raise birth challengePosted on WND.com-On July 12, 2010:


Arizona Governor can force Obama to prove he’s eligible…or not!Posted The Post & Email-On July 11, 2010:


National Magazine says Obama not Born in U.S.Posted on ImpeachObamaCampaign.com-By Patrick-On July 3, 2010:


Appeals panel considers whether Obama is even American: “Case challenges eligibility for failure to provide proof of citizenship”Posted on WND.com-By Bob Unruh-On June 29, 2010:


Hawaii elections official victim of vicious smears-Honolulu clerk alleging cover-up: ‘They have failed quite miserably’Posted on WND.com-By Joe Kovacs-On June 28, 2010:


BREAKING NEWS/Hawaii Elections Clerk: Obama birth not here – Official who oversaw ballots in 2008 race says long-form birth certificate non-existent-Posted on BirtherReport.com-On June 10, 2010:


BREAKING NEWS/Ex-Hawaiian clerk: Obama birth certificate does not exist (video)Posted on YouTube.com-By Carl Gallups, Christian Pastor in Milton, Fla.-On June 10, 2010:


Election official: I’d testify Obama not born in Hawaii: “Clerk willing to swear in court about no hospital birth record”Posted on WND.com-By Joe Kovacs-On June 13, 2010:


**Obama Bombshell** Blue Hawaii: Health Department falsified Obama’s birth records!Posted on YouTube.com-By TheDrRJP-On June 25, 2010:


Kenyan official: “Obama born here”Posted on WND.com-By Drew Zahn-On April 11, 2010:


Obama’s Kenyan Birth CertificatePosted on 4Shared.com-By texbilld-On June 10, 2010:


Feds bash reliability of birth documents-Inspector general: Even certificates in doubt because of fraud potentialPosted on WND.com-By Bob Unruh-On June 21, 2010:


Videos: The International Boycott of Hawai’iPosted on www.BoycottHawaii.comBy Andy Martin:


U.S. Selective Service in Obama cover-up? “Mysterious Social Security Number now wreaks havoc in online search”Posted on WND.com-By Joe Kovacs-On May 23, 2010:


Obama eligibility lawsuits, Perkins Coie law firm, Obama for America April 2010 payouts, Obama not natural born citizen, Perkins Coie represents ObamaPosted on CitizenWells.com:


Breaking news;Lt. Col. Lakin Court Martial Hearing Set for June, 11, 2010, Open to the Public!Posted on BirtherReport.com-On May 12, 2010:


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Obama birth mystery: More than 1 hospital: “Myth-busting website, news articles say president not born in location he claims”Posted on WND.com-By Joe Kovacs-On July 7, 2010:


Affidavit and Tape-Proof Obama Born in KenyaPosted on YouTube.com-By Bigone5555J-On November 3, 2008:

Two Interviews of Sarah Obama (Barack’s Kenyan Paternal Grandmother) claiming Barack Obama was born in Kenya. The first interview was done from her home in Kenya after the third and final presidential debate. In this clip Bishop McRae questions Sarah Obama about her grandsons supposed birth in Kenya. Ms. Obama replies that he was indeed born in Kenya and that she was present at the birth. Ms. Obama’s grandson who is translating Bishop McRae’s questions vehmently disagrees with Sarah. Ms. Obama insists throughout the interview he was born in Kenya despite her grandson’s protest. The second interview was done for a profile piece on Barack Obama. Sarah Obama’s statements contradict the vital records produced by the Obama campaign to prove his eligibility for the Presidency.

This is part of the evidence submitted to the Supreme Court. I had a computer voice read the affidavit that was submitted with the tape, to the Court.

The tape is recorded off a mobile phone so it sounds like a single sidband transmission. Sarah Obama admitted that she was present when Barack Obama was born in Kenya. You can hear her voice near the end of the tape say “Obama Mombassa” when asked where he was born.


Barack Obama Born in Kenya?Posted on YouTube.com-By livingonplanetZ-October 08, 2008:

Everybody in Kenya seems to know something about Barack Obama, that Americans don’t know! Hear what they have to say about Barack Obama’s religion and where he was actually born. I guarantee you’ll find it interesting whichever political side you may be on. Remember that the United States Constitution requires that a President must be a “natural born” citizen of the United States – born to American parents on American soil! Stay up-to-date on the latest and hottest issue sparked by the revelations that Obama had posted a fake birth certificate on his website (the forgery was later confirmed as shown in another video. What is Barack Hussein Obama up to?

Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate-Posted on YouTube.com-By syc1959-ctober 16, 2008:


Kenyan Ambassador admits Obama born in KenyaPosted on YouTube.com-By Bigone5555J-On November 21, 2010:


Michelle Obama: Barack’s Home Country Is Kenya.mp4Posted on YouTube.com-By Terral03-On April 3, 2010:


Original Certificate of Live Birth from Hawaii is different from Obama’s COLB: “Document Contains Registrar’s Name, Issue Date and Raised Seal”Posted on ThePostEmail.com-By Sharon Rondeau-On April 25, 2010:


OBAMA DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS-Posted on YouTube.com-By OriginalSavagechick-On Febraury 23, 2010:


Note:  These recent videos provide us with indisputable evidence that the American public was brainwashed into believing that the President was a “natural born citizen” and that the Hawaii DOH COLB certificate that the Obama campaign posted on the internet was a copy of what they alleged was a “certified copy of his original birth certificate”-You Decide:

FRAUD IN THE USA (Part 1 of 4): The end of the birth certificate controversy!Posted on YouTube.com-By TheDrRJP-On April 30, 2010:


FRAUD IN THE USA (Part 2 of 4-Revised): The end of the birth certificate controversy!Posted on YouTube.com-By TheDrRJP-On May 5, 2010:


FRAUD IN THE USA (Part 3 of 4): The end of the birth certificate controversy!Posted on YouTube.com-By TheDrRJP-On May 3, 2010:


FRAUD IN THE USA (Part 4 of 4): The end of the birth certificate controversy!Posted on YouTube.com-By TheDrRJP-On April 30, 2010:


FRAUD IN THE USA Chapter 2-1: The illegitimate birth certificate!Posted on YouTube.com-By TheDrRJP-On May 6, 2010:

This is the video that blows the lid off the greatest document fraud in US political history.

In 36 days, it will have been two years since the Obama campaign posted a copy of what they alleged was a “certified copy of his original birth certificate.” What is the most unbelievable part is how many still believe it’s a real copy.


About the AuthorPosted on YouTube.com-By TheDrRJP-On April 30, 2010:


Note:  On May 7, 2010, I listened to Mr. Anderson Cooper’s Interview with LtCol Lakin and his defense attorney on CNN’s 360 and found his interview to be extremely deplorable and unprofessional.  Mr. Cooper confirmed what I have known for almost two years and that is that the main stream media, to include CNN, has been brainwashing and bulling the American public into believing that the President is a “natural born citizen” and that the Hawaiian DOH COLB certificate that the Obama campaign posted on the internet was a copy of what they allege to be a “certified copy of his original birth certificate”-You Decide:


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Extensive Research Into Senator Obama’s Background Completed on November 3, 2008:


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“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

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Question: Did the “South Park” incident cross the line in the sand, which is the ever-tightening limit that Muslim fundamentalists are imposing to choke off our freedoms?

The following article and/or blog post reveals the disturbing answer to this question-You Decide:

‘South Park’: Drawing a Line in the SandPosted on BigHollywood.BreitBart.com-By Mark Tapson-On April 27, 2010:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:

We sent a clear message to the West regarding the red lines that should not be crossed.”

That was the arrogant declaration of victory from the Organization of the Islamic Conference nearly two years ago, regarding the shrewdly orchestrated Muslim mayhem around the world protesting such infidel abominations as the Danish Muhammad cartoons and Geert Wilders’ short film Fitna.

“Red lines” indeed – a phrase chillingly reminiscent of Samuel Huntington’s famous observation that “Islam has bloody borders.” Except that the red lines the OIC is referring to aren’t geographical – they are the ever-tightening limits that Muslim fundamentalists are imposing to choke off our freedoms.

The influential OIC is the world’s largest Muslim assembly, consisting of 57 member states (you know, the same number of U.S. states candidate Obama campaigned in). Its primary aim is “conducting a large-scale worldwide effort to confront Islamophobia.” (As I’ve written here before, Islamophobia is a mythical beast that the OIC and collusive groups like CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, use to intimidate us into craven appeasement.) Their goal is to abridge our free speech by making criticism of Islam an international crime; their strategy works because the West has been so emasculated by multiculturalism that we’d rather embrace cultural suicide than offend the tender sensibilities of such violent barbarians as the Danish cartoon rioters.

Everyone is aware by now that Comedy Central’s South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were targeted by a not-so-subtle threat from Zachary “Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee” Chesser, the leader of a small New York-based group of fanatics at RevolutionMuslim.com. Chesser found the fearless South Park satirists guilty of an insulting depiction of Islam’s prophet Muhammad as someone who – wait for it – cannot be depicted without incurring death threats. To drive his point home, Chesser posted a picture of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh lying on an Amsterdam sidewalk, shot several times in broad daylight by an unrepentant Islamic fundamentalist, his throat cut, a machete stuck in his chest and a note calling for holy war pinned to him with a second knife. The message was clear – van Gogh had been executed for insulting Islam with his short film Submission, and now Parker and Stone can expect the same fate.

The site RevolutionMuslim.com is now down, but at the related RevolutionMuslim.blogspot.com is an exhaustingly wide-ranging, unapologetic declaration with the catchy title, “Clarifying the South Park Response and Calling on Others to Join in the Defense of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).” Far from backing off from the implied threat, the declaration’s poster – presumably Chesser – launches into an anti-American rant and a scholarly justification for Islam’s position that the punishment for blasphemy is death. He stresses that it is absolutely incumbent upon all Muslims to abide by sharia law, so any Muslim who “condones” South Park’s behavior does not possess “even the weakest of faith.” So much for moderate Islam.

But what about freedom of speech?As Muslims we do not define speech which has no place in a moral society as ‘free speech.’” Indeed, free speech “is not a value that the Muslims share with America as a whole.” The declaration closes with an ominous quote from Chesser’s idol Osama bin Laden: “If there is no check in the freedom of your words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions.” Well there it is, then. We can either curb our speech, or cross that red line and deal with the consequences from Muslims who are commanded, by Islamic law, to execute us.

In reporting on this controversy, the media have, as usual, resorted to their fallback narrative of describing Islamic fundamentalists as “loners” and “crazy people” who have hijacked what would otherwise be the Religion of Peace. The danger in these dismissive labels is that we mistakenly view the terrorists as isolated nut jobs, when in fact they are united by a common goal – the capitulation of the West and the establishment of sharia worldwide – and they are perfectly capable of articulating and ideologically justifying it. Whether the dozen or so members of Revolution Muslim and the 57-member states of the OIC are officially linked or not, they are working toward the same end.

CAIR’s ubiquitous spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper calls Revolution Muslim “an extreme fringe group” that is smearing Islam with its “outrageous, irresponsible” statements. But CAIR hasn’t issued a formal statement about the affair, ostensibly because it doesn’t want to give South Park any more attention. Too bad, because amid all this uproar, CAIR is throwing away a golden opportunity to explain exactly how these “crazies” have “hijacked” the religion. This would be the perfect time to discredit their “outrageous, irresponsible” distortions, wouldn’t it? And to stand with the South Park creators in defense of free speech?

Instead, Hooper would rather move on because “people are pretty tired of this whole ‘Let’s insult the prophet Muhammad thing.’” They are? I wasn’t aware that there even was a “whole ‘Let’s insult the prophet Muhammad thing.’” It’s not like it was ever a wildly popular fad, since anyone deemed to have insulted Muhammad ordinarily ends up dead or living under 24-hour guard.

Actually Mr. Hooper, what people are pretty tired of is Islamic violence and open intimidation, attacks on our freedoms and rights, and false charges of racism and Islamophobia. What people are pretty tired of, in short, is the whole, “Let’s behead those who insult Islam thing.”

The Los Angeles Times claims that such threats present a dilemma for media companies, who are “struggling to balance free speech with safety concerns and religious sensitivities.” This is giving them way too much credit. The media and the entertainment industry care absolutely nothing about religious sensitivities; if anything, they normally delight in mocking and sneering at faith, especially Christianity. But they treat Islam with kid gloves because, as Fox’s Bill O’Reilly said, “these people are killers and they will kill you.”

Nor do media companies care about free speech except when it suits them. They shut down politically inconvenient truths, such as Disney/ABC’s shameful suppression of The Path to 9/11 miniseries, which I have written about here. And they fold (like a Bedouin tent, as Mark Steyn hilariously put it) at the first hint of Muslim disapproval. No amount of Christian offense would compel Comedy Central to rein in South Park’s depiction of Jesus defecating on the American flag, but in the wake of the Revolution Muslim threat, Comedy Central decided to bleep over any subsequent reference to “Prophet Muhammad,” and his visual portrayal was replaced with a black “Censored” bar. There’s a reason Islam means “submission,” and Comedy Central has exemplified it.

And as for media companies’ “safety concerns”: every time they cave in to Islamist threats of violence, the terrorists win, as the corny saying goes. It quite simply encourages our enemy to ramp up the threats, which then endangers even more innocents.

The OIC boasted about “red lines that should not be crossed” – well, the time has come for Hollywood to stop placating these murderous zealots in its usual way, with knee-jerk self-censorship, and to draw a line in the sand of our own, against religious totalitarianism. In the absence of any government acknowledgement that fundamentalist Islam is a serious threat to our way of life, the entertainment industry must rally behind Parker and Stone, and take the lead in a cultural counteroffensive against the jihadists.

Unless Americans stand shoulder-to-shoulder against such assaults on our hard-won Western values, Islamic fundamentalists will continue to be more effective at importing sharia law than we are at exporting democracy. We must stand for our principles and freedoms with an even greater degree of unwavering fervor and cultural pride than the jihadists possess. Or make no mistake, we will all be witness to the slow, humiliating death of Western civilization.”

Note: What follows are numerous articles and/or blog posts and videos relate to and/or support the above article and/or blog post-You Decide:



Muslim Clerics – Kill All Who Insult Islam!Posted on Jihad Watch-By Raymond-On September 6, 2012:


Muslim Convert Who Tried to Join Terrorists Gets 25 YearsPosted on FoxNews.com-On February 24, 2011:


Huckabee: Obama Should Condemn Muslim Fatwa That Sent American Cartoonist into Hiding ‘Every Freedom-loving person should’ condemn threat made by Muslim jihadist’Posted on CNSNews.com—By Fred Lucas-On September 20, 2010:


Seattle Cartoonist Goes Into Hiding On FBI Advice: ‘Seattle Cartoonist Who Started “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” Goes Into Hiding On Advice Of FBI’Posted on CBSNews.com-By The Associated Press-On September 16, 2010:


First Death in Koran Furor as Thousands Protest in AfghanistanPosted on NewsMax.com-On September 10, 2010:


Citing Quran-Burning Threat, Islamic Body Wants U.N. to Outlaw ‘Offenses Against Religion’: ‘A leading international Islamic body said Thursday that the United Nations should outlaw ‘all forms of offense against religions.’Posted on CNSNews.com-By Patrick Goodenough-On September 10, 2010:


Veiled Threats at Ground Zero? Imam Rauf Warns of National Security ConsequencesPosted on PJTV-On September 10, 2010:


On Koran Burning, or at Least Credible ThreatsPosted on American Vision-By JOEL MCDURMON-On September 10, 2010:


The Eternal Flame of Muslim OutragePosted on Townhall-By Michelle Malkin ,Columnist’s Archive-On September 10, 2010:


Quran Burning Would Embarrass JesusPosted on Floyd Reports-By Floyd Brown-On September 10, 2010:


Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Rauf significantly raised the stakes: ‘Brigitte Gabriel participated in a heated debate with a friend of this imam on Sean Hannity’s radio program. The imam’s friend went so far as to say that the “smoke” caused by this controversy will cause “fire” against America’Audio Posted on Act for America-On September 9, 2010:


If Obama Treated Koran Burning like the Ground Zero Mosque-Posted on Floyd Reports-BY Ben Johnson-On September 9, 2010:


Video: Black Panthers Tell Koran Burners, “You Will Be A Target”-Posted on PatriotUpdate.com-On September 9, 2010:


Petraeus: Burning Quran Endangers Troops-Posted on NewsMax.com-On September 7, 2010:


Military burns unsolicited Bibles sent to AfghanistanPosted on CNN.com-On May 22, 2009:


‘Religion of Peace’ in Action: Muslim cleric calls for beheading of Dutch politicianPosted Yahoo News-By Ben Berkowitz-On September 3, 2010:


S.I.O.A. seminar @ the Tennessee Tea PartyPosted on YouTube.com-By JihadWatchVideo-On May 25, 2010:

“Pamela Geller delivers a wake-up call to the Tennessee Tea Party on behalf of Stop the Islamification of America, addressing hot button issues like the 9/11 mega-mosque at Ground Zero in New York City.”


Is the U.S. diplomatic and intelligence community being brainwashed in dealing with Islam?Posted on The RubenReports.blogspot.com-By Barry Rubin-On April 27, 2010:


Censoring of show hurts free speechPosted on GuamPDN.com-By KATHLEEN PARKER-On Aril 30, 2010:


The South Park Principle: Appeasing Jihadists & Cowardice Won’t Make Us SaferPosted on PJTV-On April 29, 2010:


Jihadi Echoes ObamaPosted on American Thinker-By Pamela Geller-On April 28, 2010:


Note:  The above articles and/or blog posts and videos relate to and/or support my following blog posts-You Decide:

Do Muslims need to look in the mirror?


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Federal judge confirms CAIR is Hamas!


Flight 93 Memorial Mosque!


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Radical Movement’s Leader Forecasts America’s Demise!


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Spitting in the Face of Everyone Murdered on 9/11!


The Islamic Infiltration: Inside Our Government, Armed With Our Secrets!


What are CAIRs obstructionist goals?


What do American Citizens Know About “Sharia Law” and is It Something That We Should Know More About?


White House Quietly Courts Muslims in U.S.!


Who ran cover for Obama’s Islamic background? ‘Tracing The Politics And The Money Behind Obama’s 2008 Campaign’!


Why is Obama Handing Out Millions of Dollars to Terrorist?


Where Is America Today?


Restoring Honor In America!


Washington Times Calls for Obama’s Impeachment!


A Nation Adrift Theme and Disclaimer:


“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

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Question: Is it true that President Obama lied about the new Arizona Immigration Law?

This article and/or blog post reveals the disturbing answer to this question-You Decide:

Obama’s Arizona Immigration Law Hypocritical LiePosted on The National Center For Public Policy Research Center-By Amy Ridenour-On April 28, 2010:


These are pertinent excerpts from this blog post:

“President Obama told a crowd in Ottumwa, Iowa:

  • Now,suddenly, if you don’t have your papers, and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to get harassed—that’s something that could potentially happen… That’s not the right way to go.

A lie, actually, unless you steal the ice cream or commit some other crime while doing so, and are here illegally, in which case, you have every reason to expect the federal government Obama heads to “harass” you as well.

The federal government’s Secure Communities Program checks the fingerprints of suspects during the process of a normal arrest, even when they are arrested by police officers in Arizona.

President Obama’s 2010 budget expands the Secure Communities program.

More on Secure Communities here; read a case of the nasty Arizona Maryland law enforcement authorities using it here.”

Note: These are the web sites, articles and/or blog posts relating to the federal government’s current Secure Communities Program mentioned above:

Obama and immigration: A lawsuit against Arizona?Posted on USA.com-By David Jackson-On April 28, 2010:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article:

We know President Obama doesn’t like the new Arizona immigration law.

The question is whether he is willing to sue over it.

The administration is assessing all options, “including the possibility of a court challenge,” Attorney General Eric Holder said yesterday. A lawsuit could play a major role in the Nov. 2 congressional elections.

The Arizona law basically requires all migrants to carry documentation. Defenders of the law say it reflects the federal failure to police the Mexican border. Critics say it exposes all Hispanic residents to police harassment.

Those critics include President Obama, who told a crowd in Iowa: “Now, suddenly, if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to get harassed—that’s something that could potentially happen … That’s not the right way to go.”

As for a potential lawsuit, Obama is deferring to the Justice Department and White House attorneys. “I think that the president will hear back from his team sooner than later,” spokesman Bill Burton said.

A lawsuit would have political ramifications. All across Washington, Democrats and Republicans are assessing how the immigration issue—turbo-charged by the Arizona law—will affect their chances with the growing Hispanic vote.

How might politics affect the decision to go to court? White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama is concerned with the impact of the law. “The president simply believes this is a fundamentally unfair law and has asked the Department of Justice to look into it,” Gibbs said.

This issue will play out for months—the law won’t take effect until 90 days after the Arizona Legislature adjourns.

The congressional elections are six months from Sunday.”

Secure Communities: MissionPosted on The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement web site-On August 13, 2009:


These are pertinent excerpts from this web site:

Secure Communities: A Comprehensive Plan to Identify and Remove Criminal Aliens is a Department of Homeland Security initiative that improves public safety by implementing a comprehensive, integrated approach to identify and remove criminal aliens from the United States. The Secure Communities Program Management Office coordinates all ICE planning, operational, technical, and fiscal activities devoted to transforming, modernizing, and optimizing the criminal alien enforcement process. ICE plans to spend $1.4 billion of Congressional appropriations for criminal alien enforcement efforts in FY 2009.

Secure Communities: A Comprehensive plan to Identify and Remove Criminal Aliens is built on three pillars that address specific challenges.”

Obama’s Controversial Two-Step Moves in Direction of Immigration ReformPosted on ImmigrationImpact.com-By Andrea Nill-On May 20, 2009:


These are the pertinent excerpts from this blog post:

“After boosting border enforcement, the Obama Administration recently announced that it will also increase funding for a troublesome program started by George W. Bush. The controversial program gives Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unregulated access to the immigration information of every person in local prisons across the United States.  Although Obama may be sending mixed signals as he paves a road to immigration reform—signals that frustrates many of his most steadfast supporters—he also understands that he must smooth the way for immigration reform by restoring the confidence of the American public and prove that the government is capable of upholding the rule of law.

Immigration enforcement is fundamentally a federal responsibility, but state and local governments can and should play a role in helping the federal government remove violent criminals from American society.  Obama’s focus on catching hardened criminals represents the right prioritization of resources that are being funneled in the wrong direction.  Rather than addressing the serious problems associated with the Bush Administration’s “Secure Communities” program, Obama’s 2010 budget, which allots $200 million for the program, seeks to expand rather than mend the deeply flawed initiative.

In an ideal world, Secure Communities would catch and deport undocumented immigrants who have committed serious crimes, rather than those who otherwise abide by the law. However, the terminal imperfections of the program are outlined by The National Immigration Law Center (NILC):

“Secure Communities has a deceptively benign appearance because of its name and purported focus on criminals. But the program applies to immigrants regardless of guilt or innocence, how or why they were arrested, and whether or not their arrests were based on racial or ethnic profiling or were just a pretext for checking immigration status.”

Without comprehensive immigration reform, the expansion of the Secure Communities program is essentially a slower and a more potentially devastating manifestation of “attrition through enforcement.”

Effective and meaningful oversight, resources, and implementation of the program are necessary to ensure that harmless immigrants don’t languish in jail.  Until comprehensive immigration reform is passed, it’s unlikely that the needed infrastructure for Secure Communities will be in place.

Yet, Obama’s pro-migrant critics shouldn’t lose hope.  While some may see his decisions as moving two steps forward and one or more steps back, the Obama administration sees its actions as necessary when it comes to making a strong case for comprehensive immigration legislation in the near future.  The White House agenda is on track with what Obama announced last month:

“If the American people don’t feel like you can secure the borders, then it’s hard to strike a deal that would get people out of the shadows and on a pathway to citizenship who are already here…The attitude of the average American is going to be, well, you’re just going to have hundreds of thousands of more coming in each year.”

The media has started equating Obama’s actions with back-tracking, progressives are questioning the integrity of his agenda, and hard-line immigration activists are questioning his loyalty. Yet, for once, it might make sense to take heed to anti-immigrant advocates who are approaching Obama with deep suspicion.  Mark Krikorian, an avid restrictionist, crudely proclaims that the move is “obviously intended to strengthen the administration’s hand in making the political case” for a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants, something that anti-immigrant advocates persistently misrepresent as mere “amnesty.” Restrictionists are counting on the failure of the Administration’s tactics.  Obama’s political calculations concerning comprehensive immigration reform may be costly and controversial, but to abandon a President who has repeatedly stated his commitment to fixing our immigration system could doom the prospects of reform altogether.”

D.C. area jurisdictions begin immigration checks on inmatesPosted on The Washington Post-By Josh White, Washington Post Staff Writer-On April 22, 2010:


These are the pertinent excerpts from this article:

Eight law enforcement agencies in Virginia and Maryland have recently joined a sweeping federal program that aims to identify and deport illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes.

The agencies join about 150 other jurisdictions in 19 states as part of a program the Obama administration hopes will be in all 3,100 local jails nationwide by 2013.

The Secure Communities program, part of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement effort to streamline how it identifies and removes criminal illegal immigrants, allows local law enforcement officers to check fingerprints against the FBI criminal database and the Department of Homeland Security’s biometric database. Officials hope that the system will more efficiently prevent serious criminals from being released back onto the streets.

Arlington, Fauquier, Loudoun and Stafford counties, along with the City of Alexandria, are the most recent additions to the program, ICE officials announced last week. They join Prince William and Fairfax counties in Virginia. A week earlier, officials announced that Frederick, St. Mary’s and Queen Anne’s counties in Maryland had joined the effort, which was underway in Prince George’s County. ICE officials said this week that they are working with the District to deploy the program as well.

“Secure Communities is a great tool in helping us to enforce the law and send a message that there is a cost to coming into the country illegally,” Neil H. MacBride, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, said in a statement. “In most cases, we are targeting those with a criminal background. We are taking them off the streets and out of our communities, and we are potentially deterring them from returning to the United States and committing further crimes.”

The new process automatically alerts federal officials when illegal immigrants are arrested and their fingerprints are compared to those in the databases, allowing the Department of Homeland Security to review the case and determine whether deportation is a priority. The Obama administration has said it wants to focus on illegal immigrants who commit serious or violent crimes.

Although advocates for immigrants fear the program could lead police to preemptively arrest people to check their immigration status, federal authorities say Secure Communities targets illegal immigrants who commit crimes and would have been arrested for them in any case. Fairfax Sheriff Stan G. Barry (D), who administered a year-long pilot of the program, praised its ability to help identify threats to the community and have them removed.

Likewise, Loudoun County Sheriff Stephen O. Simpson (I) believes the program will help his county.

“Secure Communities will only improve our local efforts in removing criminal aliens from the country who are involved in gang activity and other serious crimes in our community,” Simpson said in a news release.

According to ICE, since the program was implemented in October 2008, more than 18,800 illegal immigrants charged with crimes such as murder, rape and kidnapping have been identified. More than 4,000 of those people have been removed from the country.

ICE officials hope to continue to expand the program’s reach and expect it to be a nationwide resource by the end of 2013.”

MD Woman Faces Deportation After Selling Phone Cards Without A License: “Residents protest outside PG County jail”Posted on MyFoxDC.com-By BOB BARNARD/myfoxdc-On April 26, 2010:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article:

“UPPER MARLBORO, Md. – A 26-year-old Maryland mother of three children is at the center of a deportation fight that is being used to highlight a new law enforcement tool critics claim is being misused to target illegal immigrants.

Here’s the back story: Florinda Fabiola Lorenzo-DeSimilian was arrested at her home last Tuesday for allegedly selling $2 phone cards without a license – a misdemeanor. Her fingerprints were taken when she was booked into the Prince George’s County Correctional Center. Those prints were sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI forwarded them to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). There was a hit. Sources say ICE had placed a hold order on Lorenzo-DeSimilian in 2004 for overstaying her visa. She was released from jail last Friday pending a deportation hearing.

On Monday night, CASA of Maryland staged a protest outside the Prince George’s County jail. About 60 members of the county’s Latino community are calling attention to Lorenzo-DeSimilian’s case. They’re blaming correctional officials for sending her fingerprints to the FBI.

Prince George’s County is taking part in a new U.S. Homeland Security program called Secure Communities targeting violent criminals. Police officials say it has nothing to do with enforcing federal immigration laws, but acknowledge people charged with misdemeanor crimes will sometimes have their fingerprints sent to the FBI.”

Note: These web sites, articles and/or blog posts and videos relate to and/or support the above articles and/or blog posts-You Decide:

Law Professor to Congress: Obama’s Failure to Enforce Immigration Law Is ‘Dereliction of Duties’Posted on CNSNews.com-By Penny Starr-On March 02, 2011:


Islamization and Mexicanization — two designs, same architectsPosted on Laigle’s Forum-By Don Hank-On October 29, 2010:


Ariz. Border Sheriff: Obama’s ‘Got His Hands Wrapped Around Our Throat’Posted on CNSNews.com-By Terence P. Jeffrey-On October 01, 2010:


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“Food For Thought”

“God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

Semper Fi!

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Question:  Could it be true that Dr. James David Manning originated a Columbia Obama Treason Trial scheduled for May 14-19, 2010 to reveal the Obama, Columbia University and CIA cover up?

The following videos and website reveal detailed and eye-opening information relating to this trial-You Decide:

I. Video: CIA Columbia Obama Cover Up!-Posted on YouTube.com-By ATLAHWorldwide-On February 17, 2010:

Hon. James David Manning says Barack Hussein “The Long Legged Mack Daddy” Obama was a C.I.A. operative who used Columbia University as a cover to go to Pakistan in 1981 when the CIA and the Mujahideen worked together against the Soviet Invasion. Obama supplied arms, logistics, and money using his Muslim background.


II. Video: OBAMA LINK TO AL-QAEDA?-Posted on YouTube.com-By 91177info-On March 9, 2010:


III. Video: BARACK OBAMA IS A CIA CREATION!-Posted on YouTube.com-By ricthuse-On September 18, 2010:


IV. Video: Court Orders Obama To Resign In 90 Days!Posted on YouTube.com-By ATLAHWorldwide-On Jan 31, 2011:


V. Video: Obama The CIA Made Man!Posted on YouTube.com-By ATLAHWorldwide-On April 22, 2011:


VI. Video: Obama is in a Poll Hole: Get a Shovel and Throw Dirt!Posted on YouTube.com-By ATLAHWorldwide-On May 21, 2011:


VII. Video: Proof Positive Obama was Never in Harlem!-Posted on ATLAHWorldwide-On August 1, 2012:


For more information relating to the CIA Columbia Obama Trial go to:


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I. Wayne Allyn Root’s Million-Dollar Challenge:  “The Libertarian VP candidate wants Barack Obama to release his grades”!Posted on Reason Magazine-By Matt Welch-On September 5, 2008:

Wayne Allyn Root former liberatarian VP candidate, offered Obama $1million to show his transcripts, because as president of the ‘83 political science class at Columbia, he nor anyone else, remembers Obama ever going there. Of course Obama ignored the proposal. And Obama says he too graduated ‘83 political science.

Root said, “I think the most dangerous thing you should know about Barack Obama is that I don’t know a single person at Columbia that knows him, and they all know me. I don’t have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia. Ever!”
 The lack of Columbia attachments and documents, falls into the category of the “unspeakables” along with his obvious ineligibility because he was born and is still a British citizen, thus not a natural born citizen.


II. Obama Classmate: Obama’s Agenda Is To Turn The United States Into A Socialist/Marxist State!Posted on Review Journal-By Wayne Allyn Root-On June 6, 2010:




IV. Come On, Mitt, Get Going On “Obama’s” Achilles Heel-Columbia, Grades, Scholarships, Foreign Student, etc.!-Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On September 21, 2012:


Note:   The above articles and/or blog posts, website and videos relate to and/or support my following blog post of April 18, 2009-You Decide:

Question:  Could it be true that President Obama while attending Columbia University was hired by Brzezinski, a CIA expert on the Soviet Union that taught International Relations (IR) and was head of the Institute for Communist Affairs at Columbia, which is why the Courts and Congress are silent when it comes to his U.S. citizenship eligibility status?

The following eye-opening blog post reveals that President Obama was one of 8 students that was selected to study Sovietology in Columbia’s IR program under Brzezinski, one of the CIA’s top-ranking officers, and was heavily influenced by him, which resulted in President Obama being hired by him and allegedly sent him to Pakistan in 1981 under the US Government’s CIA faction-You Decide:

The Real-Deal About Obama And Congressional/Court Silence!-By Defendusx-On April 1, 2009:

These are pertinent excerpts from this blog post:

“Obama is a Spook. I don’t mean that in the racist sense of the word.

Obama’s mother was/is a CIA officer.

Obama was one of 8 students selected to study Sovietology in Columbia’s IR program under Brzezinski, one of the CIA’s top- ranking officers. This is how the CIA partners with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as Brzezinski was also appointed director of the CFR, by David Rockefeller when the CFR was first created.

The following research information came from The Obama Timeline by Don Fredrick. I highly recommend this timeline to anyone really wanting to know Obama (and not going by what he says):

“Obama meets Zbigniew Brzezinski while at Columbia. Brzezinski, a CIA expert on the Soviet Union, teaches international relations and is the head of the Institute for Communist Affairs at Columbia. Obama is heavily influenced by Brzezinski, who would later, as National Security Advisor for President Jimmy Carter, be instrumental in encouraging America’s betrayal of the Shah of Iran (which then led to the takeover of Iran by Ayatollah Khomeini, the 444-day American hostage debacle, and the rise of Ahmadinejad).”

Obama was sent by the US government (CIA faction) to Pakistan in 1981.”

Note:  What follows is a blog post by Don Frederick, author of “The Obama Timeline,” along with other blog posts that relate to and/or further support the above blog post-You Decide:

Obama’s Relationship with Zbigniew Brzezinski:

I. Obama’s spring break in Pakistan!Posted on The Obama Timeline… and thoughts on restoring American liberties-By Don Fredrick-On September 14, 2008:


II. Obama – government and military connections?Posted on aangirfan-On January 8, 2009:


III. Zbigniew Brzezinski-Posted on Source Watch:


IV. Henry KissingerPosted on Wikipedia:


Note: These are current/updated excerpts and/or information from the website mentioned in the above blog post from April 1, 2009:

The Obama Timeline… and thoughts on restoring American liberties!-By Don Fredrick:


The Obama Timeline: Part I (8/4/1961 through his first 100 days) (638 pages of ammunition in the battle against deception, fraud, and collectivism!)


The Obama Timeline: Part II (Day 101 – 09/18/2012) (Updated on a daily basis by author Don Fredrick)


The Condensed Obama Timeline 1959–1995:


The Obama Timeline has more than 35,000 online references, and parts I and II combined exceed 5,000 pages. Nowhere will you find a more complete history of Obama’s activities, from his birth to the present. The Timeline is updated on a daily basis – if it’s in the news and it is related to Obama, it is in the Timeline.

I scour the Internet, newspapers, magazines, and television reports every day, and then distill all the important stories to a few pages that you can read in just a few minutes. I do the research so that you do not have to. Just click on the current month in Part II of the Timeline and look for the text that is highlighted in yellow – that is the new text that was added at the end of the previous day.

Please tell your friends about the Timeline. Removing Obama from the White House cannot be accomplished unless the voters know about his radical past and his anti-American policies… and the Timeline is the best place to learn about both.

By Don Fredrick at: www.colony14.net (Contact the author at: colony14@gmail.com)”

Continue Reading:


Note:  The following websites give you more eye-opening information regarding Operation Ajax mentioned above-You Decide:

America, Iran, and Operation Ajax: The Burden of the Past:


Google.com Archive Search:


Communists started infiltrating the CIA most notably in the 1970s. Brzezinski is a Marxist and Obama mentor (and now part of his administration and inner circle).

So, you see what is happening now, this same CIA faction (which many top CIA officers are also members of the CFR and Trilateral Commission) are toppling the US government!

They have only toppled dozens of smaller governments to date, but with one of their recruits in the Whitehouse, they feel confident in taking down the US.

Some things to note:

  • Obama ran for state office and his opponent quit the race before the election.
  • Obama ran for US Senate, and his opponent quit the race before the election.
  • Obama ran for President and his foreign policy chief was, who else, one of the CIA’s top officers, Brzezinski.
Note:   For more eye-opening information on Brzezinski refer to the following articles and/or blog posts-You Decide:
The Muslim Terrorist Apparatus was Created by US Intelligence as a Geopolitical Weapon:


Brzezinski: ‘Hell, There Could Be Even Riots’:


Also, McCain (maybe on purpose) slipped on Larry King and said Obama will be the next President, and this was when he was leading by 1 pt in the credible Polls (Zogby etc.)

It is also why McCain near the end of his campaign started telling the people of America to “Stand-up and fight for America. It is the greatest country in the world, fight for her.”

And, like in the past, the Muslim brotherhood and Muslim intelligence agencies have been fooling this CIA faction by placing their props in a position for CIA recruitment. In other words, putting their guy in front of the right people at the CIA (Brzezinski) to be noticed and recruited.

Does this make Obama a dual agent for both the CIA NWO (New World Order) objective AND the radical Islam (world order under Islam) objective?

In effect it does, and this is why you’re seeing Obama do both agendas simultaneously. Eventually, one will collide with the other, but the people of the USA don’t have that long to wait before their freedoms are eroded. The time to step-up is now.

Only, we the people can stop this by demanding Obama prove his eligibility. Time is running out.

Note: What follows are articles and/or blog posts that reveal President Obama and his family’s connection to the CIA, along with a video regarding his Indonesian Citizenship and Connecticut SS Number, which relate to and/or further support the above articles and/or blog posts and videos-You Decide:

I. Bombshell:Barack Obama Conclusively Outed As CIA Creation!-Posted on InfoWars.com-By Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes,
August 18, 2010:


These are pertinent excerpts from this article and/or blog post:


Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes


August 18, 2010

“Tonight is a particular honor for me because, let’s face it, my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely. My father was a foreign student, born and raised in a small village in Kenya. He grew up herding goats, went to school in a tin-roof shack. His father — my grandfather — was a cook, a domestic servant to the British. But my grandfather had larger dreams for his son. Through hard work and perseverance my father got a scholarship to study in a magical place, America, that shone as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to so many who had come before.” 

-Barack Obama, 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address

Far from being the mere ‘son of a goat herder’ (as he deceptively paraded during and even before his candidacy), strong evidence has emerged that President Barack Obama is the product of the intelligence community. Investigative reporter and former NSA employee Wayne Madsen has put together an extensive three-part (and growing) series with conclusive proof and documentation that Barack Obama Sr., Stanley Ann Dunham, Lolo Soetoro and President Barack Obama himself all hold deep ties to the CIA and larger intelligence community. And that’s just the beginning.

After his election, President Obama quickly moved to seal off his records via an executive order. Now, after two years of hints and clues, there is substantial information to demonstrate that what Obama has omitted is that his rare rise to power can only be explained by his intelligence roots. However, this is more than the story of one man or his family. There is a long-term strategic plan to recruit promising candidates into intelligence and steer these individuals and their families into positions of influence and power. Consider that it is now declassified former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was recruited into MI5 before becoming a labour leader, or that George H. W. Bush not only became CIA director in 1976 but had a deeper past in the organization. While we may never know many pertinent details about these matters, one thing that is certain is that the American people have never been told the truth about who holds the real power, nor who this president– and likely many others– really is. Thus, we urge everyone to read Wayne Madsen’s deep report and seek the truth for yourself.

The Story of Obama: All in The Company (In Three Parts)

Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen Report

August 16, 2010

PART 1: The Story of Obama: All in The Company (Part I)

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has discovered CIA files that document the agency’s connections to institutions and individuals figuring prominently in the lives of Barack Obama and his mother, father, grandmother, and stepfather. The first part of his report highlights the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and the CIA-sponsored operations in Kenya to counter rising Soviet and Chinese influence among student circles and, beyond, to create conditions obstructing the emergence of independent African leaders.

From 1983-84, Barack Obama worked as Editor at Business Internation Corporation, a Business International Corporation, a known CIA front company.

President Obama’s own work in 1983 for Business International Corporation, a CIA front that conducted seminars with the world’s most powerful leaders and used journalists as agents abroad, dovetails with CIA espionage activities conducted by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham in 1960s post-coup Indonesia on behalf of a number of CIA front operations, including the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Ford Foundation. Dunham met and married Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather, at the East-West Center in 1965. Soetoro was recalled to Indonesia in 1965 to serve as a senior army officer and assist General Suharto and the CIA in the bloody overthrow of President Sukarno.

Barack Obama, Sr., who met Dunham in 1959 in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii, had been part of what was described as an airlift of 280 East African students to the United States to attend various colleges — merely “aided” by a grant from the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation, according to a September 12, 1960, Reuters report from London. The airlift was a CIA operation to train and indoctrinate future agents of influence in Africa, which was becoming a battleground between the United States and the Soviet Union and China for influence among newly-independent and soon-to-be independent countries on the continent.

The airlift was condemned by the deputy leader of the opposition Kenyan African Democratic Union (KADU) as favoring certain tribes — the majority Kikuyus and minority Luos — over other tribes to favor the Kenyan African National Union (KANU), whose leader was Tom Mboya, the Kenyan nationalist and labor leader who selected Obama, Sr. for a scholarship at the University of Hawaii. Obama, Sr., who was already married with an infant son and pregnant wife in Kenya, married Dunham on Maui on February 2, 1961 and was also the university’s first African student. Dunham was three month’s pregnant with Barack Obama, Jr. at the time of her marriage to Obama, Sr.

The CIA allegedly recruited Tom M’Boya in a heavily funded “selective liberation” programme to isolate Kenya’s founding President Jomo Kenyatta, who the American spy agency labelled as “unsafe.”

KADU deputy leader Masinda Muliro, according to Reuters, said KADU would send a delegation to the United States to investigate Kenyan students who received “gifts” from the Americans and “ensure that further gifts to Kenyan students are administered by people genuinely interested in Kenya’s development.’”

Mboya received a $100,000 grant for the airlift from the Kennedy Foundation after he turned down the same offer from the U.S. State Department, obviously concerned that direct U.S. assistance would look suspicious to pro-Communist Kenyan politicians who suspected Mboya of having CIA ties. The Airlift Africa project was underwritten by the Kennedy Foundation and the African-American Students Foundation. Obama, Sr. was not on the first airlift but a subsequent one. The airlift, organized by Mboya in 1959, included students from Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, and Nyasaland.

Reuters also reported that Muliro charged that Africans were “disturbed and embittered” by the airlift of the selected students. Muliro “stated that “preferences were shown to two major tribes [Kikuyu and Luo] and many U.S.-bound students had failed preliminary and common entrance examinations, while some of those left behind held first-class certificates.”

Obama, Sr. was a friend of Mboya and a fellow Luo. After Mboya was assassinated in 1969, Obama, Sr. testified at the trial of his alleged assassin. Obama, Sr. claimed he was the target of a hit-and-run assassination attempt after his testimony.

CIA-airlifted to Hawaii, Barack Obama Sr., with leis, stands with Stanley Dunham, President Obama’s grandfather, on his right.

Obama, Sr., who left Hawaii for Harvard in 1962, divorced Dunham in 1964. Obama, Sr. married a fellow Harvard student, Ruth Niedesand, a Jewish-American woman, who moved with him to Kenya and had two sons. They were later divorced. Obama, Sr. worked for the Kenyan Finance and Transport ministries as well as an oil firm. Obama, Sr. died in a 1982 car crash and his funeral was attended by leading Kenyan politicians, including future Foreign Minister Robert Ouko, who was murdered in 1990.

CIA files indicate that Mboya was an important agent-of-influence for the CIA, not only in Kenya but in all of Africa. A formerly Secret CIA Current Intelligence Weekly Summary, dated November 19, 1959, states that Mboya served as a check on extremists at the second All-African People’s Conference (AAPC) in Tunis. The report states that “serious friction developed between Ghana’s Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah and Kenyan nationalist Tom Mboya who cooperated effectively last December to check extremists at the AAPC’s first meeting in Accra.” The term “cooperated effectively” appears to indicate that Mboya was cooperating with the CIA, which filed the report from field operatives in Accra and Tunis. While “cooperating” with the CIA in Accra and Tunis, Mboya selected the father of the president of the United States to receive a scholarship and be airlifted to the University of Hawaii where he met and married President Obama’s mother.

An earlier CIA Current Intelligence Weekly Summary, secret, and dated April 3, 1958, states that Mboya “still appears to be the most promising of the African leaders.” Another CIA weekly summary, secret and dated December 18, 1958, calls Mboya the Kenyan nationalist an “able and dynamic young chairman” of the People’s Convention party who was viewed as an opponent of “extremists” like Nkrumah, supported by “Sino-Soviet representatives.”

In a formerly Secret CIA report on the All-Africa Peoples Conference in 1961, dated November 1, 1961, Mboya’s conservatism, along with that of Taleb Slim of Tunisia, are contrasted to the leftist policies of Nkrumah and others. Pro-communists who were elected to the AAPC’s steering committee at the March 1961 Cairo conference, attended by Mboya, are identified in the report as Abdoulaye Diallo, AAPC Secretary General, of Senegal; Ahmed Bourmendjel of Algeria; Mario de Andrade of Angola; Ntau Mokhele of Basutoland; Kingue Abel of Cameroun; Antoine Kiwewa of Congo (Leopoldville); Kojo Botsio of Ghana; Ismail Toure of Guinea; T. O. Dosomu Johnson of Liberia; Modibo Diallo of Mali; Mahjoub Ben Seddik of Morocco; Djibo Bakari of Niger; Tunji Otegbeya of Nigeria; Kanyama Chiume of Nyasaland; Ali Abdullahi of Somalia; Tennyson Makiwane of South Africa, and Mohamed Fouad Galal of the United Arab Republic.

The only attendees in Cairo who were given a clean bill of health by the CIA were Mboya, who appears to have been a snitch for the agency, and Joshua Nkomo of Southern Rhodesia, B. Munanka of Tanganyika, Abdel Magid Shaker of Tunisia, and John Kakonge of Uganda.

Nkrumah would eventually be overthrown in a 1966 CIA-backed coup while he was on a state visit to China and North Vietnam. The CIA overthrow of Nkrumah followed by one year the agency’s overthrow of Sukarno, another coup that was connected to President Obama’s family on his mother’s side. There are suspicions that Mboya was assassinated in 1969 by Chinese agents working with anti-Mboya factions in the government of Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta in order to eliminate a pro-U.S. leading political leader in Africa. Upon Mboya’s death, every embassy in Nairobi flew its flag at half-mast except for one, the embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

Jomo Kenyatta, first President of Kenya.

Mboya’s influence in the Kenyatta government would continue long after his death and while Obama, Sr. was still alive. In 1975, after the assassination of KANU politician Josiah Kariuki, a socialist who helped start KANU, along with Mboya and Obama, Sr., Kenyatta dismissed three rebellious cabinet ministers who “all had personal ties to either Kariuki or Tom Mboya.” This information is contained in CIA Staff Notes on the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, formerly Top Secret Umbra, Handle via COMINT Channels, dated June 24, 1975. The intelligence in the report, based on its classification, indicate the information was derived from National Security Agency intercepts in Kenya. No one was ever charged in the assassination of Kariuki.

The intecepts of Mboya’s and Kariuki’s associates are an indication that the NSA and CIA also maintain intercepts on Barack Obama, Sr., who, as a non-U.S. person, would have been lawfully subject at the time to intercepts carried out by NSA and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

PART 2:  Special Report. The Story of Obama: All in The Company – Part II

In Part I of this WMR special report, we revealed the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and the CIA-affiliated Airlift Africa project to provide college degrees to and gain influence over a group of 280 eastern and southern African students from soon-to-be independent African nations to counter similar programs established by the Soviet Union and China. Barack Obama Sr. was the first African student to attend the University of Hawaii. Obama Sr. and Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham met in a Russian language class in 1959 and they married in 1961.

The African airlift program was administered by Kenyan nationalist leader Tom Mboya, a fellow Luo tribe mentor and friend of the senior Obama. According to CIA documents described in Part I, Mboya also served the CIA in ensuring that pro-Soviet and pro-Chinese African nationalists were stymied in their attempt to dominate pan-African nationalist political, student, and labor movements.

One of Mboya’s chief opponents was Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah, who was ousted in a CIA-inspired coup in 1966, one year before to Obama Sr’s son, Barack Obama, Jr. and his mother joined Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian who Obama’s mother met at the University of Hawaii in 1965, when President Obama was four years old.

In 1967, Obama and his mother joined her husband in Jakarta. In 1965, Lolo Soetoro had been called back from Hawaii by General Suharto to serve as an officer in the Indonesian military to help launch a bloody CIA-backed genocide of Indonesian Communists and Indonesian Chinese throughout the expansive country. Suharto consolidated his power in 1966, the same year that Barack Obama, Sr.’s friend, Mboya, had helped to rally pro-U.S. pan-African support for the CIA’soverthrow of Nkrumah in Ghana in 1966.

East-West Center, University of Hawaii, and CIA coup against Sukarno:

Ann Dunham met Soetoro at the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii. The center had long been affiliated with CIA activities in the Asia-Pacific region. In 1965, the year that Dunham met and married Soetoro, the center saw a new chancellor take over. He was Howard P. Jones who served a record seven years, from 1958 to 1965, as U.S. ambassador to Indonesia. Jones was present in Jakarta as Suharto and his CIA-backed military officers planned the 1965 overthrow of Sukarno, who was seen, along with the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), as allies of China.

When Jones was chancellor of the East-West Center, he wrote an article for the Washington Post, dated October 10, 1965, in which he defended Suharto’s overthrow of Sukarno. Jones was “invited” by the Post to comment on the Suharto coup, described as a “counter-coup” against the Communists. Jones charged that Suharto was merely responding to an earlier attempted Communist-led coup against Sukarno launched by Lt. Col. Untung, “a relatively unknown battalion commander in the palace guard.”

Jones’s article, which mirrored CIA situation reports from the U.S. embassy in Jakarta, continued by stating that the alleged leftist coup on September 30 ”came within an inch of succeeding through the assassination of six of the top military command. It might well have succeeded had not Defense Minister Nasution and a number of other senior generals also maked for assassination acted fast in a dramatic counter-coup.” Of course, what Jones did not inform the Post’s readers was that the Suharto “counter-coup” had been assisted with the strong help of the CIA.

Sukarno never blamed the Communists for the assassination of the army generals nor did the Indonesian Cabinet, where the second= and third-ranking leaders of the PKI were present. The possibility that the assassination of the generals was a CIA/Suharto “false flag” operation to affix blame on the PKI cannot be ruled out. Two days after Suharto’s coup, a CIA “rent-a-mob” burned down the PKI headquarters in Jakarta. As they marched past the U.S. Embassy, which was also the site of the CIA station, they yelled out, “Long live America!”

Untung later said that when he became aware that Suharto and the CIA were planning a coup on October 5, 1965 – Indonesian Armed Forces Day – forces loyal to him and Sukarno moved first. Jones described this as “typical Communist propaganda.” Suharto moved against Sukarno on October 1. Jones iterated that “there was not an iota of truth . . . in the accusation that the CIA was working against Sukarno.” History has proven otherwise. Jones accused the Communists of taking advantage of Sukarno’s failing health to beat out the other candidates to succeed him. The goal, according to Jones, was to have PKI boss D.N. Aidit succeed Sukarno. Sukarno did not die until 1970, while under house arrest.

A CIA paper, formerly classified Secret and undated, states “Sukarno would like to return to the status quo ante-coup. He has refused to condemn the PKI or the 30th September Movement [of Lt. Col. Untung]; instead, he calls for unity of Indonesia and asks that no vengeance be taken by one group against the other. But, he has not succeeded in forcing the Army to abandon its anti-PKI activities and, on the other hand, he has bowed to their demand by appointing its single candidate General Suharto as head of the Army.” Suharto and Barry Obama Soetoro’s step-father Lolo Soetoro would ignore Sukarno’s call for no vengeance, as hundreds of thousands of Indonesians would soon discover.

The mass murder by Suharto of Indonesian Chinese is seen in the CIA paper’s description of the Baperki Party: “the leftist Baperki Party, with its major strength in rural areas, is largely Chinese-Indonesian in membership.” A CIA Intelligence Memorandum, dated October 6, 1966 and formerly classified Secret, shows the extent of the CIA’s monitoring of the anti-Sukarno coup from various CIA agents assigned as liaisons to Suharto’s army units surrounding the Presidential Palace in Bogor and at various diplomatic posts around the country, including the U.S. Consulate in Medan, which was keeping track of leftists in that Sumatran city and, which, in an October 2, 1965, Intelligence Memo, reported to the CIA that the “Soviet consul-general in Medan has a plane standing by that could be used for evacuation of Soviet citizens from Sumatra.” The October 6 memo also warns against allowing Untung from developing a following in Central Java.

A CIA formerly Secret “Weekly Summary Special Report” on Indonesia, dated August 11, 1967, and titled “The New Order in Indonesia,” reports that in 1966, Indonesia re-aligned its economy in order to receive International Monetary Fund (IMF) assistance. The CIA reports its is happy with the new triumvirate ruling Indonesia in 1967: Suharto, Foreign Minister Adam Malik, and the Sultan of Jogjakarta, who served as minister for economics and finance. The report also rejoices in the outlawing of the PKI, but states it “retains a significant following in East and Central Java,” where Ann Dunham Soetoro would largely concentrate her later efforts on behalf of USAID, the World Bank, and the Ford Foundation, all front activities for the CIA to “win the hearts and minds” of the Javanese farmers and artisans.

A CIA Intelligence Memorandum, formerly Secret and dated July 23, 1966, clearly sees the Muslim Nahdatul Ulama party {NU), the largest party in Indonesia and Muslim, as a natural ally of the United States and the Suharto regime. The report states that helped Suharto put down the Communists in the post-coup time frame, especially where the NU was strongest: East Java, where Obama’s mother would concentrate her activities, and North Sumatra and parts of Borneo. An April 29, 1966, formerly Secret CIA Intelligence Memorandum on the PKI states: “Moslem extremists in many instances outdid the army in hunting down and murdering members of the party [PKI] and its front groups.”

Dunham and Barry Soetoro in Jakarta and USAID front activities:

Having A Supply Of Healthy Foods That Last Just Makes Sense

Dunham dropped out of the University of Hawaii in 1960 while pregnant with Barack Obama. Barack Obama Sr. left Hawaii in 1962 to study at Harvard. Dunham and Obama divorced in 1964. In the fall of 1961, Dunham enrolled at the University of Washington while caring for her infant son. Dunham was re-enrolled at the University of Hawaii from 1963 to 1966. Lolo Soetoro, who Dunham married in March 1965, departed Hawaii for Indonesia on July 20, 1965, some three months prior to the CIA’s coup against Sukarno. Soetoro, who served Suharto as an Army colonel, was clearly called back from the CIA-connected East-West Center to assist in the coup against Sukarno, one that would eventually cost the lives of some one million Indonesian citizens. It is a history that President Obama would like the press to ignore, which it certainly did during the 2008 primary and general election.

In 1967, after arriving in Indonesia with Obama, Jr., Dunham began teaching English at the American embassy in Jakarta, which also housed one of the largest CIA stations in Asia and had significant satellite stations in Surabaya in eastern Java and Medan on Sumatra. Jones left as East-West Center chancellor in 1968.

In fact, Obama’s mother was teaching English for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which was a major cover for CIA activities in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia, especially in Laos, South Vietnam, and Thailand. The USAID program was known as Lembaga Pendidikan Pembinaan Manajemen. Obama’s mother, painted as a free spirit and a “sixties child” by President Obama and people who claimed they knew her in Hawaii and Indonesia, had a curriculum vitae in Indonesia that contradicts the perception that Ann Dunham Soetoro was a “hippy.”

Dunham Soetoro’s Russian language training at the University of Hawaii may have been useful to the CIA in Indonesia. An August 2, 1966, formerly Secret memorandum from the National Security Council’s Executive Secretary Bromley Smith states that, in addition to Japan, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, the Suharto coup was welcomed by the Soviet Union and its Eastern European allies because its created a non-aligned Indonesia that “represents an Asian counterweight to Communist China.” Records indicate that a number of CIA agents posted in Jakarta before and after the 1965 coup were, like Dunham Soetoro, conversant in Russian.

Dunham Soetoro worked for the elitist Ford Foundation, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Bank Rakyat (the majority government-owned People’s Bank of Indonesia), and the CIA-linked USAID while she lived in Indonesia and later, Pakistan.

USAID was involved in a number of CIA covert operations in Southeast Asia. The February 9, 1971, Washington Star reported that USAID officials in Laos were aware that rice supplied to the Laotian Army by USAID was being re-sold to North Vietnamese army divisions in the country. The report stated that the U.S. tolerated the USAID rice sales to the North Vietnamese since the Laotian Army units that sold the rice found themselves protected from Communist Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese attack. USAID and the CIA also used the supply of rice to force Laotian Meo tribesmen to support the United States in the war against the Communists. USAID funds programmed for civilians injured in the war in Laos and public health care were actually diverted for military purposes.

In 1971, the USAID-funded Center for Vietnamese Studies at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale was accused of being a CIA front. USAID-funded projects through the Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities (MUCIA) — comprising the Universities of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and Michigan State — were accused of being CIA front projects, including those for “agricultural education” in Indonesia, as well as other “projects” in Afghanistan, Mali, Nepal, Nigeria, Thailand, and South Vietnam. The charge was made in 1971, the same year that Ann Dunham was working for USAID in the country.

In a July 10, 1971, New York Times report, USAID and the CIA were accused of “losing” $1.7 billion appropriated for the Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS) program in South Vietnam. CORDS was part of the CIA’s Operation Phoenix program, which involved CIA assassination and torture of South Vietnamese village elders and Buddhist clerics. USAID money was also directed to the CIA’s proprietary airline in Southeast Asia, Air America. In Thailand, USAID funds for the Accelerated Rural Development Program in Thailand were actually masking a CIA anti-Communist counter-insurgency operation. USAID funds programmed for public works projects in East Pakistan in 1971 were used for East Pakistan’s military fortifications on its border with India, in the months before the outbreak of war with India, in contravention of U.S. law that prohibited USAID money for military purposes.

In 1972, USAID administrator Dr. John Hannah admitted to Metromedia News that USAID was being used as a cover for CIA covert operations in Laos. Hannah only admitted to Laos as a USAID cover for the CIA. However, it was also reported that USAID was being used by the CIA in Indonesia, Philippines, South Vietnam, Thailand, and South Korea. USAID projects in Southeast Asia had to be approved by the Southeast Asian Development Advisory Group (SEADAG), an Asia Society group that was, in fact, answerable to the CIA.

The U.S. Food for Peace program, jointly administered by USAID and the Department of Agriculture, was found in 1972 to be used for military purposes in Cambodia, South Korea, Turkey, South Vietnam, Spain, Taiwan, and Greece. In 1972, USAID funneled aid money only to the southern part of North Yemen, in order to aid North Yemeni forces against the government of South Yemen, then ruled by a socialist government opposed to U.S. hegemony in the region.

One of the entities affiliated with the USAID work in Indonesia was the Asia Foundation, a 1950s creation formed with the help of the CIA to oppose the expansion of communism in Asia. The East-West Center guest house in Hawaii was funded by the Asia Foundation. The guest house is also where Barack Obama Sr. first stayed after his airlift from Kenya to Hawaii, arranged by the one of the CIA’s major agents of influence in Africa, Mboya.

Dunham would also travel to Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, and Thailand working on micro-financing projects. In 1965, Barack Obama Sr. returned to Kenya from Harvard, with another American wife. The senior Obama linked up with his old friend and the CIA’s “golden boy” Mboya and other fellow Luo politicians. The CIA station chief in Nairobi from 1964 to 1967 was Philip Cherry. In 1975, Cherry was the CIA station chief in Dacca, Bangladesh. Cherry was linked by the then-U.S. ambassador to Bangladesh, Eugene Booster, to the 1975 assassination of Bangladesh’s first president, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and members of his family.

The hit on “Sheikh Mujib” and his family was reportedly ordered by then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Bangladesh was also on the micro- and macro-financing travel itinerary of CIA-linked Ann Dunham.

CIA banking and Hawaii:

Meanwhile, Dunham Soetoro’s mother, Madelyn Dunham, who raised young Obama when he returned to Hawaii in 1971 while his mother stayed in Indonesia, was the first female vice president at the Bank of Hawaii in Honolulu. Various CIA front entities used the bank. Madelyn Dunham handled escrow accounts used to make CIA payments to U.S.-supported Asian dictators like Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, South Vietnamese President Nguyen van Thieu, and President Suharto in Indonesia. In effect, the bank was engaged in money laundering for the CIA to covertly prop up its favored leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.

One of the CIA’s major money laundering fronts in Honolulu was the firm of Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham & Wong (BBRDW). After the CIA allowed the firm to collapse in 1983  amid charges that BBRDW was merely a Ponzi scheme, Senator Daniel Inouye of the US Senate Intelligence Committee said the CIA’s role in the firm “wasn’t significant.” It would later be revealed that Inouye, who was one of the late Alaska Senator Ted Stevens’s best friends in the Senate, was lying. In fact, BBRDW was involved heavily in funding covert CIA programs throughout Asia, including economic espionage against Japan, providing arms for Afghan mujaheddin guerrillas in their war against the Soviets and covertly supplying weapons to Taiwan. One of BBRDW’s principals was John C. “Jack” Kindschi, who, before he retired in 1981, was the CIA station chief in Honolulu. BBRDW’s chairman Ron Rewald had a counterfeit college degree certificate provided for the wall of his office by the CIA’s forgery experts and his name was inserted in university records as an alumnus.

A false history for BBRDW was concocted by the CIA claiming the firm had operated in Hawaii since it was a territory. President Obama is currently plagued by allegations that he has fake college and university transcripts, a phony social security number issued in Connecticut, and other padded resume items. Did Hawaii’s fake BBRDW documents portend today’s questions about Obama’s past?

BBRDW conducted its business in the heart of Honolulu’s business district, where the Bank of Hawaii was located and where Obama grandmother Madelyn Dunham ran the escrow accounts. The bank would handle much of BBRDW’s covert financial transactions.

Obama/Soetoro and the “years of living dangerously” in Jakarta:

It is clear that Dunham Soetoro and her Indonesian husband, President Obama’s step-father, were closely involved in the CIA’s operations to steer Indonesia away from the Sino-Soviet orbit during the “years of living dangerously” after the overthrow of Sukarno. WMR has discovered that some of the CIA’s top case officers were assigned to various official and non-official cover assignments in Indonesia during this time frame, including under the cover of USAID, the Peace Corps, and the U.S. Information Agency (USIA).

One of the closest CIA contacts for Suharto was former CIA Jakarta embassy officer Kent B. Crane. Crane was so close to Suharto after “retiring” from the CIA, he was reportedly one of the only “private” businessmen given an Indonesian diplomatic passport by Suharto’s government. Crane’s company, the Crane Group, was involved in supplying small arms to the military forces of the United States, Indonesia, and other nations. A foreign policy adviser to Vice President Spiro Agnew, Crane was later nominated as U.S. ambassador to Indonesia by President Ronald Reagan but the nomination was dead-on-arrival because of Crane’s dubious links to Suharto. The ambassadorship would instead go to John Holdridge, a close colleague of Kissinger. Holdridge was succeeded in Jakarta by Paul Wolfowitz.

Suharto’s cronies, who included Mochtar and James Riady of the Lippo Group, would later stand accused of funneling over $1 million of illegal foreign contributions to Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign.

President Obama has twice postponed official state visits to Indonesia, perhaps fearful of the attention such a trip would bring to the CIA connections of his mother and Indonesian step-father.

In the 1970s and 80s, Dunham was active in micro-loan projects for the Ford Foundation,  the CIA-linked East-West Center, and USAID in Indonesia. One of the individuals assigned to the U.S. embassy and helped barricade the compound during a violent anti-U.S. student demonstration during the 1965 Suharto coup against Sukarno was Dr. Gordon Donald, Jr. Assigned to the embassy’s Economic Section, Donald was responsible for USAID micro-financing for Indonesian farmers, the same project that Dunham Soetoro would work on for USAID in the 1970s, after her USAID job of teaching English in Indonesia. In a 1968 book, “Who’s Who in the CIA,” published in West Berlin, Donald is identified as a CIA officer who was also assigned to Lahore, Pakistan, where Dunham would eventually live for five years in the Hilton International Hotel while working on microfinancing for the Asian Development Bank.

Another “Who’s Who in the CIA” Jakarta alumnus is Robert F. Grealy, who later became the director for international relations for the Asia-Pacific for J P Morgan Chase and a director for the American-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce. J P Morgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon is being mentioned as a potential replacement for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, whose father, Peter Geithner, was the Ford Foundation’s Asia grant-selector who funneled the money to Ann Dunham’s Indonesian projects.

CIA Black Projects and Hawaii:

While in Pakistan, Dunham’s son Barack visited her in 1980 and 1981. Obama visited Karachi, Lahore, and Hyderabad, India during his south Asia visits. It was during the time period that the CIA was beefing up its anti-Soviet operations in Afghanistan from Pakistan.

A January 31, 1958, heavily-redacted formerly Secret NOFORN [no foreign dissemination] memorandum for CIA Director Allen Dulles from the Deputy Assistant Director of the CIA for Research and Reports [name redacted] reports on a fact-finding mission to the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East from November 17 through December 21, 1957.

The CIA Office of Research and Reports (ORR) chief reports a meeting with the staff of retired Army General Jesmond Balmer, a senior CIA official in Hawaii, about requests by the Commander-in-Chief Pacific (CINCPAC) for “a number of detailed, time-consuming research studies.” The ORR chief then reports about a CIA “survey of students at the University of Hawaii who have both Chinese language and research ability.” The ORR chief also reports that at a South-East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) Counter Subversion Seminar at Baguio, Philippines held from November 26-29, 1957, the Economic Subcommittee discussed an “economic development fund” to combat “Sino-Soviet Bloc subversive activities in the area and a consideration of possible counter-measures which might be employed.”

The Thailand and Philippines delegations were pushing hard for U.S. funding for an economic development fund, which may have provided the impetus for later USAID projects in the region, including those with which Peter Geithner and Obama’s mother were intimately involved.

Although CIA geo-political covert operations at the University of Hawaii are well-documented, the agency’s darker side of research and MK-UKTRA type operations has not generally been associated with the University of Hawaii.

A series of formerly Confidential CIA memoranda, dated May 15, 1972, points to the involvement of both the Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), the CIA, and the University of Hawaii in the CIA’s behavioral science program. The memos are signed by then-Deputy Director of the CIA Bronson Tweedy, the chief of the Intelligence Community’s Program Review Group (PRG) [name redacted], and CIA Director Richard Helms. The subject of the memos is “ARPA Supported Research Relating to Intelligence Product,” The memo from the PRG chief discusses a conference held on May 11, 1972, attended by Lt. Col. Austin Kibler, ARPA’s Director of Behavioral Research. Kibler was the chief for ARPA research into behavior modification and remote viewing. Others mentioned in the PRG chief’s memo include CIA Deputy Director for Intelligence Edward Proctor, the CIA Deputy Director for Science and Technology Carl Duckett, and Director of the Office of National Estimates John Huizenga.

In 1973, after CIA Director James Schlesinger ordered a review of all CIA programs, the CIA developed a set of documents on various CIA programs collectively called the “Family Jewels.” Most of these documents were released in 2007 but it was also revealed that Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, the CIA’s director of MKULTRA, the agency’s behavior modification, brainwashing, and drug testing component, had been ordered by Helms, before he resigned as CIA director, to be destroyed. Duckett, in one memo from Ben Evans of the CIA to CIA Director William Colby, dated May 8, 1973, conveys that he “thinks the Director would be ill-advised to say he is acquainted with this program,” meaning Gottlieb’s drug testing program under MKULKTRA.

Senior Gerald Ford administration officials, including Chief of Staff Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, ensured that after the production of the “Family Jewels” documents, no CIA revelations were made about CIA psychological behavior-altering programs, including MKULTRA and Project ARTICHOKE.

The May 15, 1972, set of memos appears to be related to the CIA’s initial research, code named SCANATE, in 1972 into psychic warfare, including the use of psychics for purposes of remote viewing espionage and mind control. The memo discussed Kibler from ARPA and “his contractor,” which was later discovered to be Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, California.

In a memo from CIA Director Helms to, among others, Duckett, Huizenga, Proctor, and the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, which later inherited reote viewing from the CIA under the code name GRILL FLAME, Helms insists that ARPA had been supporting research into behavioral science and its potential for intelligence production ”for a number of years” at “M.I.T., Yale, the University of Michigan, U.C.L.A., and University of Hawaii and other institutions as well as in corporate research facilities.”

The role of the University of Hawaii in CIA psych-war operations continues to this day.  The chief of research for DIA’s Defense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center (DCHC) Behavioral Sciences Program, Dr. Susan Brandon, who was reportedly involved in a covert program run by the American Psychological Association (APA), Rand Corporation, and the CIA to employ “enhanced interrogation” techniques, including sleep and sensory deprivation, intense pain, and extreme isolation on prisoners held at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan and other “black prisons,” received her PhD in Psychology from the University of Hawaii. Brandon also served as assistant director of Social, Behavioral, and Educational Sciences for the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the George W. Bush White House.

The CIA’s close connections to the University of Hawaii continued to the late 1970s, when the former President of the University of Hawaii from 1969 to 1974, Harlan Cleveland, was a special invited speaker at CIA headquarters on May 10, 1977. Cleveland served as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs from 1961 to 1965 and Lyndon Johnson’s ambassador to NATO from 1965 to 1969 before taking up his position at the University of Hawaii.

A CIA Director of Training memo dated May 21, 1971, reports on the active recruitment of a U.S. Marine officer who was entering graduate school at the University of Hawaii.

The Family of Obama and the CIA:

There are volumes of written material on the CIA backgrounds of George H. W. Bush and CIA-related activities by his father and children, including former President George W. Bush. Barack Obama, on the other hand, cleverly masked his own CIA connections as well as those of his mother, father, step-father, and grandmother (there is very little known about Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, who was supposedly in the furniture business in Hawaii after serving in Europe during World War II). Presidents and vice presidents do not require security background checks, unlike other members of the federal government, to hold office. That job is left up to the press. In 2008, the press failed miserably in its duty to vet the man who would win the White House. With the ties of Obama’s parents to the University of Hawaii and its links to MKULTRA and ARTICHOKE, a nagging question remains: Is Barack Obama a real-life “Manchurian Candidate?”

PART 3:  August 19, 2010 — SPECIAL REPORT. The Story of Obama: All in the Company (Add one more Obama family member to the CIA payroll)-Part III

Stanley Armour Dunham with Barack Obama, Sr. at welcoming ceremony to Hawaii. The presence of two US Navy personnel indicates the plane may have landed at Hickam Air Force Base, an indication of the U.S. government’s and CIA’s role in the Airlift Africa project.

WMR previously reported on the CIA links of President Obama’s mother, father, step-father, grandmother to the CIA. Not much is known about Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, who Obama mistakenly referred to as “his father” in two speeches, one recently to the Disabled American Veterans.

What is officially known about Stanley Armour Dunham is that he served with the 9th Air Force in Britain and France prior to and after the D-Day invasion. After the war, Dunham and his wife, Madelyn and his daughter Stanley Ann — Obama’s mother — moved to Berkeley, California; El Dorado, Kansas; Seattle; and Honolulu. Armour Dunham is said to have worked for a series of furniture stores.

Obama maintains that his mother and father first met in a Russian-language class at the University of Hawaii in 1959. However, a photograph has emerged of Stanley Armour welcoming Barack Obama, Sr., complete with traditional Hawaiian welcoming leis, from Kenya. Obama, Sr. was the only Kenyan student airlifted to Hawaii as part of the CIA-inspired Airlift Africa project that saw Obama and 279 other students from British eastern and southern African colonies brought to the United States for college degrees prior to their homelands gaining independence from Britain. The students were selected by Kenyan nationalist leader Tom Mboya who would later conduct surveillance for the CIA at pan-African nationalist meetings. Mboya was particularly focused on two African leaders who were seen as too close to the Sino-Soviet bloc, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Sekout Toure of Guinea.

The photograph of Armour Dunham with Barack Obama, Sr., indicates that the “furniture salesman” in Hawaii was, in fact, working with a CIA-funded project to rapidly educate aspiring politicians to serve in post-independence African governments to counter Soviet- and Chinese-backed political leaders in the region.

There is a strong reason to believe that Armour Dunham worked in the 1950s for the CIA in the Middle East. An FBI file on Armour Dunham existed but the bureau claimed it destroyed the file on May 1, 1997. Considering the sour relations between the FBI and CIA during the Cold War, it is likely that Armour Dunham was being monitored by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in the same manner as a number of other CIA officials and agents were being surveilled. Similarly, the pre-1968 passport records of Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, were destroyed by the State Department.

There is a photographic clue that the Dunhams may have been assigned by the CIA to Beirut, Lebanon in the early 1950s. A photograph of Obama’s mother and grandparents has emerged that shows Stanley Ann Dunham wearing what may be a school uniform with the insignia of “NdJ,” which stands for the College Notre-Dame de Jamhour, a private Jesuit Catholic French language school in Beirut, Lebanon. Graduates of the school include three former presidents of Lebanon, Amine Gemayel, Bashir Gemayel, and Charles Helou, all of whom maintained close relations with Washington.

Did Obama’s mother [left] go to a private school in Lebanon in the early 1950s while her father [middle] worked for the CIA in Beirut?

There is also the curious nature of President Obama’s Social Security Number, issued in Connecticut, a state where there is no other evidence of his ever being a resident. Adding to the mystery is a New York City address for a “male” named Stanley Ann Dunham,  235 E. 40th St Apt 8F, New York NY 10016-1747. The address is a few blocks away from the address of the Ford Foundation. Ann Dunham did work briefly in New York for the Ford Foundation.

On August 9, 2010, WMR reported, “In a December 19, 1971, article in the Boston Globe by Dan Pinck, [a historian and former OSS officer] titled ‘Is everyone in the CIA?’ it is alleged that identifying US Agency for International Development (USAID) officers as CIA agents was a ‘reasonably accurate accounting of certain leading operatives and associates of the CIA.’ President Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro worked for USAID in rural Java in Indonesia. Pinck’s article was a review of a 1968 book, ‘Who’s Who in the CIA’ published in Berlin.”

WMR has obtained a rare copy of “Who’s Who in the CIA,” from England. The book, published in West Berlin in 1968, lists some 3,000 CIA agents and agents-of-influence around the world.

The book also contains a reference to one CIA operative whose area of primary place of operation was Mercer Island, Washington. He was retired Air Force General Don Zabriskie Zimmermann, who was the Chief Engineer for the Boeing Company in Seattle. Before retiring from the Air Force, Zimmermann was the Air Force Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Development in Foreign Countries. Ann Stanley Dunham reportedly graduated from Mercer Island High School in 1960 and met Obama later that year in a Russian language class after  her parents moved to Hawaii. Stanley Ann’s mother, Madelyn Dunham, worked at a Boeing plant in Wichita, Kansas during World War II.

The book lists the number of CIA agents in countries during the 1950s and 60s where Obama’s father, mother, step-father Lolo Soetori, and allegedly, his grandmother and grandfather worked:


Jakarta   64

Surabaya  12

Medan  8

Hollandia  1


Nairobi  19

Mombassa  2


Beirut  61     (including one agent also assigned to Jakarta, Lahore, and Karachi and another assigned to Lahore)


Honolulu   6  (one agent also assigned to Canton Island and another was fluent in French, Stanley Ann Dunham spoke French, Urdu, Bahasa Indonesian, and she studied Javanese at the University of Hawaii, in addition to Russian).”

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Wayne Madsen, is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. He has some twenty years experience in security issues. As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. He subsequently worked for the National Security Agency, the Naval Data Automation Command, Department of State, RCA Corporation, and Computer Sciences Corporation. Madsen was a Senior Fellow for the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a privacy public advocacy organization.Visit his website.



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DEATH THREATS BY U.S. BLACK OPS!-Posted on Rinf News-On March 19, 2012::


Note: My following blog posts contain numerous articles and/or blog posts and videos that reveal: 1) the live presentation by Joel Gilbert, his DVD Film titled “Dreams From My Real Father,” along with the newly released film titled “The Unvetted”; 2) the Islamic infiltration inside our government armed with our secrets, to include the President’s secret link to Hamas; the Islamic infiltration inside our military; the Communist infiltration inside our government, to Include President Obama’s secret link to Communists; 2) the George Soros connection, to include the shared agendas of George Soros and the President; and 3) the President’s secret CIA connection, along with the disastrous results of these infiltrations, links and connections, which I believe relate to this disturbing issue-You Decide:

The Vetting: ‘Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection’! (Part 1):


The Vetting: ‘Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection’! (Part 2):


The Vetting: ‘Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection’! (Part 3):


The Vetting: ‘Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection’! (Part 4):


Note:  The following articles and/or blog posts and videos relate to and/or support the above articles and/or blog posts, reports, websites and videos-You Decide:

Obama-The Outrageous Way Obama Became President

The Outrageous Way Obama Became President!Posted on The D.C. Clothesline-By Dave Hodges-On January 18, 2015:


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When A U.S. President IS Muslim Brotherhood! (Part 1)-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On August 17, 2014


Congresswoman Michelle Lujan-Grisham

Letter to our NM U.S. Representative Michelle Lujan-Grisham (re: Return of Government to Our Constitutional Principles)!Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On July 13, 2014:


NWO-Obama is the Manifestation of a Multi-Generational Soviet Plot to Destroy America

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White Reds Exploiting Blacks: The Weather Underground, Barack Obama, and the Fundamental Transformation of the United States!Posted on We The People USA- By Jake Martinez-On July 28, 2012:


Note:  The following video contains an eye-opening interview with attorney Stephen Pidgeon, who claims that he found a record for a name change from “Barak Mounir Ubayd” to “Barack Hussein Obama” on October 14th, 1982 in Skookumchuck, British Columbia. The interview aired 6/3/2011 on TruNews Radio. Attorney Pidgeon also discusses his new book titled “The Obama Error.”-You Decide:

Video: Attorney’s Explosive Claim, Obama Changed Name in 1982!Posted on ExposeObama.com-On June 4, 2011:


Note: What follows is a series of investigative reports titled “The Enigma That Is Barack Hussein Obama.” 

Exclusive Investigatory Report: The Enigma That Is Barack Hussein Obama, Pre-Election To 2009 (Part 1)!-Posted on Western Journalism-By ALAN P. HALBERT-On May 9, 2012:


Exclusive: The Enigma That Is Barack Hussein Obama (Part 2)!-Posted on Western Journalism-By ALAN P. HALBERT-On May 11, 2012:


Exclusive: The Enigma That Is Barack Hussein Obama 2009 (Part 3 of 3)!-Posted on Western Journalism-By ALAN P. HALBERT-On May 14, 2012:


Note: What follows is a series of reports titled “The Fiction and Non-Fiction of Obama” and “Do You Know Anybody Like Obama.”

THE FICTION AND NON-FICTION OF OBAMA (PART ONE)!-Posted on The Blaze-By Tiffany Gabbay-On May 12, 2012:


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Play the Obama’s life history multiple choice challenge!-Posted on GlennBeck.com-By Glenn Beck-On May 17, 2012:


BECK’S ENTIRE OBAMA EXPOSE!-Posted on GBTV-By Glenn Beck on May 10, 2012:


Note:  What follows are numerous articles and/or blog posts, reports and videos that relate to and/or support the above videos, articles and/or blog posts, report, websites and videos-You Decide

Obama-Major Breakthrough In The Case Of Barack Obama And His Muslim Brother Malik

Major Breakthrough In The Case Of Barack Obama And His Muslim Brother Malik!Posted on Shoebat.com-By Ben Barrack-On January 5, 2015:


NWO-China Holds the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial Transcripts

Video: China Holds the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial Transcripts!-Posted on YouTube.com-By ATLAHWorldwide-On June 7, 2013:








NWO-Obama Classmate- No One Ever Saw Obama

Video: Obama Classmate: No One Ever Saw Obama!Posted on Western Journalism-ByNEWSEDITOR-On June 5, 2013:


NWO-Barack Obama Never Attended Columbia University Says His Graduating Class

Barack Obama Never Attended Columbia University Says “His” Graduating Class!Posted on Free Patriot-By Matt Liponoga-On June 4, 2013:


CIA-Zbigniew Brzezinski

Video: Zbigniew Brzezinski Still Admits The Global Political Awakening Proving Very Difficult For The Elite!Posted on YouTube.com-By UrbanWarfareChannel-On October 8, 2012:


PBS DOCUMENTARY PRODUCERS FIND NO EVIDENCE OBAMA ATTENDED COLUMBIA!Posted on The Daily Pen-By Dan Crosby of The Daily Pen-On October 14, 2012:


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Follow-up Letter To NM U.S. Congressman Martin Heinrich Regarding My Request For Full-scale Investigation Into Allegations Made By Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse!Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On September 23, 2012:


Follow-up Letter To NM U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman Regarding My Request For Full-scale Investigation Into Allegations Made By Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse!Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On September 23, 2012:


Letter to Congressman Allen West Regarding Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Allegations!-Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On September 22, 2012:


Follow-up Letter To NM U.S. Senator Udall Requesting Congressional Investigation Into Allegations Made By Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse!Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On September 22, 2012:


Follow-up Letter to NM Governor Martinez Requesting The Removal of President Obama From The NM 2012 Presidential Election Ballot!Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez on September 22, 2012:


WHY DID OBAMA ANNOUNCE OSAMA TAKEDOWN? ‘Exclusive: Jack Cashill puts ‘birth certificate’ release into chronology of bin Laden kill”!Posted on WND.com-By JACK CASHILL-On September 5, 2012:


OBAMA LAWYER WARNED AGAINST CERTIFYING ELIGIBILITY: ‘’For any party official to do so would be to perjure him or herself’!’Posted on WND.com-By Bob Unruh-On September 3, 2012:


Response To NM U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman Regarding My Request For Full-scale Investigation Into Allegations Made By Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse!Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On September 3, 2012:


SHERIFF JOE WON’T ABANDON OBAMA PROBE: ‘Hunt for truth continues, even if media ignore evidence!’Posted on WND.com-By DREW ZAHN-On September 2, 2012:


Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Speak to Delegates at 5:00 EDT; Trump Mum on “Surprise”!Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On August 30, 2012:


GRANDMA SARAH’S POSTER CELEBRATES ‘KENYAN WONDER-BOY’: ‘Film documents calendar in village home of Obama’s relative!’Posted on WND.com-By JEROME R. CORSI-On August 29, 2012:


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Letter to Congressman Allen West Regarding Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Allegations!-Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On July 28, 2012:


Follow-up Letter To NM U.S. Senator Udall Requesting Congressional Investigation Into Allegations Made By Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse!-Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On July 25, 2012:


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Video:Arpaio Cold Case Posse Chief Investigator Mike Zullo Interviewed by ABC Channel 15 Reporter Connie Colla!-Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On July 22, 2012:


Follow-up Letter To NM U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman Regarding My Request For Full-scale Investigation Into Allegations Made By Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse!Posted by Jake Martinez-On July 22, 2012:


Follow-up Letter To NM U.S. Congressman Martin Heinrich Regarding My Request For Full-scale Investigation Into Allegations Made By Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse!Posted by Jake Martinez-On July 22, 2012:


Follow-up Letter to NM Governor Martinez Requesting The Removal of President Obama From The NM 2012 Presidential Election Ballot!-Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez on July 21, 2012:


Follow-up Letter To NM U.S. Senator Udall Requesting Congressional Investigation Into Allegations Made By Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse!Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On July 21, 2012:




ARPAIO PROBE COULD DWARF WATERGATE!Posted on The Washington Times 24/7-By Jeffrey T. Kuhner-On July 19, 2012:


Obama Eligibility Lawsuit Reaches Supreme Court!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DOUG BOOK-On July 18, 2012:


Arpaio’s Obama Probe Finds “National Security Threat”!-Posted on Western Journalism-By BREAKING NEWS-On July 18, 2012:


Video: Obama Certificate FORGED! National Security In Jeopardy!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On July 18, 2012:


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Media Coverage of Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse Press Conference 7-17-12!-Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On July 18, 2012:


MEDIA IGNORE SHERIFF JOE’S EVIDENCE, SHOOT MESSENGER: ‘’Information we are bringing forth is becoming very difficult for them to refute’!-Posted on WND.com-By ART MOORE-On July 17, 2012:


ARPAIO OBAMA PROBE FINDS ‘NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT’: ‘Hawaii found to be bogus birth-certificate factory!’Posted on WND.com-On July 17, 2012:


Video: BUSTED! Arpaio Team FINDS THE MAN Who Forged Obama BC!Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On July 8, 2012:


Dreams from My Real Father!-Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On July 8, 2012:


OBAMA’S ‘MISSING YEAR’ AT COLUMBIA FOUND? ‘Clearinghouse claims its reports were wrong, transcript still under wraps!’Posted on WND.com-By Jerome R. Corsi-On July 8, 2012:


Outrageous: Judge Decides Law Doesn’t Apply To Obama!Posted on Western Journalism-By DOUG BOOK-On July 5, 2012:


OBAMA ATTORNEYS ARGUE HE’S NOT DEM NOMINEE: ‘Urge Florida judge to ignore evidence challenging eligibility!’Posted on WND.com-By Bob Unruh-On June 18, 2012:


Obama’s Attorneys Argue He’s Not Democrat Nominee!-Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On June 18, 2012:


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Monday Florida Ballot Challenge Hearing to be Live-Stream Covered!-Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On June 13, 2012:


Flash: June 18 FL Ballot Challenge Hearing to be First Ever to Have Arpaio Posse Affidavit Submitted!-Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On June 12, 2012:


Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse Commander Responds to The CNN Hit Piece On Donald Trump!-Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On June 14, 2012: 


Video: News Update from Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse Commander – Interview by Mark Gellar!-Posted on CDR Kerchner’s Blog-By CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)-On June 14, 2012:


Letter to Congressman Allen West Regarding Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Allegations!-Posted on TeaParty.org-By Jake Martinez-On June 12, 2012:


Follow-up Letter To NM U.S. Senator Udall Requesting Congressional Investigation Into Allegations Made By Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse!-Posted on TeaParty.org-By Jake Martinez-On June 10, 2012:


Follow-up Letter to NM Governor Martinez Requesting The Removal of President Obama From The NM 2012 Presidential Election Ballot!-Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez on June 10, 2012:


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Why Most “Conservative” Commentators Are Fools Or Cowards!-Posted Western Journalism-By KEVIN “COACH” COLLINS-On May 29, 2012:


Video: Floyd Brown: It Is Unbelievable Obama Unaware Of “Born In Kenya” Bio!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On May 29, 2012:


Video: Sheriff Joe To Hawaii: Show Us The Proof!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On May 29, 2012:


Hawaii Senior Elections Clerk: “Barack Obama Was Not Born In Hawaii”!-Posted on Western Journalism-By GEORGE SPELVIN-On May 29, 2012:


Videos from Constitutional Elections Summit at Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church!-Posted on CDR Kerchner’s Blog-By CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)-On May 29, 2012:


CNBC Goes Birther: Donald Trump Unloads Birther Rant After Romney Reaffirms Support!-Posted on CDR Kerchner’s Blog-By CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)-On May 29, 2012:


Video: ForgeryGate: Lord Monckton Defends Sheriff Joe In Interview!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On May 29, 2012:


WHERE’S THE LAWMAN TO RUN OBAMA OUT OF TOWN? ‘Lord Monckton tells Americans: It’s time to get behind this approach!’-Posted on WND.com-By Drew Zahn-On May 28, 2012:


Lord Monckton and Author Tom Ballantyne to speak in Ventura County, CA, Wednesday on Obama (In)Eligibility!Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On May 28, 2012:


“ONE NATION UNDER FRAUD” radio show premiering this Memorial Day, May 28, 2012 at 4 pm EST!-Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On May 28, 2012:


Video: Detective Mike Zullo – AZ Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Commander – Updates Us From Hawaii!-Posted on CDR Kerchner’s Blog-By CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)-On May 28, 2012:


Follow-up Letter To NM U.S. Congressman Heinrich Requesting Congressional Investigation Into Allegations Made By Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse!-Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On May 26, 2012:


Follow-up Letter to Our NM U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman Regarding My Request For Full-scale Investigation Into Allegations Made By Sheriff Arapio’s Cold Case Posse!Posted On We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On May 26, 2012:


Follow-up Letter to NM Governor Martinez Regarding The Removal of President Obama From The NM 2012 Presidential Election Ballot!Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez on May 26, 2012:


Follow-up Letter To NM U.S. Senator Udall Requesting Congressional Investigation Into Allegations Made By Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse!-Posted on We The People USA-By Jake Martinez-On May 26, 2012:


WILL TRUMP ATTABOY TURN INTO CASH FOR ARPAIO PROBE? ‘Sheriff Joe reveals The Donald still interested in Obama eligibility!’Posted on WND.com-On May 26, 2012:


Video: ForgeryGate: Sheriff Joe And Trump Teaming Up?Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On May 26, 2012:


Sheriff Joe’s Posse: ‘Hawaii Duped Arizona’!-Posted on Western Journalism-By BREAKING NEWS-On May 26, 2012:


Sheriff Joe’s posse: ‘Hawaii duped Arizona’ on Obama Birth Info!Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On May 26, 2012:


SHERIFF JOE’S POSSE: ‘HAWAII DUPED ARIZONA’: ‘Letter on Obama eligibility ‘doesn’t verify anything of significance’!-Posted on WND.com-By Jerome R. Corsi-On May 25, 2012:


Scrubbed Geraldo Rivera Interview with Lord Monckton on Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate!-Posted on OBAMARELEASE YOURRECORDS-On May 25, 2012:


GERALDO TO MONCKTON: YOU’RE SMOKING CRACK: ‘Thatcher adviser claims 17 red flags on Obama’s birth certificate!’Posted on WND.com-By Joe Kovacs-On May 27, 2012:


Video: ForgeryGate: Geraldo Rivera Thinks You Are A Racist!Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On May 26, 2012:


Mainstream Media Gobbles Up Latest Hawaiian Propaganda of Obama’s Alleged Birth Origin!Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On May 25, 2012:


Video: Hugh McInnish of AL v Obama Interview – 05/24/2012 TPTN Show – President Obama’s Ineligibility; The Proof is Here!-Posted on CDR Kerchner’s Blog-By CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)-On May 24, 2012:


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Contact AZ SOS!Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On May 23, 2012:


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“In my meetings with Mr. Bennett on behalf of Sheriff Arpaio, he was uninterested in reviewing the evidence the Cold Case Posse has accumulated,” Zullo said!Posted on Obama Ballot-By GeorgeM-On May 23, 2012: 


IS AZ SOS Bennett Throwing in the Towel Before the Fight Starts?Posted on Obama Ballot-By GeorgeM-On May 23, 2012: 


Obama’s Rather Impressive List Of “Accomplishments”!-Posted on Western Journalism-By TIM POWERS-On May 22, 2012:


Levin: Obama’s College Transcripts More ‘Secret’ Than Details Of Bin Laden Raid!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On May 22, 2012:


Obama literary agent claims Obama was Kenyan-born ~ Now DOZENS more articles confirm the same!Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On May 21, 2012:


Video: Dozens Of Articles Now Confirming Obama Born In Kenya!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On May 22, 2012:


Sheriff Joe Sends Detectives To Honolulu!-Posted on Western Journalism-By BREAKING NEWS-On May 22, 2012:


HAWAII FIVE-O: SHERIFF JOE SENDS DETECTIVES TO HONOLULU: ‘Cold Case Posse seeks to crack mystery of Obama’s birth 50 years ago!’-Posted on WND.com-On May 21, 2012:


AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sends Detectives to Honolulu Hawaii to Investigate Obama Birth Records Authenticity – Seeks to Crack Mystery of Obama’s Birth Records There of 50 Years Ago!-Posted on CDR Kerchner’s Blog-By CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)-On May 21, 2012:


Sheriff Joe Sends Detectives to Honolulu for “Obama” Birth Certificate Issue!-Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On May 22, 2012:


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Why Kenyan Birth Claim Was No ‘Fact Checking Error’!-Posted on CDR Kerchner’s Blog-By CDR Charles Kerchner-On May 19, 2012:


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Romney Is Wrong On Wright!-Posted on Western Journalism-By BREAKING NEWS-On May 19, 2012:


LOOK WHO ELSE CONFUSED ABOUT OBAMA BIRTHPLACE: ‘U.S. government questioned citizenship when president was 5!’Posted on WND.com-By Aaron Klein-On May 18, 2012:


Obama’s literary agent says he was ‘born in Kenya’. How did the mainstream media miss this?-Posted on The Telegraph-By Tim Stanle-On May 18, 2012: 


Video: Literary Agent: Obama Born In Kenya!-Posted on Western Journalism-By FLOYD BROWN-On May 18, 2012:


MEDIA CHUCKLE AT BIO ON OBAMA’S KENYA BIRTH: ‘Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS, N.Y. Times missing in action!’-Posted on WND.com-On May 18, 2012:


How The “Mainstream” Media Responded To “Obama Born In Keyna” Booklet!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On May 18, 2012:




SHOCKER! OBAMA WAS STILL ‘KENYAN-BORN’ IN 2007: ‘Literary references show description in promotion of ‘Dreams’ book!’-Posted on WND.com-By Drew Zahn-On May 18, 2012:






Bio info for 1991 brochure submitted by author/Obama himself!-Posted on CDR Kerchner’s Blog-By CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)-On May 18, 2012:


OBAMA’S LIT AGENCY USED ‘BORN IN KENYA’ BIO UNTIL 2007!-Posted on Big Government-By BEN SHAPIRO-On May 17, 2012:


The Mystery of the Kenyan Birth!-Posted on PJ Media-By Roger L Simon-On May 18, 2012:


Video: Literary Bio Claims Obama Born in Kenya!-Posted on PJTV-On May 17, 2012: 


ARPAIO REACTS TO LATEST OBAMA-KENYA CONNECTION: ‘Sheriff Joe says literary brochure ‘another little element’ of investigation!’-Posted on WND.com-By Bob Unruh-On May 17, 2012:




Proof Obama Born In Kenya? Obama Literary Agent Says Yes!Posted on Western Journalism-By FLOYD BROWN-On May 17, 2012:


Breaking News: Obama’s Literary Agent writes in 1991 Booklet: ‘Obama Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’ | @ Breitbart.com!Posted on CDR Kerchner’s Blog-By CDr Charles Kerchner (Ret)-On May 17, 2012:




Video: Literary Bio Claims Obama Born in Kenya!-Posted on PJTV-On May 17, 2012: 


Video: 2004 Kenyan Newspaper Article Calls Obama ‘Kenyan Born,’ Exposes Corruption In Senate Campaign!Posted Western Journalism-ByKRIS ZANE-On May 15, 2012:


ARPAIO: LOOKS LIKE HAWAII ‘HIDING’ OBAMA BIRTH RECORD: ‘Arizona secretary of state threatens to remove president from ballot!’-Posted on WND.com-By ART MOORE-On May 17, 2012:


Arpaio: Appears Hawaii ‘Hiding’ Obama Birth Record!-Posted on Western Journalism-By BREAKING NEWS-On May 19, 2012:


ARPAIO: APPEARS HAWAII ‘HIDING’ OBAMA BIRTH RECORD; Arizona Secretary of State threatens to remove “President” from ballot!Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By GeorgeM-On May 19, 2012: 


FEDS STONEWALL ON OBAMA DRAFT REGISTRATION RECORD: ‘Agency contends microfilm available only to authorized federal investigation!’Posted on WND.com-By ART MOORE-On May 17, 2012:


G.O.P. ‘Super PAC’ Weighs Hard-Line Attack on Obama!-Posted on The New York Times-By JEFF ZELENY and JIM RUTENBERG-On May 17, 2012:


Jeremiah Wright can sink Obama: ‘President’s former pastor telling story of betrayal and bribery!’Posted on The Washington Times-By Jeffrey T. Kuhner, The Washington Times-On May 17, 2012:


Video: UPDATED: Glenn offers Jeremiah Wright $150k for truth on Barack Obama!-Posted on GlennBeck.com-By Glenn Beck-On May 17, 2012:


Video: Rev. Wright: Obama Has Done Nothing For Blacks!-Posted on Western Journalism-By DANIEL NOE-On May 17, 2012:


New Audio From Rev. Wright’s Shocking Interview With Obama Book Author!Posted on Western Journalism-By BREAKING NEWS-On May 17, 2012:






BOOK: OBAMA TEAM TRIED TO PAY REV. WRIGHT $150K TO KEEP QUIET UNTIL AFTER 2008 ELECTION!-Posted on The Blaze-ByMadeleine Morgenstern-On May 13, 2012:


WHAT ELSE YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT OBAMA BOYHOOD: ‘President tied to Bill Ayers’ radical leftist organization from age 11!’-Posted on WND.com-By Aaron Klein-On May 12, 2012:


Video: Exclusive: Obama Lived Less Than One Mile From Bill Ayers During The Mysterious New York Years!Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On May 14, 2012:


Video: Exclusive: Obama Lived 1/2 Mile From Bill Ayers’ College, May Have Shared Apartment!-Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-ON May 11, 2012:


What About Obama’s High School Years?Posted on USA Survival-By Dr.Paul G. Kengor-On May 11, 2012:




Video: More Of Obama’s Past Revealed…!-Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On May 10, 2012:


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